Teenage Wildlife

Major Tom and Jareth

by Shannon Barker

Part 1  |  Part 2

Jareth sat on the throne of the Goblin Kingdom mourning the loos of what he had wanted. To get away from the Kingdom and the story he was stuck in. He would just have to wait until someone wished a baby away. Jareth gave up the idea for the moment and watched the goblins do what they always do which was play.

Meanwhile, Major Tom was beginning to see that his end was near. The space ship that contained him careened closer and closer to what seemed like a labyrinth.

"So this is how it ends." said a depressed Tom, just as the ship hit the ground.

"What was that!!" cried one of the goblin's.

" All of you go see!" said Jareth, " Move I haven't got all day!"

The goblins rushed out of the palace and through the maze. What they found shocked them.

"What is it?" questioned a few of the goblins.

Suddenly a door on the strange object opened and out walked Major Tom.

"What are you things!" he said, shocked.

"We have no time to explain you must go see our master." one of the wiser goblins said.

They guided Major Tom through the labyrinth and to Jareth.

"Master look what we have found!" one of the guards told him.

Jareth looked Tom and wondered how he got here.

"Wait a minute you look like me!" said Major Tom

"Yes. We do look quite similar." replied the king with shocked voice.

Major Tom then told Jareth about how he got here and how he needed to return to his home, Earth.

"Oh, no. You can't leave no one ever leaves the labyrinth." said Jareth,lying.

"You want to bet." Tom replied, " You can't stop me."

"I will make you an offer." Jareth told him.

He reached up to reveal a crystal of bright colors.

"What's that supposed to do?" Tom asked.

"It's a crystal nothing more but if you turn it this way it will show you your dreams." Jareth said for what he thought was the millionth time.

"So......" Major Tom said.

"I can make these dreams come true but for a price." the lonely king replied.

"What's the price?" Tom asked curiously.

"That you will remain here forever and be my brother so we will rule this place together." Jareth said.

"Deal." Major Tom replied.

From then on he stayed in the palace and ruled the goblins beside Jareth. Jareth never thought about leaving the labyrinth again.

That was until Sarah came back to stay and they both fall in love with her......................................................................................................

The End

(don't worry there's a sequel)

The story continues...

Sarah glanced at herself in the mirror to make sure she looked o.k..

"So you're really going to do this?" Sarah's best friend, Shannon, said from behind her.

"Yes I have to see him again." Sarah replied.

"Can't I come, it's not like I get to meet a goblin king everyday you know." Shannon begged.

"Maybe I will bring you there after I have arrived at the castle." Sarah answered.

"O.k. I will miss you though." her friend said sadly, hugging Sarah.

Sarah took out the crystal that had appeared in her room right after the battle she had fought against Jareth was over. She recited the words "I wish to be in the castle" twice. As soon as those words left her lips, bright colors surrounded her and took her to the world she had wished to return to for what had seemed like forever.

"Welcome Sarah." Jareth said, smiling as she appeared in front of his throne.

"I am glad to be back." Sarah replied.

Major Tom walked into the room and looked at Sarah. Her beauty took his breath away.

"Who is this beautiful young woman?" he asked.

Jareth then told Tom about Sarah and how they knew each other. He also told Sarah who Major Tom was and how he had gotten there.

Sarah said hello to Majot Tom then followed a goblin out of the throne room to her room.

"I think I am going to ask her to marry me." Jareth said.

"You can't marry her I am in love with her!" Tom replied to the statement that Jareth had made.

As they were fighting, Sarah walked into the room. That was after Major Tom said he was going back into space on his spaceship.

"Jareth I will marry you but I can also help Tom ." Sarah said, getting their attention.

"Go right ahead my love." Jareth answered.

Sarah took the crystal that she had used before and said, "I wish to bring Shannon to the castle." In seconds Shannon

"Sarah you brought me here!" she cried happily.

Sarah told Shannon everything about what had happened.

"Hello Major Tom." she said.

Shannon walked over to Sarah and told her how cute she thought Tom was and had no problems going into space with him.

"You are beautiful!" Major Tom told her.

"Well, let's get going now." she replied. "I don't think this is the kind of outfit you wear in space though."

She looked at Sarah and then at her bright-colored dress and knee-high leather boots. Before a blink of an eye, Jareth turned them into a bright-colored space suit.

"I will miss you, friend." Sarah said, hugging Shannon.

"I will miss you both dearly." Jareth said.

The two climbed into the space ship after saying their goodbyes.

"We will keep in touch!" Sarah and Shannon said in unison.

Major Tom closed the door to the ship and they took off into the sky.

Space Adventures

Shannon sat on the bed in her room on the space ship. She loved it up there in space with Major Tom, but she also missed all of her friends. Deep in thought, she drifted into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Major Tom greeted her and told her of the day's plans. She nodded and went into the kitchen to make something for breakfast.

"I have to go into Mars for a while, which means you get to drive the space ship." Tom told her.

"OK, I think I can handle it." Shannon replied.

Later on after Major Tom was safely on Mars, she decided to just ride around. She also decided to stay where Tom could see her.

"I think I'll play some music." Shannon said to herself, putting Justus in the cd player.

She was singing and driving around minding her on business when out of thin air, evil Screaming Lord Byron's alien space ships came out of the sky, thinking that Tom was in the space ship.

"Die Major Tom!" a couple of the aliens screamed at once.

"Oh no, I'm under attack!" Shannon said, realizing what was happening.

She fired lasers at the aliens. They fired lasers back. She managed to knock a few of the evil space ships out of the sky. The battle continued.

Major Tom watched, hoping Shannon could handle all of the aliens. She was in trouble, and there was nothing she could do.

The space ship she was in was hit by one of the lasers. It started flying towards Mars. It landed with a crash and then exploded.

"Oh no!" Tom cried "Oh God no!"

He ran through the crowd of people to where the ship had landed. Shannon was no where to be found.

"I will find you Lord Byron," he screamed "And I will kill you for this!"

A hand laid on his shoulder. Major Tom turned to see who it was.

"My name is Duke." the man said " My friends sometimes call me the Thin White Duke."

"Hi Duke." Tom said sadly.

"I'm sorry for what happened. Byron can be such a pain sometimes." Duke said.

"Yes he can." Major Tom replied.

The Thin White Duke said he was sorry again and walked away. Tom sat and stared at the wreckage. Everything he loved was gone. Everything.

Suddenly to his surprise something moved form inside the wreckage that had been his spaceship. Shannon stood up dazed and very dizzy.

"Shannon!" M. Tom cried running towards her.

"Hi." she said.

"Don't worry you are going to be ok and I promise I will never leave you again." he said, wrapping his arms around her.

They walked back to the street. It would be a while before they left Mars and went back into space again. But they would go back.


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