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The Story Chapter Six

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The following is an ongoing work of composite fiction by contributors from the Message Board. Due to the erratic nature of its construction the editors apologize for any omissions or lack of attribution to the proper authors. This story is on-going and will be archived here periodically. For current chapters, comments, or to add you own chapter, please visit the Message Board. This story is a work of fiction. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any similarity to actual events is purely coincidental.

Twig the Wonder Kid (Jason and the Argonauts):

Questions unanswered are put aside for the moment. David needs to get that ball rolling. The song of choice - Outside. A few vocal warmups (three cigarettes to be exact) and he begins. It takes him a while but soon the giant ball is absolutely convinced that it needs to see what is happening outside! What a neat trick David!! A smile plays upon his lips as he sings and soon he is lost in the song and the joy and is following the huge ball blindly. When the ball gets down to about half its original size David suddenly thinks that the floor is growing at an alarming speed. Totally aware now he picks himself off of it, and looks back to see what has tripped him. A loop of the string had caught on his ankle. The length of time that string has been unwinding in those twisted tunnels of cement would make pulling it out from where he was impossible. Must be a labyrinth he says in disgust tinged with general trepidation. "I wonder if I've been going out or in? and I wonder why did the ball stop?" Just then he hears that blast of air break free from some large lunged animal again. And a second sound - a heavy CLOMP...CLOMP. (should i put some tale swishes in for effect too? nah) But this time it's much closer. He realizes that the ball is trembling slightly.

Ramona (But Margot, Vegemite frightens me so!):

There is a mighty gust of wind (from that tail swish which every cheesy production absolutely MUST have) which lifts David's toga ever so tantalizingly. "Damn drafty things," David mutters. He bends down to adjust his hemline, and when he looks up he is indeed face to face with THE Minotaur. And the Minotaur is more than a little miffed (and not just by that ever-present *friendly yet enigmatic* expression on Davey's face). "Finally," the Minotaur snorts, "you decide to show your self before me. Tremble before me, mortal! Resistance is futile! I will have my revenge! You've got a LOT of explaining to do, by Zeus's beard! First off, that little Laura Ashley wallpaper thing. Thanks to you, countless people think that I am emasculated!" The Minotar grunts and stamps his hoof; another swish from his tail threatens to lift David's toga again. "But you don't understand," David begins, "That wasn't my idea! I had no say in the matter whatsoever. The original artwork was different. I..." "Quail, mortal!!" bellows the Minotaur. The Minotaur leans against the labyrinth wall, swinging his tail in his left hand in a tres cool manner. "Foolish mortal," the Minotaur says, "I can think of a whole lotta ways to..."

"CUT!" screams the Assistant Director. "'A whole lotta ways'? What kind of crap is that? The fierce and awe-inspiring Minotaur don't talk like that. (The Minotaur shifts his weight, slightly embarrassed). And what happened to the diabolical laughter? The fear-inspiring snorts and stamping? Come on, work with me people, work with me. "I can think of a *myriad of possibilities*" is how it goes, you idiot. Now you've gone and ruined the whole atmosphere here. Everybody take 5, and Ball of String, get yer ass down to make-up, you're unravelling again."

David reaches for a donut from the box of stale, day-old specials by the Mr...

Hi Margot, I'm back-Cane Toad Jack (don't you hate it when) One of the donuts begins to glow? No just kidding, ha, ha, ha. This Story is Weird Enough!!

Seriously, as he is bolting down that extra powdery one he breaths in some of the white dust. It flies with glee straight into his lungs and starts to tickle. It's just trying to be friendly but his lungs don't see it that way at all. Soon the sensation has David hacking his eyes watering, and rolling about on the floor. Just then he becomes fully aware of where he is. "Ohhh my aching head" he groans and sits up in bed. The covers are nowhere to be seen and he is in his extremely wrinkled trousers. He vaguely remembers a party, a very crazy party that lasted until, well until he passed out anyway. "What's the occasion?" he tries to recall. "Oh yeah, that tour I'm doing in Australia that I wasn't doing until I...." Trying to remember everything that happened gives him a screaming headache. And those DREAMS!! NIGHTMARES really! But already they are beginning to fade from his memory as the heat of the Australian day permeates his body. "Never did get to find out who killed Baby Grace" he mumbles as he looks at his surroundings and tries to find something to wear that doesn't have a malodorous presence of some sort to it. Just then who should come bursting through the door but.....

(please please please don't make it be Angie, pleeeeaaaasseeee gooooodddddd)

: Starluck" (Okay, I'll try this ONCE MORE!.... ...I'm new at this.)

......a warp hole. He grimaces, worried and upset. "Dear God, I can't be THAT bad, can I?" He gets up to get a closer look and is sucked in by the tremendous force and everything goes black......(Where's this poor man going NOW????)......He finds himself inside a smoke filled cafe of some sort. A guy is ranting about, swinging a machete. A woman who looks familiar is attaching wires under the skin of some drone. Her face seems annoyed to see Bowie enter. He is now dressed in a suit and black trench-coat, a half-smoked cigarette hangs between his lips. Bowie's face is dirty and he has a five o'clock shadow. He looks toward a cracked mirror filmed with a layer of dust to see the face of Nathan Adler in the reflections. "Oh, heavens," Bowie takes a drag, "I suppose I'll have to play the part." He walks up to Ramona, who continues sliding wires into the skin of a drone who bleeds effortlessly and shows no real emotion. "Ramona A. Stone?" he inquires as he rummages in his trench-coat pockets for his badge, but finds a silicon chip with strange inscriptions. He pulls it out and everyone in the cafe turns to him with a cold glare. Everyone except Ramona, who now is filling the drone's veins with this strange liquid. She pays Bowie no attention. "Yes, what of my name?" she finally responds without facing him. "I have reason to believe that you took part in the ritual art-murder of Baby Grace Blue. I've come to place you under arrest," he says and takes another drag and hopes to God he has a weapon on him. Ramona gives him an icy stare and her eyes narrow to slits."You think you can take me that easily, do you? I know who the small friends are. You're surrounded by alienation, Prof. Adler. Bowie realizes this this isn't as easy as he had suspected, so he places the chip back into his pocket and searches for a gun, but only finds a pack of cigarettes and a folded up article from the Oxford Journal. He stuffs them back into his pockets and thinks it would be best to leave, but little does he know that from behind him entered.......

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