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How I Came To Love Bowie


It was about four or five years ago, as I was sitting at home, watching TV with my mom, dad, sister, and parrot. Charlie looves TV. He loves to sing too, so we had decided to watch this show called "Aim For the Stars", where normal people have the chance to imitate a famous singer, like Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen etc. Now, everyone sucked. Me and the parrot did a better job of impersonating Bryan Adams than that schmuck on TV did.

Then, this guy walks on, tall, thin, with a big smile. The host of the show talks to him, asks a few questions, and then "So, who will you be impersonating?"

"David Bowie," the guy says and grins. Off he goes, and comes back on stage a sec later (it was pre-taped) in crazy red hair, pale make-up, a tight tight glitzy suit with white, blue and red stripes, red plastic like shoes, and a guitar.

Woah! I think, and so does the parrot. Dad4s laughing his eyeballs out saying "No one can imitate David Bowie!" So, we watch as this guys sings in a tormented voice, slightly high-pitched, but also deep at the same time, the weirdest song I4d ever heard. I named it Major Tom. So, I was a little kid, gimme a break willya! The guy didn4t win. Of course. Some other moron did, who tried to be Freddie Mercury. (Freddie, I knew of)

But I liked the song, and kept my ears open for it. I liked the guy he was supposed to impersonate too. What kind of person has the guts to walk on stage like that?! I loved it!

Five years later, here I am, sitting with all of his records, including soundtracks, movies, and some singles as well, adoring a guy just two years younger than my dad. But boy am I glad that guy got on TV trying to impersonate David Bowie aka Zig Dust. He helped open my eyes to a whole new level of music. The best kind. And Charlie loves him too.

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