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The Story Chapter Twenty

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The following is an ongoing work of composite fiction by contributors from the Message Board. Due to the erratic nature of its construction the editors apologize for any omissions or lack of attribution to the proper authors. This story is on-going and will be archived here periodically. For current chapters, comments, or to add you own chapter, please visit the Message Board. This story is a work of fiction. Names have been changed to protect the guilty and any similarity to actual events is purely coincidental.

** Rox ** Chapter 20 with a small correction....**

(I'd just like to point out that there is a small mistake in chapter 19 concerning Nathan Alder's age, he is of course born in 1947, not 1967, which makes it 52 not 32 years after his birth at this point in The Story -Rox)

** Jen :) **

David stares out the rain-spattered windows of the taxi for what seems like forever, scrutinizing and agonizing over Stockholm's architecture. Slowly, Bowie returns his stare onto the back of the taxi driver's head. The driver, Al, realizes he's being watched...and he doesn't like it. Al nervously wonders, "Will he know it's me? Does he already know it's me?" Anxiously, Al presses more firmly on the gas pedal. Bowie continues his fixed stare at the back of Al's greasy head. Glaring up into the rearview mirror, Al suddenly blurts out, "Are you looking at me? Do I amuse you?"

Shocked somewhat, David carefully edges himself forward and asks, "Have you ever seen a green umbrella before?" "Nnnuunuuh no man..." sputters Al as he begins to reach for the glove compartment. Knowing full well that Al is lying, David quickly gives Al a head butt, causing Al to lose control of the cab on the rain-slicked streets. There is a loud sound, and suddenly everything is very dark. For what seemed like an eternity, David was out. The taxi had slammed into a lightpost just outside the Pee Pee Club, nearly mowing down Rox, and almost making him spill his fruity drink. Sirens and flashing lights enveloped the night, when David finally comes to. The taxi is totalled and there is blood everywhere. David quickly and carefully checks to see where the blood is coming from. But it is not his blood. Slowly David lifts his gaze from his own body, to that of Al. Al is lying in a pool of blood, that is slowly draining off with the rain to the sides of the street.

The street is covered with green umbrellas. Green umbrellas with toothpicks just about the perfect size to put someone's eye out. And from what David can see, it looks like Al is missing an eye.....

** Rox ** And then he...went "nightclubing" **

As David stares at Al, someone grabs him by the elbow and starts dragging him towards what seems to be a kind of low cage situated in the middle of the square, next to the subway entrance, where the taxi "stopped". David realizes that there is a blue sun-blind over part of the "cage" under which there are a murky stairs leading down. David just has time to read the text "TUBEN" on the on the sun-blind as Rox (who else!) drags him past a blond girl on a stool at the top of the stairs, who looks a bit uncertain as Rox shouts "HE'S OK!" and pushes David down the stairs. At the end of the narrow stairs there's a black door through which a pumping bass can be heard.

"Hey, I was supposed to go to this place 'Pee-Pee' not any 'Tuben'" David exclaims irritated, having had just enough of this shoving around with his noble self. "Are you that Rox character, by the way?"

"Stop pulling my leg Nat, you know as well as I that "Tuben" is the name the PLACE and 'Pee-Pee' the name of the CLUB," Rox says over his shoulder as he opens the door and they're both drenched in high volume Jungle and sweaty kids desperately trying to get some air. David realizes that he'd better keep up with Rox or he'll soon lose sight of him (what David hasn't realized yet is that "Tuben" is a fairly small place, 200 people, and it's packed). Rox takes a dive under the bar, gets up on the other side and lifts part of it after shoving some people away, apparently this is where the personnel are supposed to go in and out smoothly, when the place is not packed. David follows Rox into the kitchen where Rox turns around and starts with a "Sorry old boy got to get ya out of that mess up there...Nathan??" Rox stops in mid-sentence and stares into David's eyes. David has up to now realized two things: Nathan is somehow acquainted with this Rox character and Rox seems to think he is Nathan. What David doesn't know is that Nathan has/had two perfectly good eyes and that David, when entering Nathan's body, brought his eyes with him.

"What happened to your..........DAVID!!.......ehm....... ......Mr Bowie ........I presume?......He always looked quite a bit like you but....I mean....you still....do, but.....I mean.... ."

Rox downs what's left of the rest of his drink, puts his glass on a nearby sink with shaky hands and starts rolling a cigarette. David now feels a bit more in control, having deduced some of the truth from the slightly raving starstruck Rox. "That's alright, anyone could make a mistake....." David says in his "rockstar-being-more-than-deservingly-good-to-his-fans" voice.

Rox shyly looks up from his package of "Old Holborn" and asks 'Want a fag ?" "Sure, thanks a lot, could you fix me up one of those drinks, too?" "Just be a sec!" Rox turns into lightning on two legs and turns up with a drink (an umbrella in it too!). "Listen I've gotta play, was just out for some air you see, would you by any chance be interested in listening in ?" Rox looks hopeful yet frightened. "Of course, that's why I'm here." David still being nice to his fan. "Lead the way." After fighting their way through a massive pack of frenetically dancing kids David stands in front of what must be one of the smallest excuses for a stage he has seen. Rox gets up on it, picks up his trumpet, and joins the jam as the DJ switches to drum'n'bass. Occasional trumpet (harmond-wa-wa-style) breaks through the music.

David drinks his drinks, smokes his Old Holborn and listens in on the music, starting to dance a bit, feeling quite at ease. Suddenly there is a kind of commotion by the door, which is not in tune with the music. David catches a glimpse of uniforms as Rox, trumpet in hand, appears at his side, drags him into and behind the kitchen to a back staircase. At the top of the stairs, back up at the square, there's a taxi stop. Rox opens a door in a free cab, ushering David inside, saying "I think it would be best if you got back to your hotel Mr Bowie......awfully nice to meet you, hope you liked the music." He says something to the cabdriver and hands him a good amount of euros (this is 1999 remember.....). The cab starts with a jerk and keeps gaining speed through the rainy streets of Stockholm as David takes the last sip of his fruity drink and leisurely spins the toothpick umbrella (green!) twixt his fingers.................

** Ali** And then he went MAD! **

Back at the ranch:

Iman is puzzled.

"Who are you, again?"

He's leafing through the bloodprints for evidence, dirty blonde hair falling over his face and lithe limbs splayed outward to brace himself. He looks just like, but not quite, David Bowie.


His head bobs up; he fishes furiously in his pocket and withdraws a small shining pistol. "You're a beautiful woman but I'm no Phillip Morris and you'd be advised to keep back."

Eno swanks in. "Bowie old boy! Look what I've found!"

It's a trout shitting its own intestines. "Incredible stuff in Russia! You have to come join us awhile!"

Detective Professor Nathan Adler spares him a brief glance and then returns to his busy rifling work. "It's a trout. It's not even a GOOD trout. You're wasting my time, Touchshriek. Give me something I can use."

Eno exchanges a nervous eyeful with Iman.

"Do you want to call the hospital, or shall I?"....

** Rox ** (But with madness comes insight.......

At Eno's word the Detective Professor takes refuge in the bathroom. As he looks at himself in the mirror, David takes over.

When did he get mad, split between himself and his creation, who never was a real person, in who's body he'd been trapped?

It must have been when he watched himself on the telly, doing that long awaited "unplugged" thing for MTV...

In a Swedish room........what was Nathan doing there anyway....?

Nathan convulsively snatched his eyes from the mirror and splashed his face with cold water. Sweden, yes he was there to look into a thing that had occurred at the true turn of the millennium some six or seven years ago at the 21st of December 1992.......... In the medical theater of Uppsala some devilworshippers had vivisected a nine months pregnant woman and her fetus, most elaborate piece of work, intestines lain out in pentagram shaped patterns, artistic in its way, but no true artwork, just a ritual. As he randomized the Swedish University databanks he did come across an interesting little treatise on the meaning of art, though. The author had claimed that "ART BY DEFINITION IS UNDEFINABLE", provocative. yet very true in its way. As he was in Stockholm he found that the young man played trumpet at a local Jungle club. He actually visited him there a couple of times. So THAT'S why Rox recognized me, thought David as he looked at his new-yet-not-quite face in the mirror.......

The MADNESS....this is tearing me APART......gotta stop, gotta get back home, in the time I was meant to continue from....GOT TO!!! David pulls his hair in frustration. The black cloud of fear for madness overpowering him hangs closer than ever before in his life.........choking him with green yet black vapours pouring from the mirror in senseless hallucination.....as he pulls his shining little piece to defend himself from the demon grinning at him from behind/underneath the mirror of the bathroom and himself as himself being the demon lord, yet Prince of Perfection, The God-standin, genius of the noble arts, queen of rock'n'roll, man and woman, both, yet not, earthling and alien in mixed guises....suddenly the solution is clear, like an amethyst turned diamond, dogs barking at his heels.....he has killed his creations before........so why not again.....put a bullet in my brain, and it'll make all the papers........the ultimate fellatio, he muses as he puts the pistol in his mouth and pulls the trigger as Nathan (too late) screams an agonizing......NNOOoo...

With one flash of light, once more, but probably with a smoking pistol somewhere back in the future.

David is not surprised to find a new MBer by the name of Rox as the Message Board of his homepage finishes loading...."Ah, screw Letterman, anyway"....he says to himself as he checks out the restarted Story....

When suddenly his cellphone rings.....................

** Ali ** Killing Culture

He mechanically answers.... "Hello, art-crime main office, what?" And then..."Shit...I'm sorry, this is David."

The voice on the other end laughs. "You'll be needing a detective" it says "in a matter of moments?"

"Oh really? Why is that?" David/Nathan's voice is crackly with suspicion.

"I have your WIFE!" the opposer screams gleefully. "YOU HAVE TO *SAVE* HER, DON'T YOU!"

His tongue drops low and he feels a shake of danger. "Who are you? What do I have to do?"

And a high keening breaks into DB's brain on the following words: "You have 13 hours to solve the LABYRINTH before your pretty lover is MINE, FOREVER."

He drops the phone in sudden inexplicable horror and the wall in front of him crumples like a handkerchief to reveal 100 yards of blasted grassland and then the rising and mighty and totally immiscible labyrinth under the pale yellow sky.His voice raises to a hypersavage pitch: "Well then WHERE'S *JARETH*?

** LAM ** She's in the oubliette **

Then he remembers he savagely murdered Jareth a few chapters back in the Dwarve's cottage. "Oh shit, I'm on my own now." And with that he heads towards the Labyrinth's gates. Watching all of this from the castle, the bereaved Royal Dominatrix smiles. Revenge will soon be hers. Bitter and heart- broken by the murder of her Goblin King, Lady Artist Minotaur had vowed to find his killer and have her revenge. Little did she know at that time that her beloved David Bowie was the killer, but alas the truth was out there. And now she must avenge Jareth's death...by destroying the one Bowie loves most. "An eye for an eye, a lover for a lover...Ha ha ha ha!!" She turns to the goblins assembled behind her, "Well? Laugh!!!!!


Meanwhile back in the labyrinth, David is wondering whether to go left or right...

** Ramona ** (Over the wall we go)

David takes a slightly melted Mars Bar out of his pocket. He leans up against a Labyrinth wall, nibbling on the sweet milk chocolate and chewy caramel confection. With his mouth full of candy, David looks to his left and right, seeing the all-too familiar expanse of walls. "Fuck this for a joke" David says just before popping the last of the candy into his mouth. Placing the empty wrapper in his back pocket (our boy is not into needless littering), David reaches up on the wall directly in front of him, stretches slightly, finds a good hold and pulls himself up to the top of the Labyrinth wall.

"I really don't know why nobody has thought of this before" he says to himself as he stands on the top of the wall. "It's so much easier than wandering around down there."

From his vantage point on top of the wall, David can see the quickest, straightest route directly to Jareth's castle. Walking in that direction he thinks about what he'll do once he finally DOES get to the castle. After all, the voice on the phone sounded vaguely familiar...but he couldn't quite place it. It was a slightly sultry voice, one that he normally had to pay $2.95 per minute to hear, but still there was something "different" about this voice. He knew he'd heard it before. Just then, he comes to the edge of the Goblin City. David sits down on the top of the wall and dangles his feet from the edge.

"No, something's not quite right here" he whispers out loud. "I KNOW I've heard that voice before...ohmigod! Of course! It's" and just then he feels a sharp sting on the left side of his neck. He reaches up and pulls out a green umbrella toothpick that had somehow been shot into his neck. He sees his own blood on the tip of it.

"No, no..." he whimpers as the poison starts seeping into his bloodstream and he slides from the top of the wall into unconsciousness.

** LAM ** The Minotaur's Revenge

"Revenge shall be mine!"

David hears voices, one of which sounds very familiar...

*Undress him...*" "...hee hee hee..." ...at the size of that!" "*Quit fooling around...*" "...is every... ." "Bring the..." He moves his head and moans at the pain. "Ohhhh..." "He's waking up! Get him up and strap him in!" He opens his eyes, but the light hurts so he closes them again. Strong hands lift him and he finds himself strapped into a standing position. A cold blast of water brings him fully awake and aware.

"What?! Where am I? Where's my wife?" "She's in the oubliette." David turns to the source of that voice that has been plaguing him. "Lady Artist Minotaur!" A tall leather-clad female minotaur steps from the shadows. "Yes." "But why are you doing this to me? Every other time I've met you, you've either saved me or tried to get into my pants!"

"True. But I never had much luck getting into your blessed pants now have I?"

She glances downwards, and David realizes that not only has he been chained spread-eagled between a pair of stone pillars, he's been chained spread-eagled and completely naked between a couple of pillars! (He thinks to himself, "And by God, does she look good with that tight leather encasing her ample, heaving...No, must save Iman!") David puts on his seductive yet enigmatic face, "Uhhh...So that's what you've brought me here for?"

"NO! I've brought you here because I found a boy-toy, and you chopped him into pieces and let bunch of dwarves eat him!! I just wanted to say 'thanks a lot' Prince Dave!" LAM walks over to the dungeon wall and removes a riding crop from its hook. "YOU KILLED MY JARETH, and now you must suffer...But don't worry, I won't kill you...just you're precious Iman!"

She deals David a sharp blow on his oh-so-firm butt.

"But can't we talk this over?" David wails in shock and pain.

He puts on a sincere yet enigmatic look and faces her, "I'll do anything to repair the hurt I've done to you!"

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