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Happy Birthday Shai!!
Alys (alpalmer@ucalgary.ca)
Calgary, AB Canada - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 18:51:04 (EST)
MARGOT......awesome set list for Gisborne WHOOO HOOOO :-)
UK - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 17:03:32 (EST)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAI..........and Helen THANK YOU SOOO MUCH ***HUG*** the mag arrived this morning :-))
Spidey (datkins@netcomuk.co.uk)
UK - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 16:57:39 (EST)
After an email-less absence, I'm back. I see nothing has happened in my absence...golly, I wish DB had been MY grad. speaker (but instead got stuck with the yukky Bush-era James Baker!!!)
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 14:57:31 (EST)
Shai!!!! Happy birthday, man!!!!!!
USA - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 08:51:13 (EST)
I went to Derek's site and couldn't find the remix. Ramsay - thankyou! COME TO GISBORNE. Life is short.
- Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 02:18:12 (EST)
Kel et al...I agree that Derek (loveamongpuppets) did an amazing job on that remix..had to be one of the more original things I've seen done with that sort of thing in a while. Does he plan to do much else? I've nosed around the site and didn't see much. :)
Jen (jenbowie@hotmail.com)
Herethereeverywhere, USA - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 01:59:14 (EST)
Hallo Bowiepals, First of all, RSRadio has crashed my own personal supercomputer 3 times tonight so, screw it for now!! Secondly, Happy GD Birthday Margot. We're both at the double 3 I'm afraid. Should I come to Gisborne?? Still debating....
Ramsey (ramsey@dca.net)
Philly, PA USA - Wednesday, March 31, 1999 at 00:06:17 (EST)
My theory about Gisborne is that if people are paying $600 for a seat they’re not going to be the type of punters who’ll care if they don’t hear Modern Love, Fame, Let’s Dance etc. What they’ll want to hear is complex, interesting music performed brilliantly with an innovative visual element thrown in. Now, David et al, whatchagottado is... put your heads together and develop something amazing and new from the rich potential already available in a good range of lesser known songs like Cygnet Committee, Somebody Up there Likes Me, Win, We Are the Dead, Big Brother, I’m Deranged, Through these Architects Eyes, Subterraneans, Some Are and such. You’re not allowed to do Heroes unless you do it like you did at Bridge Benefit. Oh, and you have to do Strangers When We Meet. ;P
- Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 23:00:30 (EST)
Aquaria, where have you been? I'm trying to find the gnome photo, but can't. I desperately need it for evil Sisteur experiments in the SOD basement. Would you send it to me? Don't forget to visit us at Squeakie.com/sod for a taste of the awful bowie truth.
Sisteur Grammatika (pam@davidbowie.com)
USA - Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 21:22:51 (EST)
Yeah, I went to the show last night and so did Ball Baby 2! Man, Bowie was Fucking A last night! I'm a big PLACEBO Fan but I really must say Bowie is really a master on the stage! Fucking A! The show was sold out last week man.
USA - Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 12:24:13 (EST)
Did anyone see the placebo show? I was tempted, but still burnt from the weekend. Anybody know details? What was he wearing? Was he playing his little guitare? Did it sound good? Also Aerosmiths first three albums are great. Recently, last twenty years they have been so boring. They are that MTV marketable type and probably make a good buck, but I refuse to subscribe to MTV and any other commercial format it's just such low piddly crap that outmarkets and overshadows quality...
NY, NY USA - Tuesday, March 30, 1999 at 12:10:25 (EST)
Bet Bowie gives the best graduation ceremony speech the academic world has ever seen. I want a video of it. Honorary doctorates are still a silly concept but if anyone deserves one it's Dave. BTW, his hair is really looking great, isn't it? Hope you all are enjoying the Placebo gig while I sit here working and yawning from my miserable 5am attempt at viewing realvideo :( May your connections be steady and your bufferings minimal.
- Monday, March 29, 1999 at 20:47:56 (EST)
I never noticed Bowie's dimples before! Evan - thanks for the pics - from those of us who couldn't get more than a "the broadcast hasn't started yet" message from realvideo in the placebo chat. I'm not even going to attempt to view the concert :/ (which i really want to see GRRR)
- Monday, March 29, 1999 at 19:22:37 (EST)
I'm calling on all Aerosmith fans to leave this site! This is war, no question about it! Bowiefans have refused to acknowledge the grace and poetry of songs like Dude Looks Like A Lady and Don't Wanna Miss A Thing! I demand blood! Blood, I say!! Blood!!! ... or, at least a ticket to Gisborne....? Pretty please..?
Janies Gottagun
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 19:09:44 (EST)
It was a joke Colin, hence the wink after the sentence. The password is sarcasm. And I can't believe you can say that when I have spent the weekend praising someone for a wonderfully creative effort, and trying to change the subject from fighting. Now here you come trying to start something else. Real smooth Colin.
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 15:51:39 (EST)
KMSV: why do you always have to put someone down when you post or leave a message. You're latest example: I am so amazed sometimes at how talented some of us really are. I doubt seriously you'll find this kind of talent at a Aerosmith fansite.
UK - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 13:46:03 (EST)
Bonster, I too have always felt that DB should never have given Mott the Hoople--All the Young Dudes. For that matter I think some of his best "music" has been co-written with Iggy Pop but in that case I feel that the collaboration between the two of them yielded two masterpieces that singularly would not have shone so bright. Iggy is a great raw-energy street hustler type and David is so "electic." The Combination gave birth to Lust for Life and the Idiot which no one in their right minds would deny are Works of Genius. I love the fact that David helped sculpt Iggy Songs, then re-made them (China Girl, Neighborhood Threat) and in the case of Red Money/Sister Midnight stole from himself. The Contradictions are delicious.
Dark Nerve
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 10:56:17 (EST)
His name is Derek, and he is a Bowienet member. While he didn't win the contest as a whole, Bowie was quoted in an interview as calling Derek's sumission unbelievable, and amazing, and gave Derek a special Creativity Award for his entry. Derek is currently featured in the Artist Spotlight section of www.mp3.com... The article mentions his "powerful cheerleader," AKA Mr. David Bowie. Thank you for taking the time to listen to it. I am so amazed sometimes at how talented some of us really are. I doubt seriously you'll find this kind of talent at a Aerosmith fansite. ;)
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 10:55:03 (EST)
Hello KMSV, I have just read the lyrics at loveamongpuppets.com Who is the individual who wrote these lyrics? Did they win a prize? What's this all about? I am curious. It's good to be exchanging civilized speech with you. Hope all is well.
Nevada Kerr
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 10:45:13 (EST)
Question for Coldfyr--Do you see a connection between the tradition of the Sacred Clown, the trickster god and David Bowie? Devlin Rose not unlike myself summons the playful energies of the Mad Trickster. On the album cover of Never let me down--David is surrounded by the four elements of the magician--earth, air, fire, and water. The Trickster is the dark side of the Magician. Bowie often has played the role of the Savior-Shaman brought down to earth by his followers. The Rise and Fall of Stardust, Cygnet Committee etc. What is your opinion of NLMD in the light of this re-evaluation? That NLMD on some level--consciously or unconsciously was a way for DB to exorcise the rising star--back into the dust. Another words the shaman boiled in the magic pot--stripped down to his bare essentials--ready for rebirth in Tin Machine. In this light NLMD is a far more "important" album than many would think? I would appreciate any response. Thanks Coldfyr.
Dark Nerve
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 10:32:30 (EST)
Can we go back to talking about's Derek's amazing Bowie lyric contest entry at www.loveamongpuppets.com ??? I believe he won some sort of internet prize for it... Give someone else mad props for once.
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 10:22:44 (EST)
Also I am not responsible for Devlin Rose. However, I do find him quite talented and amusing. And I don't think you should let him upset you so. He's quite a lot of fun. Anyway, I do consider my posts somewhat refreshing in that I am willing to examine Bowie's actual work instead of re-hashing NEWS BYTES about David's personal life or his career. I feel that opening up space to "discuss" lyrical content and meaning is just as relevant as any other post. You yourself probably have quite a number of insights into DB's work. Have you read Greatorex's Lyrical Analysis? If so, what is your opinion of his analysis of Diamond Dogs Album. I think if we could meet half way and tone down the "noise" between us--we might just enjoy communicating with each other. I will try if you are willing. PS: I think if Evan wants to say something to me Coldfyr, he would have already. I don't believe he thinks I'm all that much of a worry to him or anyone really. Hope to hear from you soon, Nevada Kerr.
Nevada Kerr
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 10:15:45 (EST)
The implied lyric might be "Face the Music" The Music is Outside. The Threat is Outside. Those who have been excommunicated are also on the Outside--outside the gates. But in the end we all must face the music--the world outside. No matter how fearful. Coldfyr--I come down off my high horse to offer you the peace pipe. Thanks.
White Flag
Truce City, USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 09:59:07 (EST)
Hello Coldfyr--you are definitely a vocal one. I doubt very much that I drove everyone away. Back in the early days of the guestbook, both Evan and Dara encouraged my posts. Feel free to discuss me with the webmaster of this site. That is fine with me. Also there is no attempt on my part to veil anything. I have been quite up front with my intentions from the start. I am very interested in exploring the contradictions/surprises in Bowie's lyrics. I am not concerned with the fact that you feel my insights are lame and tedious. Re-arranging Bowie lyrics to harvest insights from them is considerable work. For Example: In the Song Outside, I would venture to say that the "music" Bowie alludes to conjures up the "idea" of the "music of the spheres." The Vast Cosmos is not a place beyond chaos/derangement. In the "ordered universe" --the World OUTSIDE our Alienated Selves lie both our biggest hopes and fears. It happens outside. The Music is Outside. Is Bowie implying that the Music is the Threat?
High Hat on a High Horse
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 09:53:40 (EST)
I hate Bowie's new hairdo. Just look at him - that's what happens when women decide what men should look like. No, the red hair of the last few years reminded me of someone back in the 70s.....(I hope this does not sound too nostalgic - but it isn't - I was hardly born then). Anyway, if only I had as much hair as David has................
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 09:45:08 (EST)
yep..... Just start plucking those gray hairs out now...it's all over..
Coldfyr (wotthabloody'ell@dot.com)
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 08:38:12 (EST)
Sheesh, go away for two days and look what happens. And screw you guys, I am not old. And to keep things on topic, neither is Bowie.
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 08:25:39 (EST)
Margot!!! enjoy the show... If you get to meet the band could you ask them why they sound like the pet Shop Boys?... a friend in need is a friend indeed, a friend with weed is better.. I'd go with you, but I've flooded the VW engine crossing the English Channel
USA - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 03:49:58 (EST)
Well, I see little Tommy has been hard at work over here mucking things up like the rest of the place. Couldn't help but notice TW is No.6 (!) on MPulse's top 10-visited music sites on the web. Tommy must be working for the competition...
John Carpenter
Paris, France - Monday, March 29, 1999 at 01:34:35 (EST)
I got my Placebo ticket even though I have to go alone :) I wasn't going to go but Bowie emailed me this morning and strongly hinted he was going to be on keyboards if his troop survives maneuvers near the Yugoslavian/Macedonian border.
Osstraylya - Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 22:27:55 (EST)
I could be KelMar's younger brother ;-)
USA - Sunday, March 28, 1999 at 19:04:16 (EST)
Kali.. I meant that in a NICE way Hell, I'm old enought to be Kel's older sister.. HAHA!!
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 23:42:23 (EST)
Exclusive?? You mean the article that has been here for two months.?? ;)
Evan Torrie (torrie@etete.com)
Stanford, CA USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 23:15:44 (EST)
Hey KelMar...Coldfyr said you're OLD........
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 21:54:17 (EST)
The latest edition of the "Lazy and Web-IMpaired" (#156) is out: News of the Placebo/Bowie chat (and more?)Monday ***** current studio plans with Reeves Gabrels and Tony Visconti- Going back in time?? ***** AND An exclusive translation of a late 1998 French-language interview with some revealing insights including: Q: About Mott The Hoople, don't you find it very ironic to have given them "All The Young Dudes ", the hymn of that time, which was an enormous hit for them, and not for you? DBowie: Don't tell me about it, I know it better than anybody else. When I finished writing the song I knew it would be a hit and I could not believe that I was about to give it to somebody else (laughs)...***To subscribe to this free weekly Bowie news: http://www.teenagewildlife.com/Information/newsletters/dbfan/
Bonster (dbfan@aol.com)
Montgomery, AL USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 21:47:18 (EST)
THere is no "high court" here. the idea of a guestbook is so people can talk about DB. Because you thinly veil your asinine posts with Bowie lyrics does not mean you are talking about him. Why don't you go to Talk City and make a nice little Message board that you can post all that stuff on without creating a backlog at the GB here?... The reason that KMSV and I are the only ones complaining is because you have driven away most of the other people woh used to post here by inserting your flight of idea paragraphs. AND we are far from being teenagers, so that lame tactic won't work either. Perhaps I should speak with the webmaster of this site?
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 19:33:23 (EST)
I would say that Bowie is a Silly Boy Blue that follows in the tradition of the Sacred Clown. Sometimes Bowie's lyrics seem like pure "Drivel." But upon closer inspection, I too can see the Vision he alludes to. In the drowsy twilight of Sleep or death, the realm of the Shaman Trickster appears. That Spirit or Soul Perception that rises from the clouds and beclouds the senses becomes mine. My eyes become the Eyes of the Dreamer who can see in the dark beyond former limits! Judgement falls away!
Turbo Demon
Devil Drive, USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 15:03:12 (EST)
"Drivel" traditionally conjures up images of a Child or Idiot running at the mouth. In Most Tribal Spiritual Traditions, The Idiot (Idios) is the one will all the Ideas, Indwelling Muses that inspire genius. "Drivel" insinuates the Sacred Babel of the Gods, that "excited" state of mind that inspires riots. What appears to be Confusion or Disorder at first, soon becomes quite Clear and Illuminating upon Closer Inspection. Occult Illumination resides in the dark waters of these terrible and turbulent judgements. Evelen Dros is from that deep dark water. She deceives us and leads us astray. She is a goblin-beauty that troubles our sleep, a sacred clown who thinks she's deep!
Tribal Clown
Judgement City, USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 14:56:03 (EST)
um, hello? yes, I think I've managed to emerge from the belly of the beast named "Wish the Moon, Swallow the Whole Hot Sun". Damn, sunlight is bright! Anyway, I thought I'd get on here while I recuperate and gear up for the next monster.. er.. I mean show. Tonight I will be applying a rejuventating mask of Bowie while in attendance of the "Dress as you fave musician, group, or genre" party. Still trying to decide if I should use the Formula 1996 mask or the 1972. Hope you all are well, I'm off to dig for ingredients.
Aquaria (queenbitch@vt.edu)
Don't wish on the moon, Swallowing the whole hot sun gives you nasty indigestion, - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 12:38:40 (EST)
How can you judge anybody judge? You put me down for five years for something i did not do till later. I even dressed for you judge.. black tie,plenty of noise.I was a bit quick for you judge, made my escape down the tunnels of 'The direct venting corp' an old timer told me "just crawl take your time ,walk downdraft of the contamination flow,keep out of the fresh air they can smell you for miles".I managed to earn my time and where did you end up? judging a dispute that nobody knows anything about, lucky that broad, Coldfyr kept me from the edge of the glass ,two bottles a day and i just wazzzant seeing straight .no two lips the same, sure can tell a Super Vixen that makes you go up the hill backwards CHEERS!
Dose Liver
Incognito, USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 12:37:19 (EST)
Muddy boots! whole armies use to walk over my paintings. sunshine
Jackson Pollock
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 11:33:09 (EST)
Nevada I gave up judging in courts,because everyone looked so sweet,and i could not imagine them being anything else yesterday.We know Bowie was 'The Thin White Duke' yesterday, its in the record shop today copyright 1975 .But these guys would come up before me and i could not see 'wife killer copyright 1994' all i saw was 'changed man copyright 1998'. So i just use to let them all out. However Nevada are you ready to answer today the charge made by Miss Coldfyr that you and certain others of no fixed address have quote "walked muddy boots" unquote over Bowie lyrics as well as leaving a trail of destruction and disturbance across the guest book? you may bring forward 'A Very Dark Nerve' as your character witness
Judge Myknot
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 11:31:31 (EST)
I am the Ultimate Venting System for either horizontal or vertical applications. I give the Installer optimum "Venting Flexibility." Along with my friend, K.M.S.V. (KoreMutatingSuperVirus) we provide a "very safe," "Two-Vent," System that allows Clean Uncontaminated Air to be drawn directly into cyberspace or more specificly on to the Teenage Wildlife Web Site. Our Gas Products are expelled directly through the cyber-walls to the OUTSIDERS. Our Two Vent system protects other guestbook dwellers from "The Harmful Ones." I think Devlin refers to them as the Sinister Ones. Our continuous sensitivity to the needs of others keeps the hot combustion gases moving--therefore preventing sediments and sentiments from forming on the Holy-Guest Book. Our Motto: Always Keep the Vent above the Maximum Snow-Job Line so it cannot get Covered Up. We operate in a closed system. We only Allow Internal expansion--anyone considered an outsider has not been compensated for with a "properly sized" imagination. Outsiders are Voided.
HotWater for ColdFire
Direct Venting, USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 11:08:37 (EST)
My friend KoreMutatingSuperVirus and I are holding a convention at http://www.hotwater.com All those who are interested are "invited" to swim in a sea of sham. Love on ya.
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 10:47:45 (EST)
I am really sore now. But not at you Spidey--you my friend know how to join in on a good joke. I Nilved Sore along with my brother Ill-Bred Snore will never take a leave of absence from the world of David Bowie. Day after day they send my friends away. Me I hope that I am Crazy. I feel you driving and you're only the wheel. I'd rather play here with all the madmen. Crack baby crack--show me you're real!
Nilved Sore
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 10:34:41 (EST)
Paraphrasing Bowie does not require an invitation from anyone. It does however require a great deal of thought to do it right. And I know that "highbrow" thinking irritates you like a "bowie knife" or a "dark nerve." We all deserve the chance to express ourselves without walking all over each other. And certainly, I for one, would dodge and dis-lodge anything "normal" from my point of view. Pack a pack horse and rest up here. You never know you might find it here.
Dark Nerve
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 10:25:33 (EST)
Nevada Calm down. Don't get caught up in the petty quibbling of teens. Oh and by the way KMSV, I enjoyed your humorous followup to my Ebola-pox commentary. It was quite clever.
Dark Nerve
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 10:10:56 (EST)
And just for the record KMSV if nobody here gives a shit what the two of us "dribble about," then we will continue to do so. You are NOT the MANY. You too are only ONE--Along with coldfyr perhaps. Devlin and I supply you with what you need the most--enemies. I would never pretend that what I write is art. Sloppy reasoning is more like it. I don't want to be mean and drink all the time but The Zeroes are singing for you. You're nobody else.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 10:07:15 (EST)
Let's be blunt and honest now, without any insults or stupid, lame, and tedious posts. Intelligent discussions about David Bowie would never be allowed or accepted by those of you who are so bent on making enemies of Devlin and I. Our comments are no more or less relevant than the drivel most of you go on and on about. Intelligence is something that requires drivel in order to reveal itself. If you looked close enough at my rants and Devlin's highbrow insanity you would understand that some things are so big they make no sense. History is so small and people are so dense. If you want an enemy join the fighting in Kosovo and realize that there is enough room for all on this guestbook. We are all drowning in the pitiful mud of cyberspace drivel that most of these Bowie fans call "important stuff." Dumbing down for you seemed like the thing to do but not anymore... Devlin show them your brilliance without the humor and scare them to death!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 09:55:22 (EST)
NEW TOPIC, HUZZAH!!! Alex Grant doesn't compare to Derek's submission. I beg all of you to take a listen at www.loveamongpuppets.com (an NO this isn't one of those midget porn site I'm so fond of tricking you go to). Derek's subsmission was amazing. I really urge you to take a listen.
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 08:51:20 (EST)
Please please,no insults.order in the court.The foe has been given enough rope to hang itself, now let it rest. Its a new day so now let us return to normal services ,when is the Bowie back catalogue being released again in the UK?
judge jefferies
UK - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 07:14:02 (EST)
Good... now don't let the door hit ya on the way out.... BTW, when you get to Yugoslavia,,, Have a nice BBQ at your pity party.... and don't forget to take that other nutjob with you.
my own private Idaho, USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 07:10:39 (EST)
Lets hope it really is the last post. One down,one to go. Girls now start work on Nevada Good riddence to this DUMB ASSHOLE. go and drown yourself
Happy at Last
USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 06:34:24 (EST)
Coldfyr..Unlike like you I have no beauty, skills or talents, just a tick tock till it stops. I was just expressing not impressing . As an old lady its very hard for me to sit down and keep both legs together in the world today without catching a draft,sometimes you have gotta let it hang out. I would like to think that the great man himself would like his tunes seen in different lights.You have been very patience though, I am surprised you have tolerated it for so long before the ganging up process starts. Kmsv has invited me to be an 'earth mother' or 'agony aunt' at her 'Sisteurs' site. Which is very kind of her.However what most of these angst ,and trouble riddled teenage girls need is a good rubnslap with goose grease and a bowl of mumma's special homemade chicken soup. I shall now pick up my hats and leave the room.Thank You... BTW. Coldfyr/Kmsv. Yugoslavia is a small country in central Europe, you may not have heard of it, afterall its a million miles away from Pearl Harbor.
Doris Leven
on the road again, US - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 06:23:24 (EST)
very good..... That is a question I'd like to know the answer to as well..
SD, USA - Saturday, March 27, 1999 at 03:13:31 (EST)
What happened to this guestbook? It used to be filled with intelligent & interesting Bowie topics. Let me start one! When is Alex Grant going to the studio to record the song from the contest? Or did it happen already? Need details? This info. may give us a clue as to when the New album will come out.
virgin soldier
NYC, NY USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 16:27:15 (EST)
You nutjobs haven't been invited here ... and papaphrasing Bowie lyrics is just boring, tedious , lame, stupid,and so on.. You think it's art?.. no ... it's taking something artistic and walking all over it with muddy boots... that's what you are doing,,, that's why it irritates the rest of us... You sound like a patient in the psych ward, complete with strait jacket and padded walls.... there's no reasoning to what you wirte. It's a sloppy attempt to sound intellegent and highbrow.... and you're not fooling anyone..
tired of this , USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 16:06:48 (EST)
Doris Leven.....you were lucky, subways?!!!! pure luxury........we had to get up half an hour before we went to bed, lick road clean.............. tell that to the kids today ;-)
Spidey (datkins@netcomuk.co.uk)
Blighty - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 16:03:49 (EST)
KMSV.dont you think its wonderful that Bowie and eventually Evan has bought us all together on this site where we have bytes and bytes of room for everybody to share your love and thoughts?.We should be grateful for that and remember it was not always like that...or perhaps might not remain that way....I remember as a young girl during the war, hiding from the bombs in the subways with other families sharing songs and stories, grandpa would play his spoons RATTATAT .Dad would sing with is Rubber Band about his lost love of the war before, and if it got cold all us liberated girls would rip off our bras and chuck them on the fire to keep warm and then helpful young men would cover us in goose grease to keep the chill off. Nothing was wasted, we were grateful,the goose grease was pretty well hard and contaminated after a week so again helpful young men would scrape it off and make it into candles to light our way.Or mother would use it to make a lovely pudding from from all the peanuts and sweepings from the abandoned train's floor.
Doris Leven
US - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 15:37:00 (EST)
Why don't you two get a room someplace and leave the rest of us alone? Better yet, start your own website, goddammit. No one here but the two of you give two shits whatever it is you're on about. I'm not telling you like this to be mean, I'm telling you to be blunt and honest. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few... " (Gee, maybe if I quote Star Trek, it'll sink in). Please take your contamination talk and beat it, go shag yourselves senseless somewhere. Just leave the rest of us out of it, we don't deserve this drivel.
USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 11:51:19 (EST)
Doris, I like your line: "It's easy to remember how you want to remember." Doris you make me laugh more than anyone here. You jog-jog in my memory. Life is like a broken arrow-Memory a swinging door. In Memory, No Control. Doris keep up the good works. I can't forget you, can't forget you. You leave a stain on me.
Nevada Kerr
USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 10:33:15 (EST)
You can't remember peace so well--those whose claims were steeped in peace/tranquility--love and peace and harmony, love you could cut with a life. You will be my rest and peace child-- the missionary/mystic of peace/love--born in slumber less than peace. The little peace in me--these peices are broken.
Nevada Kerr
USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 10:07:59 (EST)
Well, I would not buy no merchandise and I would not go to war. Passionate, bright young things, takes him away to war--don't fake it. In the '14-'18 war I went to sea. It seems the peacefuls stopped the war, left generals squashed and stifled. Impermanent toys like Peace and War made him a soldier. The war came along and someone dropped a bomb--maybe a war, or I may kill you all. She could have been a killer if she didn't walk the way she do. And my heads full of murder where only killers scream. They are so war-torn and resigned. They rise for a year or two then make war.
Nevada Kerr
USA - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 09:58:00 (EST)
September 1939/ September 1999/ I remember the war.We said never again again again .In Yugoslavia they remember 500 years ago so they have a war.Its easy to remember how you want to remember.What can a single cell free from outside contamination do on its own? Only devide and fight itself. Yet all you are and all you have been comes down to a single point in time. NOW.The frail old man mugged in the street could have been the doctor who bought the mugger into the world, but NOW is the time.The grateful boss on Tuesday will fire you for something else on Friday.War peace war Its just the chant of the ever circling skeletal family.
Doris Leven
US - Friday, March 26, 1999 at 07:02:39 (EST)
Whatever, whatever ;)
Alys (alpalmer@ucalgary.ca)
Canada - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 10:14:00 (EST)
NEW Sisteurs Of Utter Destruction!!!!! Get your ass to http://www.squeakie.com/sod and check out how YOU can apply to be an honorary SOD, check out the latest in "Bowie Speaks," see the "Bitch Of The Month," find out how YOU can "Ask SOD" advice to enhance your life, and all the other groovilicious new sections guaranteed to amaze and amuse.... Well, what are you waiting for???? Get on over to http://www.squeakie.com/sod
KelMarSupervixen (sod@sisteurs.zzn.com)
USA - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 09:33:30 (EST)
Ev- You said the "B" word...... Don't you mean Boy*one? ;)
USA - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 08:24:10 (EST)
Kosovo 3/99: While you was gone there was War...(S)Laughter in the Air/Protest on the Wind--Some One could get skinned. I slip out again tonight cause they haven't taken back my rifle...The sniper in the brain--I'm holding your brains--put a bullet in my brains...A Top Gun Pilot--He just flew till he burst....out laughing. Here we go again...Another day in the Patriarchy.
USA - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 07:13:57 (EST)
I must say you young people have made see things differently, a new perspective.My mother taught me to make good chicken soup ."anytime your in trouble have some of mamma's chicken soup" she would say,(after I had being crying and contaminated with other people's thoughts). Chicken soup,soon became the panacea of all the contamination in our family.It served us right up to the war and Glen Miller,Frankie they all sooothed away the infections.It was then I read Germaine Greer's books and saw Ziggy and decided that women's medals should be out in the open, so off came the racheted corsets the long panteloons WHUH HEY!! I showed the world that I had balls and the young, that old people may have had a lot of infections ,but they sure had a strong immunity to new ones as well
Doris Leven
US - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 05:53:09 (EST)
That's "Boy's Own", not Boyzone, Alys...
Evan Torrie (webmaster@teenagewildlife.com)
Stanford, CA USA - Thursday, March 25, 1999 at 04:29:11 (EST)
Orlisa,we all share our bytes here, your love is welcome, .Roses are red,my face is blue,when I lift my arms ,few what a pooh
Denis Lover
US - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 19:18:19 (EST)
September 9th 1999. I was in the washroom when all these guys came rushing in ,they said "Bowie's record has just been released, we have to go to the bathroom" .I knew then that they were sinister ones,I could see in the mirrors not Nilved or on the otherside Devlin ,just rows of creatures,(nothing in their eyes and nobody home) spraying contamination, until Evelin walked in and said "Hey guys ,can I see you without your flesh?do you want to know me without my flesh? or are you still Scary Monsters & Super Creeps?".They all turned round in unison and said "no madam, we are guided the shape of our flesh and the shape of yours" Evelin rushed to the door she to had to get of the washroom the stench was over powering
Ned Olivers
US - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 17:39:01 (EST)
Too bad you pack of loonies have taken over, this used to be a friendly place to visit. Thanks to everybody for their continued support. It's appreciated.
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 17:14:49 (EST)
HI kids,I am a major sleeve designer (The Beatles sent me to the arctic to design the white album) we are just working on the new Bowie Cd cover right now. Its going to be 4 dimensional so you'll all be able see were you are coming from and where you are going, nineties, to naughties.The promotional kit will be rather special, there will be two torches one black light one, one white light (one to see your way in the dark, the other to hide yourself from the light). The sleeve will be a special interpretation picture.Bowie fans will not be affected , but the sinister ones will scream and wet themselves in the record shop.Be on guard in your town for large scale buy ups of incontinence pads, when the record is released, this could be the start of the sinister one's invasion .The DJs (data joiners) may start pulling the levers which links every computer with little pieces of information on you to one, so they will have total control on you and your life.
Hank Fuzzo
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 16:58:54 (EST)
This is the most disgusting site I have been to,(and I have seen a few I can tell you) .How can so much contamination get out of so many keyboards?.We never had any of this during the war you know,any contamination we found we had to boil up in saucepans and eat it. Mother would send us around the bomb sites to fill our buckets with as much contamination as we could find, we would have contaminated sandwiches during the week and then Uncle Arthur would carve a big roast on Sunday covered in contaminated gravy MMMMMMMslurp slurp..much like today.
Doris Leven
Sidcup, UK - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 15:59:51 (EST)
Dark Nerve, Nothing can be left to chance anymore. The raw material of life is in the hands of the biotechnologist, the molecular engineer. Reproduction can no longer be a blind bargain--"You can't make mistakes with babies." "Red Mutant eyes gazed down on Hunger City." "It had blue eyes almost like a humans." "It's so demonic; it's got more channels." As the transhuman adapts and changes as you suggest, the "merely" human will not be able to keep pace with it. The transhuman has no heirs, and its "all too human" predecessor might not have any prospects for the future. "He's so simple-minded." "He can't drive his module." "Bites on the neon." "Sleeps in a capsule." Is the re-organization of human life inescapable as Manson inadvertently suggests? Will the "merely human" be rendered "less good." A Science of Eugenics promises us "nine lives" and an eternal consciousness free of the body and hence free of contagion.
Evelen Dros
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 14:00:20 (EST)
Bowie was never suggesting organ transplants, or the transhuman applications such as genetic engineering, cyber-robotics, or nano-tech implants on the molecular level. Or was he? I think we can speculate that for Bowie the "human" is flawed, weak, organic and that the beauty of this imperfection can be celebrated. Manson's transhuman body seems designed for speed and adaptability. It is a "borderland" whose dimensions and forms change with time. (not unlike DB's Zig Stardust, Halloween Jack, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke, Lodger) David's persona's explored the tension between the alien and the "all too Human." Manson's Transhuman is neither wholly organic nor inorganic and seems to claim no relationship with the "merely" human. Sex and food are not essential to the transhuman body. It does not tire and is always required. David foretold: "The Supermen would walk in file--guardians of a loveless isle, gloomy browed with super fear." Bowie has been far better at exploring the sad beauty of the all too human.
Dark Nerve
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 13:49:09 (EST)
Marilyn Manson "unconsciously" emulates David Bowie's fascination with the role of the "Intermediary" --the Transhuman Trickster Archetype that is "Neither this nor that," Neither Here nor There. It goes without saying that Bowie does it better. David's exploration of "INTERIORITY" reflects a reconciliation between opposing forces (the earthly vs the unearthly, the machine vs the human, the transhuman vs the "merely" organic). Bowie confesses "Man would tear his brother's flesh for a chance to die, to turn to mold." I think in Manson's world view of "Mechanical Animals," he wishes for no such thing. For Manson, earthbound/body-bound existence is becoming a "thing" of the past. With flesh and blood soon to be defunct, the "Unbegotten" (which is what Manson truly is) await "perfection." Marilyn Manson poses the question, accidently: What happens when "animality" can be conquered and death is rendered "passe." Bowie might have advocated the ingestion of mood-altering drugs, but he was never suggesting this.
Dark Nerve
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 13:36:35 (EST)
Didn't Mason fire that ramirez chap, CF???? I liked Manson better when he was evil. This "I'm not evil anymore, I'm Bowie" Manson is rather dull. He doesn't do anything disgusting onstage anymore, he's not obscene. He is like unflavoured oatmeal anymore. I want him to go back to being the Rev. I think I'm over Manson now. Better say goodbye before he takes the next step and gets all nice. Then he'd prolly change his name to Julia Bullock. See, I can't even muster a rant for the bastard.
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 11:34:05 (EST)
Good thought Margot... shall I invite him too? :) Maybe I'll email marilyn Manson and invite him and Twiggy Ramirez.. Do you think Dave would go for it?... hahaha!! Here's a future chat idea... Pete Framptom and "sweaty" Ted Nugent.. the topic being.. guitar rock has beens..
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 10:50:20 (EST)
KALI !! you wimp !!! why are you hiding behind me ?? or is it because you know that as a Scot I am fearless ?? :)
Jeaj (jeej@globalnet.co.uk)
painting her face blue and preparing for battle, SCOTLAND THE BRAVE - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 07:19:31 (EST)
Dark Nerve, Nevada does enjoy your posts. He said that he was having so much fun with...well anyway let's get "forgive and forget" hey hey. And I would like to thank you...I do consider myself creative and intelligent but I don't have any answers to your questions.
Lois Denver
USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 06:48:22 (EST)
I just emailed Peter Frampton and invited him to Bowie.net chat. HAHAHAHA
Margot :P
- Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 00:46:29 (EST)
Festival fever worldwide for the millennium; Lord of the Rings mentioned again?;Iggy/Bowie on VH-1- read the transcript; Bowie sells new york apartment to internet geek; Did Shawn Mullins copy Space Oddity?--- all this and more in the #155 issue of the "Lazy and Web-IMpaired" (that means you don't have to hunt for news ;) drop me a line if you want to subscribe! -- Bonster
Bonster (dbfan@aol.com)
Montgomery, AL USA - Wednesday, March 24, 1999 at 00:18:00 (EST)
wow, i thought i was obsessed with david bowie!! anyone else pissed off about this whole marilyn manson thing? the guy looks like a complete dork. david bowie could kick his ugly ass before he even had the time to say "suffragette city".
laura anne gray (lannegray@aol.com)
lisle, il USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 23:07:57 (EST)
Hate to be a stickler, but there's at least one mention of B*yzone on TW... I've considered looking for satellites....
Alys (alpalmer@ucalgary.ca)
Calgary, Canada - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 22:25:39 (EST)
They have cryogenically preserved Whitney Houston's blood at the CDC and plan on creating a mutant gene when combined with the Blood of Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.. This mutant gene will enter the red corpuscles as a virus causing Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation ( DIC) this condition in turn will cause irreversible lack of clotting.. In layman's terms.. THe blood will run from your ears until the screeching stops...
Coldfyr-after the carrot (toxicavenger@tromahome.net)
run for the hills, USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 16:39:37 (EST)
KMSV you are too funny that was hysterical. About the virus Ain't nothing we can do about it so if it happens good ridence to all my enimies that catch it
NEW YORK, NY USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 16:15:46 (EST)
DARK NERVE asks: "What is your take on a potential release of a genetically engineered bio-weapon in the United States? For instance, the creation of a bio-weapon that has all the attributes of Ebola and Smallpox rolled into one?" KMSV answers: "Umm the government invented one when they unleashed Whitney Houston on the masses back in the 80's....." DARK NERVE comments: "Smallpox victims spew black vomit, bleed internally, and develop flesh-scarring pustules across the face and body." KMSV replies: "Yep, that's what happened to my auntie when she bought that Whitney's Greatest Hits." Hope I have been of help, and have a nice day. :)
USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 15:29:31 (EST)
Of Course I admire you. You are a creative and intelligent woman. What is your take on a potential release of a genetically engineered bio-weapon in the United States? For instance, the creation of a bio-weapon that has all the attributes of Ebola and Smallpox rolled into one? Smallpox victims spew black vomit, bleed internally, and develop flesh-scarring pustules across the face and body. Smallpox is untreatable, and the world stopped making vaccines in 1980, when the disease was eradicated from nature. But it lives on in loosely guarded Russian Labs. Immortalized in Richard Preston's 1995 book "The Hot Zone" and seemingly a subject of interest to our DB, Ebola is one of a family of monstrous diseases known as viral hemorrhagic fevers. The strain of Ebola taht killed 245 people in Zaire in 1995, for instance, causes virulently infectious blood to pour from every orifice, including the pores of the skin, which essentially liquefies. So a genetically merged combo of the two seems unthinkable? What's your opinion? I am interested in what your thoughts on the subject matter? And in relation to DB's interest in this topic--I believe it has everything to do with a running theme of his from the onset of his career. The theme of Interiority and Threats to the fragile body/soul of human-animal existence. Supermen, Betty Wrong, Saviour Machine, Tin Machine, Drive-In Saturday, We are the dead, The Voyeur of Utter Destruction etc. Sincerely, Dark Nerve. White Flag---I come in peace even though I do sound a bit like a "Deranged Madman." I'd rather stay here than perish with the sad men roaming free.
Dark Nerve
Ebola-Pox, USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 15:18:50 (EST)
HAHAHAHA! I meant "come out come out WHEREVER you are...." I honestly wasn't implying that anyone here was in the closet. HAHAHAHA!
USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 13:34:52 (EST)
Safe as houses, babies. Trust your old pal KelMarSupervixen... I think he likes us in his own odd little way... Come out, come out, whoever you are!
USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 13:14:15 (EST)
Jeaj, I'm not sure....
Hiding behind Jeaj, USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 12:45:28 (EST)
Is it safe yet ???
Jeaj (jeej@globalnet.co.uk)
Falkirk, SCOTLAND THE BRAVE - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 12:26:03 (EST)
Has anyone here on the GB put that Shawn Mullins "Lullaby"-theory to the test? Sounds like baloney, but if true his skills in plagiarism rival the ones of the Master himself ;)
Bew (bewlay@online.no)
Norvege - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 10:06:59 (EST)
You made contact. Don't allow me to define the context. I know you're brighter than that.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 07:23:26 (EST)
Hey, Kali. I'm baited. I wanted to know where Doobies is located. I don't know of any pending festivities.
Honey (hscarangelli@dscp.dla.mil)
Philly, USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 07:15:41 (EST)
No in actuality I'm laughing. This is fun.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, March 23, 1999 at 07:01:15 (EST)
Gawdamn yer lookin' old.....freeze and catch a cold.. Margot .. Did you get that cootie shot?.. THere's a virulent strain of toxoplasmosisidiocylyricitis running rampant on the GB.. Kel's down at the CDC now working tirelessly with epidemiologists to find a cure.. for now all we can do is immunize you against the scourge
outbreak, USA - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 20:54:18 (EST)
All my friends - yes both of them - are too old and tired to go see Placebo with me!!!! :( And I feel too old and tired to go on my own :/
Osstraylya - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 18:21:23 (EST)
Brava, Flossie!!! Brava! =:->
Applauding in, NJ USA - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 17:45:53 (EST)
Oooooh, look out I think it's pissed. hehehehehee
USA - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 12:51:36 (EST)
Here's the truth of the matter. I will never be used successfully as a terrorist weapon. I can be converted to "spores" suspended in the air, which is technically very difficult; and my "lethality" is NOWHERE'S near the terror that I'm made out to be!
Fatal Floss
Unknown Agent, USA - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 11:43:51 (EST)
Fever, chills, gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and delirium are my fortes.
Rank Fuzzo
Toxic Soup, USA - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 11:35:21 (EST)
Rapid onset of nausea, vomiting, severe cramps, vascular collapse. I can lead to coma, shock, death within minutes.
Spreadem, USA - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 11:31:27 (EST)
Lovely poetry Flossie! I'd forgotten how talented you are!! :)
Alys (alpalmer@ucalgary.ca)
Calgary, Canada - Monday, March 22, 1999 at 10:24:29 (EST)
David Forever.... Who the heck is that?.. I'm confused now..
Coldfyr (pondering@?.lawn)
grassy knoll, gadadavida - Sunday, March 21, 1999 at 19:18:07 (EST)
Teenage wildlife is great!! I love David Forever!!
Coco Bewlay (TJNStrdst@aol.com)
Buffalo, NY USA - Sunday, March 21, 1999 at 10:20:47 (EST)
I ain't drinkin' pee.. All of ya,,,, line up for your cootie shots... Even's paying for 'em ( right Ev?)
Coldfyr (shoot'eminthaarse@needlestick.ouch)
USA - Sunday, March 21, 1999 at 04:55:48 (EST)
Hi ALl!! How you doing back on home ground Kali????!!!!! Nice seeing you! I hope you are well and Spidey too!!!! I am away to have a wee browse through the website............xxxxx Angyx
Angy (Mitchell01@hotmail.com)
Falkirk, Scotlans - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 17:40:05 (EST)
SShh ,all is quiet as the twentieth century dies.
Frank Rizzo
US - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 17:20:24 (EST)
Thanks KelMar.......I have now joined SPEG........I'm taking beer to help with the side effects of gettin 'slightly' contaminated before I had my cootie shot, and I'm feelin better already :-)
Spidey.....busy scrollin (daktins@netcomuk.co.uk)
Contamination Free Zone, - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 16:11:19 (EST)
Well, I just had my cootie booster shot (had the cootie shot a while back when this shit all started). I did notice a reference to Doobies at one point, but couldn't figure out why it was mentioned. Is something goin' on there???
Cootie Free in, NJ USA - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 14:34:44 (EST)
KMSV great to have you back,we can fight this thing together
Frank Rizzo
USA - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 11:59:29 (EST)
Well I don't know about the rest of you lot, but I had my cootie shot, and now I am immune to any kinds of GB contamination. The trick is to get your cootie shot, then just scroll the GB until you see a name you either recognise, or one that isn't some anagram looking thing that is subliminal advertising for the Society of People That Drink Pee or whatever. I suggest anyone rational here get their cootie shot ASAP. I believe in some contries, this immunisation is free from NHS. This is a public service announcement from the Society for the Preservation of Ev's Guestbook (SPEG).
USA - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 10:47:32 (EST)
Mazal Tov Tammy !!!!

ISRAEL - Saturday, March 20, 1999 at 05:52:49 (EST)
Margot read your email...... BTW email me with the times you usually go to chat.. I'll figure out the time diff. and meet ya one day.. :)
Coldfyr (davidbowierox@ fokkin' righton)
zane,zane,zane, crackpotville - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 18:48:05 (EST)
Evelin, dont listen to thatt fruitcake, your coming away wiv me babe hey hay
Les Vindero
INNSVILLE, US - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 18:23:15 (EST)
Evelin, boo hoo sob sob dont leave me for that oily contaminated rag Les.,now you sit together doing nothing altogether very fast. Nevada has all the tapes,perhaps you can help us piece our two dimensional lives back together, did you notice any continuity errors, tell the truth even if you disagree ? I cant make out Evelin anymore there are too many jump cuts I despise all I have seen perhaps your our saviour machine? R ewind
Denis Lover
smallbog bigmeal, US - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 18:20:28 (EST)
I'm with Margot even........see I can't even think straight now......I've been 'contaminated' by Nevada!!!! ;-)
Spidey (still singing Bowie Bowie Bowie........)
- Friday, March 19, 1999 at 17:32:40 (EST)
aaargggHHHH enough already with this Nevada stuff......pleeeeeease stop!!!!! the guestbook is like a jungle these days **goes cross eyed**.......and I'm with Kel....thanks Picadilly ;-)
Spidey (datkins@netcomuk.co.uk)
singin BOWIE BOWIE BOWIE WE LOVE YOU, CHAT CHAT CHAT IS ALL WE DO - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 17:24:48 (EST)
Queen bitch,i'll see you all in the tunnels
Denis Lover
pumpkin on ville, US - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 15:39:23 (EST)
Evelin babe.you have got a new career in a new town with me sugar
Les Vindero
a large town, US - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 15:37:41 (EST)
Denis Lover. thanks for revealing our unlove life over the TW site,well let me reveal also in public that I've had it with you , you shmuck, run for the shadows in these golden years.You may have been celibate for fifty years I sure have not .I thought I'd picked up a life guard to protect me, instead you were a life gourd..... all mushy inside (.I'll be thinking about you at halloween,when they stick candles up your ass). I ve been watching a television, 2d love from Clark Gable 2d love from you, children could have been our interest drugs, but your just another broken man,who dream with the other broken men with their fly fishing and choo choo train sets.You saw the flies around my hip ,well Les Vindero has cut back the overgrowth and opened the gates of wonderland again. Its not your day is it Denis? Your day is tomorrow ,when the zeros start slashing around the cables of modern life, you will be my hero again when they say "we need someone from the old times,to destroy an old menace,we need Denis"
Evelin Dros
avory small town , US - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 15:19:56 (EST)
What the F_______. Me thinks thee are the same c-pots that hold high those demonic like skull figurines I've witnessed at times during way past davey jams. I'm so disheartened. I'll be off now to the witness protection program for voyeurs. Just in case, let me know where and when at Doobies - so I can come and watch. This is a great site!!!! #1 Bowie Fan. Philly Rules.
Honey (hscarangelli@dpsc.dla.mil)
Philly, USA - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 12:57:17 (EST)
Like DB would say: "You've gotta have a scheme in the world of today." "The vacuum created by the arrival of freedom (I wanna be free/don't you wanna be free) and the "possibilities" it SEEMS to offer on this psycho-time-bomb planet poised to meet its maker." You break open your million dollar weapon. Still you push your luck. No one will have seen. And no one will confess. A SINFUL MAN burns his tracks, his bloody robes. But we can not HIDE (If you say hide, please hide) from a black, black stream full of white eyed fish or a warm warm breeze that melts metal and steel or a toxic jungle of Uzi Trails! It was touch and go for 2 weeks--seems the virus ran it's course. "Suddenly there's angels everywhere." "Angels in a ton of sound." "Such responsibility--No one could BLAME you for walking away!"
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 10:50:32 (EST)
Hi Nilved. Hi Nevada. I wanted to comment on what you guys were saying. In such a "society" as ours--filled with repression/oppression of all sorts--is it even possible to establish/maintain "GOOD REPUTE." In the "AGE OF CONDEMNATION," Adverse Judgement/Aspersions are everywhere. We have exposed ourselves to something very UNDESIRABLE. That which brings disgrace, censure, ill refute paradoxically turns us into "Shining Stars." Our corrupt leaders should confess--"Please don't believe in me." "Please disagree with me." "Life is too easy." "A Plague seems quite feasible now." Any individual or community failing to make contingency plans is taking a needless risk. "Its not the end of the world." "But its no game."
Dark Nerve
Nervous City, XX USA - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 10:40:52 (EST)
Nevada, I too have often wondered about this theme of "CONDEMNATION" that consistently (though infrequently) crops up in David's lyrics. He REFUSES to take a stand--"Sat on a fence but it don't work." "Such responsibility--it's up to you and me." Something will happen come January 1, 2000, we just don't know what it will be. The Millennium Bug, or Bomb is Nothing if not unnervingly ambiguous. Bowie has always understood the nature of this ambiguity--"Can't tell good from bad" "It's the nature of being." He explored the themes of Innocence and Disgrace in "Outside." "A person who loses a name feels anxiety descending." In Shining Star, Bowie reminds us "he touched down with vermin, cowardice, lice." In "We Prick You"--"Innocence passed me by." In Fantastic Voyage, Bowie reveals the paradox again. "We are learning to live with somebody's depression." "And I don't want to live with somebody's depression." "Dignity is valuable, but our lives our valuable too." In Big Boys, "One wrong word, you're out of sync."
Nilved Sore
New York, NY USA - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 10:27:37 (EST)
David Bowie's Protest days never really were. You would have to go as far back as Cygnet Committee--"Our Weapons were the Tongues of crying rage." Very rarely does Bowie cry "shame" upon social injustices. He often uses "satire" instead, to lay "blame" upon the "guilty" parties. In Fantastic Voyage, Bowie Croons--"I'll never say anything NICE again,--How Can I?" Crack City is a very unusual song for David because it loads the "blameworthy" with reproaches (curses of doom really): "And you the master dealer, may death be on your brow. May razors slash your mainline. I'm calling you out right now. Such "a judgement made can never bend." ILL REFUTE/ILL REPUTE: "People will hold us to blame" Are those who are rejected as "worthless" excluded from salvation? In Shining Star: Bowie announces, "Nobody cares what you do--please be yourself to death" In the Motel, he sings, "There is no shame." There is the same kind of paradox/sarcasm in the song "Beat of my Drum"--You still leave a MARK ON ME.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 10:11:32 (EST)
can someone teach me how to swim ?
a Life Gaurd
Bloop Bloop , Loch Ness - Friday, March 19, 1999 at 07:05:42 (EST)
Lol Chris. What must Nevada's posts do to you?!
Queen (Bitch) Margot
- Friday, March 19, 1999 at 06:41:49 (EST)
Margot - ARGH!!! Do u realize the frenetic anguish you just put me thru!?!? That line "There's a taste in my mouth, and there's not taste at all..." - - for some reason it didn't register immediately, and it rattled around agonizingly in my brain until, in a flash of pure ecstasy, I realized what song it was from. You should have seen me, panic-stricken, browsing thru the song listings on this site, trying to figure it out. Please, I beg thee, no more....!
USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 23:54:42 (EST)
Coldfyr, I'm mb/gb weary. There's a taste in my mouth and it's no taste at all. Woops - I'm turning into Nevada. Djoo or anyone here go to the official chat today? How'd it go then?
- Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 22:44:30 (EST)
true.. listen to his music,, read the lyrics..it's all there.. in the runes.. HELLO!! ok.. I'm back... we were talking about crackpots were we?
USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 21:16:07 (EST)
He's a crackpot magnet. Absolutely.
- Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 20:58:20 (EST)
I wonder if other rock legends have as a many crackpot fans as Bowie appears to have?
UK - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 19:23:47 (EST)
Lets not hold hands if we want to love,an untouched love is an uncontaminated love.I learnt painfully, I would say to friends (fiends without R hah from me) "I love you all " and they would go "puke how contaminating" I would walk into streets and houses to strangers (friend or fiend that you do not know yet) "thank you sweethearts, I love you all" R ejection was swift and I became a crash course for the R avers.Then I met Evelin , we have been celibate for fifty years now,our love knows no bounds,she speaks in a tongue I do not understand, r,so we never contaminate ,just an occasional smile and all is well.She is the ideal me?,well she has never told me any different and I dont know her well enough to ask,but I do see the flies follow her when she walks away and every one says "watch that man"
Denis Lover
US - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 18:19:47 (EST)
Kelmar, I have to say this: You're SO FUNNY!!!! Always make me smile. :) Meanwhile - grrr - I'm at work with no chat application :( Perhaps I will sneak home for an hour.... Singin' Bowie Bowie Bowie, we love you... EVERYBODY NOW! (I've had this song stuck in my head for days - ta Pic).
- Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 17:46:53 (EST)
Happy Easter everyone...I'm on holiday for a month now and I'm so glad that I have time to chill! Did you see Bowie on Comic Relief? That was well mad! bye bye, Jozee.
Jozee (9705568w@student.gla.ac.uk)
Glasgow, Scotland - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 14:05:10 (EST)
Great site
USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 13:54:42 (EST)
Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong, the long-awaited album from Chris Korda and the Church of Euthanasia, contains twelve tracks of electronic dance music including Victim of Leisure, Buy, Buy More, Fleshdance, Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong, Sex Is Good, and the club classic Save The Planet, Kill Yourself. Featuring mixes by DJ Naughty, DJ Grinser, and David Frangioni, plus artwork by Lydia Eccles, this 72 minute CD is shipped with a sticker and prayer card (prayers do travel so far these days), while they last, all for a $15.00 donation to the Church of Euthanasia. For more info: http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org
Dinah On The Shore
Tidal Wave, XX USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 10:20:24 (EST)
Oh darling Nilved, I do agree with you whole-heartedly... The nature of the FAILURE of COMPLEX SYSTEMS is...the longer they UNRAVEL, the more extensive their effects (Contact and Contagion) As "effects" materialize, UNKNOWN inter-mutations become VISIBLE. Cause and Effect are impossible to track; consequently, there is NO ONE to blame. Make some new computer thing that puts me on the moon. No one can blame you for walking away KMSV--Even the best Men/Women shiver in their beds. BOWIE RULES IN 1999!
Dark Nerve
Nervous City, XX USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 10:01:09 (EST)
I don't get to speak much to anyone (accept Nevada of course) It would be great to have company. We could have conversations (with our alternate cells/selves) and look through windows for demons. If there is a demon in Heaven or Hell. We are swimming in a SEA OF SHAM. Computer failures release toxics or radioactive substances. The electrical grid goes down. Widespread Panic. Thousands head for the hills, stocking up on dried food and planning to take all their money out of banks. Global recession/Civil Disorder: Something's going on in Society. You chew your fingers and stare at the floor. Men wait for news while thousands are still asleep. We only smelt the GAS as we LAY DOWN to SLEEP. A little piece of you--(Heaven knows what you are). The little peace in me will die. Wanna live underground--Get me underground!
Nilved Sore
Sham City, XX USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 09:54:05 (EST)
Don't look at your carpet--I drew something awful on it! I want to thank the brilliant and every supportive Evelin Drose and her lover, Denis Lover. They are such dear friends. I keep my good friends on video tape. Getting my facts from a Benneton ad. Some of the houses around here still have inhabitants in them. I'm not sure if they are from this country or not. I hate your funny colored english. Sometimes I fear that the whole world is queer. Just an hour or so to be safe from FEAR--It's only forever not long at all. Most Americans these days...As we prepare for....Something...is going to happen...We are down on our knees--praying at the bus stop. Down on my knees in suburbia. New York's in flames. I'm looking thru african eyes lit by the glare of an L.A. fire. A COMPLEX fashion for a SIMPLE MAN--dipping into the psychic poop.
Dipping into Psychic Poop
Third Grade, XX USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 09:40:26 (EST)
We all lie in the funhouse. NO ONE is your friend. No one loves a loser. We love you KMSV. I saw a photograph of Jesus and I asked him if he'd make me five.
Dinah Knows Them By Heart
Spewing Rants, XX USA - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 09:31:16 (EST)
I think the contamination began when I started wearing short skirts. Flies would hover around my lower torso and men began to stare out of their cars at me when I hitched Station to Station. Women also stared, but for different reasons, the men wanted to be associated with my contamination,but women thought it would produce a weaker version of themselves and kept well away in case of being infected.The same thing happened to Dark Nerve with the Outside album, he may spill his many layers on to this site,but it started with the fear,bad memories of the contamination of Nazism, which lead to an interest in Wolfenstein, from then on he was contaminated with games ,when Outside & Doom came along at the same time ,it was the ultimate marriage two viruses became one again...until they fell out
Evelin Dros
US - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 06:52:24 (EST)
This place is getting curiouser and curiouser... Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to read the entries.
Denmark - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 06:26:18 (EST)
scared to (nothingreallymatters@bullshit.net)
- Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 23:50:51 (EST)
KMSV fear not, your love is contagious,no contamination will ever get the better of you, while your love travels from a small plot of land to people stretched far and wide, no physical contact,no physical need just the pure essences of love,from words perhaps,actions maybe. The small boy at the back of your school class room felt your love and he was happy,no touch,no fear,no action, you never knew him,and none of us here never knew that we might have known him and he may have brushed passed Margot in Australia or Perniome in Denmark ,but he does not know that they know you,or you know them, but he remembers you in his quiet moments,we all remember love
Denis Lover
US - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 13:36:12 (EST)
Oh ephphing great. My Mommy is a wingnut.
KMSV (KMSV@oghod.com)
USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 13:24:24 (EST)
KMSV: The name is Ephphie and I believe wholeheartedly that they're both at least at fourth-grade level, even though their postings are third-rate. :-)
Same as below (don't make me repeat myself)
Can't you hear me?, Aw go on! - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 13:17:00 (EST)
You're showing your age there, Euthanasia, or whoever you're supposed to be. And for the record, no I don't bother reading the resident psycho's rants, since I know every Bowie song by heart, I don't need to read someone else spewing them back at me like some third grade dipshit.
USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 13:11:29 (EST)
KMSV, you've been reading that drivel??????? On another note, poor Dinah!!! I saw the Bowie-Iggy appearance on Dinah when it happened, and life and TV were very different then. I remember feeling sorry for her more than once. I saw Tom Waits' appearance on her show too, and Dinah (adorable perky person that she was) had no idea how to handle him either. :) She was having a difficult time getting him to raise his head to reply to her, so she tried "What are your hobbies, Tom?" and he looked up and said "Readin' menus."
Ephemeral (shangrila@eldorado.net)
Utopia, No where - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 12:40:29 (EST)
Find out what all the fuss is about. Check out the Church of Euthanasia's Author's Index at http://www.enviroweb.org/coe/author.html Nevada Kerr: Halo Boy's War Farm (Written in the 80's for Snuff It #1 which came out in 1994) The Coldest Air, Cross-Dressings for a Cannibalized God. Abortion as a Sacred Rite. Enjoy the Editorials written by Chris Korda. Also features Lydia Eccles and Captain Vile.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 10:58:05 (EST)
Has anyone caught the recent "Behind the Music" on VH1 regarding Iggy Pop? Lots of Bowie pics, clips and references. My fav, Bowie and Iggy on the Dinah Shore show.
Catatonic State, USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 10:30:39 (EST)
Congrats Kali!! I think you'd better get over to Israel and bother Shai ;)
Alys (alpalmer@ucalgary.ca)
Calgary, Canada - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 10:29:07 (EST)
It's too many lonely nights. I can't tell good from bad. This goddamned starving life. Fascist cries both black and white. Alone on a Mean Street. It makes me feel on fire. Only one promise--only one way to fall. Blood on video--dripping on the end of a gun. I never knew his last NAME; we never had NO FUN. Standing so near to innocent eyes, this is what I could have been. There is no sign of life. Money goes to Money Heaven. Bodies go to Body Hell. Strangers Come and Go. Swear to me in times of war and stress, give the last kiss to me. I will stand by you NOW--Not Tomorrow. I don't believe in Modern Love!
Nilved Sore
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 10:23:47 (EST)
For Kali, Shai, Rondeau, Spidey and all of DB's fans: Nothing left here but a raging blaze. Raging. Raging. Raging. I smell the SICKNESS. It's stink--it fouls the highways. It's filth--it sticks like glue. I'd rather be inside you. It's the safest thing to do. The less we know, the better WE feel. I look into your (cyber) eyes and I know you won't kill me. And I wonder why sometimes. I dream between the blade and the tongue, of the rose on your cheek, the wounded and dumb. Ten dollars tore us apart. I want an axe to break the ice. I want to come down right now. It's so cold. A Prisoner of love, but I'm coming up for air, as the world falls down. Chilly receptions everywhere you go. Blinded by DESIRE. Too much rejection. No love injection. Remember they always let you down when you need them!
A Dark Nerve
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 10:17:32 (EST)
A tribute to Coldfyr and KMSV: Fear, Anxiety, and even Hope are all points of contact--contaminants in the Hive of No Desire. In their secret, fearful places they see their lives unravelling before them: Tessie turns tricks with a soul like ice cause love left holes. One shot put her away. Johnny wants pussy in cars. He's a clean trick and he's shopping for girls. He jumped into the furnace, singing old songs we loved. They smile and crush their children to their heaving chests, making unfulfillable promises. They seem so unhappy--dead or alive. The hatred of your self and the sufferings that conspire. Shame burns. Haldol and Librium for all!
A Dark Nerve
Boston, MA USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 10:08:40 (EST)
Congrats, Kali!!!!! I'm so proud of you laddie!!!! :))) Coldfyre: I"m going to try ignoring the Contamination Twins, in fact I don't even bother reading 'em anymore. Maybe that will work, babe.
USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 08:43:20 (EST)
Well Shai, you just never know... =;->
Buying his plane ticket to Tel Aviv, USA - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 08:42:13 (EST)
Kali, your promotion has promoted you to new layers of contamination.Beware the smiling faces with the whispy fragrances,they maybe roses by any other name, but they will prick you darkly.. ALL ROSES AND NO HAY MAKES JOHNNY A SLOW HORSE ALL ROSES AND NO HAY MAKES JOHNNY A MAD HORSE ALL ROSES AND NO HAY MAKES JOHNNY A SICK HORSE ALL ROSES AND NO HAY MAKES JOHNNY A QUIET HORSE ALL ROSES AND NO HAY MAKES JOHNNY AN INFECTED HORSE ALL HORSES AND MUCH FLIES MAKE ROSES SPECKLED I was contaminated by the rose,but now the rose is withered by the specks
Les Vindero
US - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 05:45:22 (EST)
now that you got this promotion does that mean I'll see you in Israel this year ?
Shai mumbling to himself : "I hope he won't come ..."

ISRAEL - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 02:58:36 (EST)
I would have said congrat Kaliman but then ppl will start calling me an "ass kisser" so forget about the congrat.
I'm going to talk with tropper Frank and maybe he'll be able to fix the mistake your boss did ...

ISRAEL - Wednesday, March 17, 1999 at 02:48:46 (EST)
Kali, Conga Rats on ya promotion......and KelMar it was my pleasure hon :-) glad ya like it.
Spidey (datkins@netcomuk.co.uk)
UK - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 18:21:02 (EST)
***I GOT MY PROMOTION AT WORK TODAY!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!***
Jumping for joy in , NJ USA - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 16:56:02 (EST)
Alright already!!!!! I'll add the Librium to the brownies...All ya had to do was ask
USA - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 16:45:53 (EST)
Nobody cares what you do: Where do we go from here? White trash picking up Nazi flags. Rich trash having all the fun. Who's got the blood? Who's got the gun? He has no sense of destination. I've nothing much to offer. There is nothing much to take. Every thrill is gone. Wasn't too much fun at all. The heart's filthy lesson--falls upon deaf ears. No miracle jive--no conversation. No confessions. My love for you would break my heart in two. And your prayers they break the sky in two. Your embrace--it was all that I feared. Deep in the heart of Cupid. Murder on the heels of love. You can't have no lover. Its me or no other. I'm looking for hot flesh--reeking flesh as romantic as hell. Big screen dolls, tits and explosions. For fear tonight is all!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 16:37:38 (EST)
The will to live is dead: An Alien Nation in Therapy. Failures as Fathers. Mothers to Chaos. This Chaos is killing me. God is on top of it all but he never laughs at my jokes. Needle Point Life blinds the Will To Be Next: Silhouettes and shadows watch the revolution. Turned to stone by the family, I don't care which shadow gets me. I'm afraid of the world. Wanna be screwing when the nightmare comes. Feels like something's gonna happen this year. God it's Dark Now. Fragmented lines in a Wired Life: Life is like a Broken Arrow. We're legally crippled. It's the death of love. Love left on a door step. She asked for love, I gave her a dangerous mind. Nobody knows her or knows her name. Loneliness in a free society. I like the free world/am learning to be a part of society--going down to the rhythm of love. Burning up each other's love, burning up our lives. Burning in my room. And there is nothing inside. Nothing in mind. It's got nothing to do with you. Doesn't matter what you try to do.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 16:25:19 (EST)
Contingency Plans in the Hive of No Desire/Bowie 1980 to 1997: Anxiety Descending/The Cold Stone/Drawing A Blank/No Control. Contagion as Contingency: Something Unforeseen. Something that may happen at a future date (If there was only some kind of future--full and empty--knocking on my door) No one looks and No one feels. The Wil to Live is Dead. We're sick--hanging by a thread. One sick deathless duty to remain endangered species. You live and you die in the blink of an eye. It doesn't matter I've seen everything. Life will be done and it just won't matter at all. We stumble and fall. Uncertain we fall. Plans made in case something happens. Might happen but not certain. You've gotta have a plan. Every single move is uncertain. It happens today. Hallo humans nothing starts tomorrow. Its happening now. Not tomorrow. The sickness sown in the cities. The sun blisters and sprays. Every lamb ceases to graze. The waters all gone. Wonder where the Third World went--Tribes Men Just wouldn't live here.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 16:00:55 (EST)
Kelmar!!! You're quite welcome! Glad you enjoyed them, esp the one from me! =:->
Blushing Piper in , NJ USA - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 08:56:57 (EST)
Kali and Spidey!!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! The charms are lovely and Kali, well what can I say but LOL. How can I ever forget you now? I owe you both big time. Cheers, babes.
USA - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 08:26:18 (EST)
So sorry I missed you Tylure. We'll try again some other time. I wonder if I mixed the time zones up? Love
Denmark - Tuesday, March 16, 1999 at 07:15:21 (EST)
...sure looks like time for me to bake up my award winning recipe... Haldol Brownies..
a mansion cold and grey, USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 21:22:54 (EST)
Bah!!! HAH!!! sob sob.I am not the virus I use to be. Lets Dance around my many hats,stamp on the ones you do not recognise,they are now too weak to go back into shape.Boo Hoo sob sob,I thought I knew me,but me was an illusion by me or whoever the collection of hats were that saved me from the contamination pouring down on my head week in weak out. I was a good virus,I followed all the other viruses and tried to imitate them.I was not quite right, one virus gave a tip "God is in the detail". Bah haha sob sob that was it,the mixture was not right so I had to make use of what I had, and become my own virus hahahahaha YIPPEE! I am gonna put my tophat on now because the other viruses are welcoming me into their parlor."are they just being hospitable,hmm or should I look out?who cares what can one virus do on its own, when it can be part of a much bigger one?"
Lois Denver
US - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 18:34:48 (EST)
Mr/Mrs Kerr, the only "contamanation" around here is YOU and that other mushhead,virus whatever "Devlin Pickled".I suspect you either the same person or have cells close together.Play your Bowie records at the right speed next time and sober
Alladin INSANE!!!!!
USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 17:46:05 (EST)
Awwwwr fer fux ache, who said they cleaned house on psychos and freakazoids in here? Where's me butterfly net? I'm gonna catch me some delusionals.
KelMarSupervixen (MaybeI'mNapolean@DelusionsOfGrandeur.net)
Elba, France - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 15:09:15 (EST)
I'm on til 11:15 or so.
Tylure (tylure@yahoo.com)
Cape Girardeau, MO USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 11:48:50 (EST)
Evan, that is a really interesting item from Richard Barone. It looks like that temporarily lost cut is quite a production. Barone is a terrific artist and one of the long list of people who should have made it but didn't. His band the Bongos are a cool piece of Hoboken history that always put on a terrific live show. Of course, as a solo artist he covered "The Man Who Sold the World" in the mid-1980s regularly, long before Kurt and Co., and his terrific, stripped down version appears on the unjustly forgotten "Cool Blue Halo," a 1987 album that is listed on his Web site. The version was recorded at the Bottom Line in NYC with a violin which, IIRC, was played by Lisa Germano. It still gets occasional airplay on NYC's folk station. The Bongos were RCA labelmates of Bowie's way back when. The influence was present if not obvious.
NYC, NY USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 11:33:36 (EST)
Desideratum. Ultimatum. Ex Necessitate Rei. "And I Know Who Is There When Silhouettes Fall. Since Co-Existence is inescapable, allowances must be made. At times the human over-whelms the dis-ease. At other times, the source of contamination supplants the human body and alters it irrevocably. Death is the ultimate conclusion--and so far that is irreversible. "Research has pierced all extremes of my sex." "Beyond No Return." "The Rape of Life" "The Death of Love" And Necessity implies a profound dearth: "Don't Be Holding Back From Me." "We are living from hour to hour down here and we will take it when we can." The body and its desires reckon with contamination every day. Only acts of grace or "mutual concessions" between opposing forces can lead to a sense of "salvation" for humans but this "salvage" implies a payment made or due to an other for "saving" the body from inevitable death/utter destruction. Most "remedies" or "counter-poisons" in the age of Bio-Tech are mere defferals of the "Destined to Happen." "It happens today." "The Damage Today." "Can't Control my Destiny." "I Want Certainty." "Nobody laughs anymore." "Nobody Needs Anyone." "And I think Something (Something between us, something in our blood/our skies) is going to be horrid." These inter-mutations are inside us and outside us. As we reckon with each other, we ex-change the stuff of life/death in a tango of ultimatums. "Mind Changing/Stand By."
Dark Nerve
Boston, Ma USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 10:42:51 (EST)
Ill Refute: "We Prick You" Exposed, Contaminated--but what is the source of this Shame/Sham? Why was "Baby Grace" sacrificed/lampooned? Will this satire satiate the connoisseurs of Sex-Death/Desire and Contamination? Telling lies or not--"something" is going to happen even if there is "nothing" in our eyes in the "Hive of No Desire." Is there an "innocence" (in-noxare meaning "not harm-ful") that co-exists with a "Contaminating Desire?" Bowie suggests an answer to this question: "It's a kind of living which recognizes the death of the odourless man." "Living in a Safety Zone." "Its not Eden but its no sham."
A Dark Nerve
Boston, Ma USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 10:23:29 (EST)
Heres my proposition: Perhaps there is a "fated" inter-change (Mind Changing Stand By) between the human intelligence and the Virus intelligence. Anti-toxins are merely suspensions/postponements of dis-ease and dis-ease causing agents. Perhaps Contagions act as "Conscious Contangos" or "Mindful Concessions." Compromise and adaptation is inevitable between the human intelligence and the source of Contamination. In these many acts of conceding, the human animal body "grants" occupation and use to a virus, and the virus, indebted, confers an "antidote," a "weakened" version of itself.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 10:12:31 (EST)
I know that many here at TW do not enjoy my posts but I do believe they are relevant to David Bowie. Hopefully someone will enjoy the ideas: Does the nature of Contamination/Contact/Contagion imply an Exigency? And what about the nature of "Desire" does it also imply an Exigency/Emergency/Urgency? Bowie insinuates that there is nothing to be desired in the hive of "No Desire." I believe that Contact and Desire both insinuate a Contingency. In the song "The Motel" Bowie suggests: "And there is no more of me ex-ploding you--re-exposing you." Contamination and Desire are both fated, inescapable, certain! What kind of "Wonders" and "Miracles" await the sleepy Space Boy? Revelation comes in the strangest way. What is this crisis of faith--this inevitable turning point--"at the cross-roads between the centuries?
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 09:59:21 (EST)
David Bowie in MADEMOISELLE! In the April issue of Mademoiselle there is an fold out article of the Top 150 must sees, must hears & must reads of the last 30 years. The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust is on the music list along with a Ziggy Stardust picture. I read the article in Yahoo Internet Life. It was very interesting. Also nice photographs of David.
Pam (ladystardust_98@yahoo.com)
NYC, NY USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 09:29:17 (EST)
PERNILLE: Just read your second message...I might be able to log on around 10:00 AM CT. Hopefully, I'll catch you then.
Tylure (tylure@yahoo.com)
Snow City, MO USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 09:17:27 (EST)
PERNILLE: Sorry I missed you. I didn't get your message until this morning at about 8:00 CT. Please let me know when you might be in chat again.
Tylure (tylure@yahoo.com)
Cape Girardeau, MO USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 09:13:00 (EST)
******Alert to San Diego Bowie Fans********** On 3/17/99 and 3/18/99 there will back to back screenings of Velvet Goldmine and The Man Who Fell to Earth at the Kensington Theatre call the theatre at 619-283-5909 for more info....
Coldfyr (coldfyr1@davidbowie.com)
San Diego, CA USA - Monday, March 15, 1999 at 08:16:15 (EST)
Trevor - interesting's not the word i was thinking of. Here's an interesting thing: Gilly bought her ticket nearly a week after they went on sale at Ticketek - and her seat was the first one they sold in row 3. mine is in row 1 - but i bought mine the minute they went on sale. looks like these $600 seats may be offered to Gisborne locals the morning of the show for $5 each at this rate. Of course, when i refer to rows 1 and 3 i'm not counting the VIP section in front of us. That'll prolly be empty ;P
Australia - Sunday, March 14, 1999 at 06:58:34 (EST)
Hey, Margot the roving reporter re Gisborne Bowie concert seems to be on to it ! NZ$100 for a tent site at Gisborne's Rugby Park sounds interesting. Wouldn't mind swapping notes sometime, Margot !
Trevor Mills (t.c.mills@xtra.co.nz)
Gisborne, EC New Zealand - Saturday, March 13, 1999 at 04:20:25 (EST)
You just gave your weight away, Kelmar, at least for those of us who can do math. Mind you, you can afford to when you're a svelte supervixen.
USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 16:15:49 (EST)
In the hard copy version of Billboard (March 20) containing yesterday's feature item, Visconti also notes that the new project will be a band album featuring Reeves Gabrels and Gail Ann Dorsey. No other names were mentioned. Visconti said that this time, the songs will be written before the recording begins, rather than the build-them-in-the-studio approach used from time to time in the past. The story, BTW, gets a big headline, along with Bowie's picture in the table of contents.
NYC, NY USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 14:09:45 (EST)
KMSV ,your site just kicks ass Kel babe, great work
USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 14:08:32 (EST)
Hehehehehe that's GOD bless visconti, not Gross People Die or whatever GPD stands for.... my bad.
USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 09:01:25 (EST)
Awwr, Kali, you know how I feel about you babe! It's just that you can't make Bowie get in the studio, you know? As for drinking my bodyweight in beer to celebrate, T-Bone figures it's 147 beers in 12 oz cans. I guess those PhD's come in handy. Bottom line: The day the album is released, don't expect to see me coherent for about a week and a half! GPD BLESS VISCONTI, even if he hates Tom Jones. ;)
USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 09:00:22 (EST)
great site DB is so cool
elgin , il USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 06:27:40 (EST)
NLMD, with Visconti producing, would still not make the compositions any better..... Apart from Time Will Crawl (which, by the way, reminds me alot of King of Pain). Can't wait for the new album, though....!
USA - Friday, March 12, 1999 at 00:39:37 (EST)
When is Bowie coming to Australia???
Michelle (labyrinth2@wowmail.com)
Shellharbour,NSW, Australia - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 22:56:40 (EST)
Having "multiples" here over the Bowie/Visconti news too KelMar. Such an amazing partnership it was all those years, I can't help wondering what an album like NLMD might have been if Visconti had been on board. Just for kicks, I'd like to hear the two of them resurrect Time Will Crawl and take another stab at it. I already think that's a damn good song, but I know it has the potential to be a superb song. In any case, we all have something pretty wonderful to look forward to.
bart "STARLING" (tinmac2@aol.com)
nj USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 22:46:37 (EST)
Call me Stacey At 240-5921
St.Louis, Mo USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 22:29:45 (EST)
ATTN MR. KERR (Re: LOVING THE ALIEN) If you order with credit card thru the site I think it comes to about $12.00 ($10 for the CD + postage.) If you're in the states, you can order directly from us by sending a check for $12 (postage included) to Black Rider Records, 1794 S. Lumpkin St, Apt# 3, Athens, GA 30606. There's just 40 copies left!
Robert Lurie (lodger@arches.uga.edu)
Athens, GA USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 22:19:52 (EST)
KelMar...I always thought ~I~ was the answer to your prayers! =:-<
Sulking in, NJ USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 22:10:24 (EST)
After reading that news item about VISCONTI and BOWIE, I think I'm going somewhere and celebrate by drinking my body weight in beer! After 20 years of begging, praying, hoping, etc. MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!!!
USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 16:13:23 (EST)
So it looks like old Rose and Kerr can now stuff it!(Telling Lies) Truth be told, thanks to Evan. Read the news page folks and learn the truth about the new album. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and about time too David. Bowie and Tony, together once again. Can you believe it! So our man is going back to his roots and will grace us yet again with some truly fine music. Thank you, thank you
- Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 15:00:41 (EST)
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USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 13:12:07 (EST)

What's the story on Bowie's new condo? Is it finished yet?
Needs to Know
USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 10:53:41 (EST)
Put on some Bowie music, play it loud, for the Rose and Kerr are gone! The doom sayers have been proven wrong. Life is good, so sing a Bowie song. "Let's Dance"
- Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 08:51:43 (EST)
We have stopped the contanmination by playing Kerr and Rose at there own game FELLOW REGULARS PLEASE COME BACK NOW .Ignore there stupid and offending posts if they ever return and lets get back to the job in hand, and have the nice sensible quotes,gossip and conversations we use to about DB. Dont let the b******** grind you down
A Regular
USA - Thursday, March 11, 1999 at 04:49:34 (EST)
That didn't sound like the real DR.
- Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 23:01:34 (EST)
LASTmessage now, thanks for having me
Devlin Rose3
USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 19:23:30 (EST)
YIPPEE the contamination is spreading.I'll have to go somewhere else now.bye bye fill in the blanks fill in the blanks its your life
Devlin Rose2
US&ALL - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 19:22:17 (EST)
YIPPEE another clone,thanks for the trip dad
Devlin Rose1
US - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 19:18:07 (EST)
Truely wonderous tale ,in a field of blanks, , the candlepeople had not seen it before, and did not know what to do,the pigs were eaten by the flys,the flys flew off, contamination spread then it stopped as quickly as it started. Contamination must have got cosy decided to calm down smoke a pipe let the guard down,How long before an angry rag becomes a happy rag ? how long would it take the pigs to be safe from the rags?perhaps it went when its purpose was done?Or more sinster,perhaps it offered all the small friends who lived on the candlepeople and their animals something they needed then Wack!!
Devlin Rose
US - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 19:16:38 (EST)
..... blah, blah, blah, blah, more blah, blah.... blah.. blah... (had enough?) bye 4ever!
- Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 19:13:38 (EST)
Sob Boo Boo Sob. The hats have taken the sleepers away. With an added "e," they become hate-ful. The tears of the bright bombs fall on the silent night of yesterday. The sense mobile paves its way through kindness and guilt. Born from the radiation, new lovers feel their way through the muck.
Devlin Rose
US USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 18:51:37 (EST)
...the pestilence was so contagious, that not only did it VISIBLY pass from one person to another, but also, whenever an animal other than a human being touched anything belonging to a person who had died from the disease, I say not only did it become CONTAMINATED by the sickness, but also died literally within the instant. Of all these things, as I have said before, my own eyes (not my clones) had experience many times: once, the rags of a poor man who had just died from the disease were thrown into the public street and were noticed by two pigs, who, following their custom, pressed their snouts into the rags, and afterwards picked them up with their teeth, and shook them against their cheeks: and within a short time, they both began to convulse, and they both, the two of them, fell dead on the ground next to the evil rags.
Nevada Kerr
Dark Nerve, XX USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 18:16:22 (EST)
It is a wondrous tale that I have to tell you Devlin Rose: If I were not one of many "real" people who saw it with their own eyes, I would scarcely have dared to believe it, let alone to write it down, even if I had heard it from a completely trustworthy person. I say that the pestilence I have been describing was so CONTAGIOUS
Nevada Kerr
Dark Nerve, XX USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 18:10:41 (EST)
We'll be seeing more of Nevada. Population is increasing on the net; so are incursions into my habitat. Sooner or later somebody's going to haul me back out of the hot zone. You come down with the fever, and you don't even know you have it!
Nevada Kerr
Dark Nerve, XX USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 18:07:09 (EST)
Nevada--you are like a computer virus. You spread by putting your infected ideas into a clean web site. But this web site's memory refuses to become infected! We refuse to be modified by you. You are the worst kind of computer virus--you are rendering the guestbook unusable. At times you remain undetected then you strike suddenly by altering our realities. Our trains of thought get lost...but luckily we have backups. We at TW are about to attempt to remove you by running a clean and repair routine using a special antivirus software. We hope it works...here goes!
Honey, XX USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 17:59:47 (EST)
Kelmarlboro I went to your S.ave O.ur S.ouls site ,it was very nice and pleasant.. "mmnn.. spose.. could get use it after a while", (no banners for Marlboro's) but there was 0000 nothing about the problem of shining new light in old windows.Mercury vapor lamps on the streets for some time now,in order to make the streets safer at night (When strange men lurch around in wide opening raincoats).Obviously when all the males have gone,you will be able to switch them off saving precious energy and then run about naked in the dark with your sisters, but that is a little way off yet.They have got whiter over the years,but the pinky look keeps the mood of the street in check,and would probably look nice in the bathroom.You wont find them in domestic use though, because of disposal problems and resultant 'mad hatter syndrome'(perhaps that is why they are in the streets ?).Your lady grinning soul always looks different in a different light, when the lights change, perhaps we change, we were a neon tube people,would you recognize them out of the office? or now that the office is out? What can we learn from the frightened candle people?
Devlin Rose
US - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 17:45:23 (EST)
SOD thanks you Niteflite. Just remember to stay tuned for our contest, it shall be very cool.
USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 16:49:07 (EST)
great website KMSV! keep up the good work, and I'll be more careful with my blowtorch!
NEW YORK , NY amerewka - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 15:24:09 (EST)
Boris. Sob sob, only filling the spaces left by you. Bah! hah! sob sob
Devlin Rose
US - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 12:45:25 (EST)
I am gonna post this until someone gets the contamination out of there ass.THE MUTHA OF ALL WEBSITES.... Sisteurs Of Utter Destrcution (SOD) formally request your presence at the Grand Opening of their kick ass website! Visit our website for a Bowie reality check. Get your head around a different way of looking at Bowie, the universe, and Twinkies. You can also get the FIRST details on the Bowie Lyric Contest that puts an end to all the speculation as to WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING? You might actually win, you know! GO HERE NOW! http://www.squeakie.com/sod/ SOD WANTS YOU! (Not like *that* you perv)
KelMarSupervixen (shaddup@uncontaminated.com)
USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 12:40:09 (EST)
Boris, I agree with you. It's time to hang the "No Vacancy" sign to keep out the unwanted. This is a great site, however, it appears that real persons are taking a new intiative via bowienet.
Honey (hscarangelli@dscp.dla.mil)
Philly, USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 12:20:58 (EST)
Warning: Killer Virus Can Strike Anywhere--Anytime! New Viruses and drug-resistant bacteria are reversing human victories over infectious disease. Hardly a week goes by without reports of outbreaks in the U.S. and other developed nations. Lowered immunity due to poor health habits are a leading cause of these re-emerging diseases. An Ebola-like virus breaks out, initially killing hundreds of sub-saharan refugees. The CDC suspects it may be AIR BORNE-TRANSMITTED EBOLA. When the CDC team requests a high-contamination, portable research lab, they are told that "there is only one in all the U.S. Public Health Service." During a two-month period the virus spreads to every continent of the world.
Nevada Cure
Sub-Sahara, USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 11:45:50 (EST)
Damn, has this place gone to the dogs. Seems the crack heads have taken over the Guestboard. Who is stranger, "Rose" or "Kerr" don't get me wrong you two, you're cracked, but that's cool.
Boris Badenough
- Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 10:23:13 (EST)
This message is to Robert Lurie or anyone else who knows.... What is the exact price of "Loving the Alien" CD? Is it only $12.00 (is check ok) by snail mail? No extra charges? The web site at Black Rider does not make this clear? Thanks all...
Nevada Kerr
Boston, MA USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 10:18:33 (EST)
Because of all these things, and many others that were similar or even worse, diverse fears and imaginings were born in those left alive, and all of them took recourse to the most cruel precaution: to avoid and run away from the SICK and their "things;" by doing this, each person believed they could preserve their health. Others were of the opinion that they should live moderately and guard against all EXCESS; by this means they would avoid CONTAMINATION. Having withdrawn, living separate from everybody else, they settled down and locked themselves in, where no SICK PERSON or any other living person could come, they ate small amounts of food and drank the most delicate wines and avoided all luxury, refraining from speech with OUTSIDERS, refusing NEWS of the dead or the sick or anything else, and diverting themselves with MUSIC or whatever else was pleasant.
Nevada Kerr (Medicine Boy)
Pretense, XX USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 10:10:51 (EST)
Sickness comes with you and hundreds of us die. Where is our strength? Brother! My voice is become weak--you can scarcely hear me. It is not the shout of a warrior, but the wail of an infant. I have lost it in mourning over the desolation and injuries of my people. These are their graves which you see scattered around us, and in the winds which pass through these aged pines we hear the moanings of their departed Ghosts. Smallpox had long since ravaged Europe...Soon there were accounts of mass Indian deaths...killing two-thirds of the population...entire villages almost at once. They are reduced to two small Villages, and it hath been generally observed, that where the English come to settle, a Divine Hand makes way for them, by removing or cutting off the Indians either by Wars one with the other, or by some raging mortal Disease.
Nevada Kerr
Dark Nerve, XX USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 09:58:46 (EST)
Your dead cease to love you and the land of their nativity as soon as they pass the portals of the tomb and wander away beyond the stars. They are soon forgotten and never return. Our dead never forget the beautiful world that gave them being... When the last Red Man shall have perished, and the memory of my tribe shall have become a myth among the white man, these plains will swarm with the invisible dead of my tribe...At night when the streets of your cities are silent and you think them deserted, they will throng with the returning hosts that once filled them and still love this beautiful land. The White Man will never be alone. Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the dead are not powerless. Dead--I say? There is no death. Only a change of worlds.
Nevada Kerr
Dark Nerve, XX USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 09:48:04 (EST)
THE MUTHA OF ALL WEBSITES.... Sisteurs Of Utter Destrcution (SOD) formally request your presence at the Grand Opening of their kick ass website! Visit our website for a Bowie reality check. Get your head around a different way of looking at Bowie, the universe, and Twinkies. You can also get the FIRST details on the Bowie Lyric Contest that puts an end to all the speculation as to WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING? You might actually win, you know! GO HERE NOW! http://www.squeakie.com/sod/ SOD wants YOU! (Not like *that* you perv)
KICK ASS, USA - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 09:38:23 (EST)
There are hat makers on both sides of my family tree.... explains plenty.
- Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 09:23:14 (EST)
ALYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you, it's been a long long time since we had a chat.
drop me a line or to in an e-mail.

Shai (db1fan@netvision.net.il)
ISRAEL - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 08:09:41 (EST)
Mad as Hatters we are all sniffing the vapors now. delirious or happy? only we know.Hats of thorns,skullcaps, hats of jewels, wrong hat wrong time with different hats "good evening sir may I take your hat for just a short while,I will look after it,it suits you sir,lets all join together Fez to Fez we all have the same hats on yippee"Steam those hats big blocker make me into a better man. Block me a hat, big blocker that will take me forward so that i will not need you or your hats.Hats off to Larry because he did something we could not.I'll eat my hat mmnnchomp chomp because I do not believe it.Hey big blocker where is your anvil now? its all out of shape gENE gENIE whoosh whoosh out of the bottle
Devlin Rose
US - Wednesday, March 10, 1999 at 07:44:46 (EST)
Paging Mr Kerr: It's time for your meds.....
USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 19:00:26 (EST)
Sniff the vapours,its the only oxygen for 400000000000000000000000 miles.The same old stuff Frank Sinatra , Dusty Springfield and Blackbeard breathed , the same old stuff Hat Blockers use to block hats with, tuned up with some mercury vapour and they laughed,laughed and loved every steamy creation till Tuesday.There are not so many Hat Blockers these days because nobody wears hats, they dont need to, we all know we are the same now, why wear a hat when you have not got a head . At one time mother would say "if you want to get ahead get a hat". Now its more like" If you want to wear a hat get a head". We are the dead without our heads. Hat Blockers were blocking you into a corner with their hats "you stand with those hats son" they new though, each blocked hat was going to a very different dome, the blocker's anvil could only speculate.The hat maker would keep the blocker at a distance,because he knew he was contaminated with mercury, little did he know the blocker was in another plain where he was king and he could laugh like a maniac at his boss.Who had to wear the same hat all the time (renewing it of course) but the same old hat.
Devlin Rose
US - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 18:48:31 (EST)
What are all of you people babbling about???? Try to contain the pretention for one day, I beg you.
...gazing bemusedly at the computer screen.....
- Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 17:33:59 (EST)
LOVING THE ALIEN - FROM THE HORSE'S MOUTH; Robert Lurie here from Black Rider Records. I wanted to let you all know that yes the CD has been picked up by a larger label, but I do have one last batch of about 50 CDs or so to sell before we go out of print. (re-release in October with new cover art, etc, and national distribution.) They'll be available from the site in about a week. http://www.angelfire.com/biz/lodger7/bowie.html I'll post again when they're up and ready. Robert
Robert Lurie (lodger@arches.uga.edu)
Athens, GA USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 17:07:35 (EST)
Poisonous material which is generated about the heart and the lungs. Its impression is not from the excess in degree of primary qualities, but through properties of poisonous vapors having been communicated by means of air breathed in and out, great extension and transition of this plague takes place, not only from person to person but from country to country.
A Dark Nerve
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 16:42:18 (EST)
And all who arrived at Verona died, and they corrupted the air to such an extent that whoever came near the bodies died shortly thereafter. And it was a contamination in which there appeared certain swellings in the groin and under the armpit, and the victims spat blood, and in three days they were dead. And the priest who confessed the sick in the hot zone and those who nursed them there, so generally caught the infection that the victims were abandoned and deprived of confession, sacrament and medicine, and nursing....And many lands and cities were made desolate. And the plague lasted till________.
A Dark Nerve
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 16:18:30 (EST)
And so they died. And none could be found to bury the dead for money or friendship. Members of a household brought their dead to a ditch as best they could, without priest, without divine offices. Afterwards, the manifestations of the disease changed into black or lurid spots on the arms, the thighs and the whole person. It was common practice of most of the neighbors, moved no less by fear of contamination by the putrefying bodies than by charity towards the deceased, to drag corpses out of the houses with their hands...and to lay them in front of the doors, where anyone who made the rounds might see them, especially in the morning, more of them than he could count.
Nevada Kerr, Alias A Dark Nerve
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 16:08:25 (EST)
The next edition of the Free BowieNews newsletter is almost ready to roll with all the latest hot news from the world of Bowie, including a hot scoop. If you're not one of the 1500 people who have already subscribed but you want in, send me an email at bowie_news@hotmail.com with the word Subscribe in the subject. Love on ya!
Andrew Stewart (bowie_news@hotmail.com)
USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 13:17:36 (EST)
Just a quick comment on that Yahoo mag - doesn't Dave look YOUNG??! Looks even younger than the Brits, IMHO. Definitely going to have to find this magazine....
And Shai, I think you're right - the word BEER was missing from the "German history"!!

Alys (alpalmer@ucalgary.ca)
Calgary, Canada - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 12:13:13 (EST)
RE. Lord Haw haw.. I said 'working title' honey. Latest news from BMG. Dave has fired the schoolgirl choir, he said their voices were too TV and hamburgery..The bosses here at BMG are not very happy, they had heard their sound and said it could sell a zillion records and promote their new tv channel for teenagers called " Zit 4 you raw red".Lucky Dave has got some Kubrick clout about him, so the crackling suits have backed down. Dave has just sent a fax thru saying he is still working on the final tracks,but he has guaranteed to take us thru strange doors we have not been thru before. As far as we know Dave is at present working with a French Canadian Indian called Monseur Grand Princepal Pottomagne at his club "Les Wigwams". He is sending mp3 rifts over to "Bazzer" Eno in Lucerne who is trying to fix a busted old mellotron with splicing tape and rocket wd40. Have to go, big order for Greenland ,Pavarrotti is very big over there.
Frank Rizzo
USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 11:01:03 (EST)
Americans were afraid of him! Blackbeard has been described as "the embodiment of impregnable wickedness, of reckless daring, a nightmarish villain so lacking in any human kindness that no crime was above him...the living picture of an ogre who roamed the seas and withered all before him with his very presence." He was, an 18th-century writer said, like "a frightful meteor" that "frightened America more than any comet that has appeared there in a long time."
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 10:42:00 (EST)
Never was seen the like. Never was heard the like. Never was known the like. The wisps of smoke curling out from beneath his cocked hat and around his face greatly increased a devilish appearance. Pistols, daggers, and a cutlass were in his belt. Across his chest he wore a bandolier in which he usually carried six primed, cocked, ready-to-fire pistols. Obviously a believer in the importance of first impressions, he ordinarily dressed completely in black to create an appearance as horrifying as his deeds. It is said that Blackbeard in battle array was an awesome sight and, to sailors of the day, as feared as the devil himself, to which many believed him akin. It has been reported that in the age of piracy, from around 1680 to 1725, there were about 10,000 pirates that sailed the high seas in search of bounty. Bounty and your wealth in land. Terror in a best laid plan.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 10:35:29 (EST)
Lawless--What the devil! Potential victims were not the only people who cowered from Long Beard (Blue Beard/Black Beard). His crew often feared for their lives. Black Beard shot his first mate in the knee cap, leaving the man with a permanent limp. "Blackbeard explained that if he didn't shoot one or two of them now and then, they'd forget who he was." Who could bear to be forgotten? His tall frame and powerful physique contributed to a dreadful physiognomy (freak of nature?) including a lengthy, coal-black beard which, before action, he plaited into small pigtails tied with colored ribbons. Into these he lighted and placed long, slow-burning matches ordinarily used to touch off cannon.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 10:26:00 (EST)
Informality: Non-Conformity--Violation of law, Violation of custom, Violation of usage. Oddity, Rarity, Mutant. Hybrid... Living factories that produce cloned human body parts. Little Wonders...We can choose the sex of our children---Neither one thing nor another. Neither fish nor fowl. The manipulation of gamete production to identify and eliminate undesirable traits--the laughing genome? Beyond the pale, unprecedented, unparalleled--What in the world! Newborns without brains used as organ donors? A Market for body parts--in the prison population. Forget the death penalty. We are out of our element.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 10:04:15 (EST)
On the "Seeping into Sleep" album the themes are endless: Genetic Testing, Global Warming, Endangered species, and the cloning of headless humans... The most important issue of all is informality in the information age.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 09:50:47 (EST)
I think that the word BEER was sliped from the article.
I'm sure the reporter wanted to say "German Beer history".

ISRAEL - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 07:40:42 (EST)
Hey, my dad graduated from Berklee in 1968, and when I told him about Bowie's HPDH he nearly had a heart attack. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but what the hey. He may get invited to go to the ceromonies, and I'll go in his place! Yay.
USA - Tuesday, March 09, 1999 at 06:20:11 (EST)
Dear Dr Dave, Please sing "I Have Not Been to Oxford Town" (All's well, 20th century dies) and "Amlapura" (I like it) at Gisborne. Please sing until sunrise. If you're getting tired some of us can get up on stage to help you. TW support party. Thanks.
- Monday, March 08, 1999 at 23:52:36 (EST)
Sorry. Don't mean to roll my proverbial eyes almost every time I come here BUT although it's nice to officially recognise people's achievements, honorary doctorates are a big fat embarrassing joke. Seems to me as though almost everyone in certain parts of the world has a PhD for something or other. Lifetime contributions to basketball or cake decorating. It devalues actual *academic* achievement. You know, by actual academics. Have a nice day now, y'all.
Margot BA (Bugger All - and thassall)
IAOA, - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 21:17:14 (EST)
Just had to say that The Brit Awards was absolutely fabulous -- Has David been drinking from the fountain of youth? He looked absolutely 20 years younger!! Great version of 20th Century Boy!
MH6906 (MH6906@aol.com)
USA - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 20:00:21 (EST)
This thing kix. Wish I had one. Great. Another teathering. I can't take it anymore. I'm sitting here typing. The weird thing is, I'm talking to you.....(ready for this?) but I'm not. Freaky isn't it? My friend pointed that out to me the other day. I'm a child of the corn. This sounds totally senseless but I need to know if someone will sell me a reaper. Mine's lost somewhere in the cornfield behind my house. Gee, hope I can find it. Maybe I'll call DAVID and see if he has it. Anyway, may DAVID live long and prosperous and meet all you Wildlifers in BOWIE HEAVEN. Gee, I wish my little sister would stop playing Pretty Fly for a White Guy. It's not a bad song, but it does get kind of annoying after awhile. Love y'all. No. We Iowans don't normally talk like that. I hate stereotypes. It's kinda' like saying that all California guys are either surfers or muscle builders. Such peoples. Such peoples.
lonespirit (carrotop3@juno.com or lonespirit@geocities.com)
Donnellson, IA USA - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 15:26:54 (EST)
I'M BACK!!! Hope I find you all well.... me getting very stressed about exams so I give myself the night off to talk to you guys1!!! Shock horror my dad has dragged himself into the 20th century and I now have the internet at home...no more long summer nights dreaming of this site!!! Take pity on me and mail me cause i am bored with psychology!!! DDAIWD, DDAIW!!!
Claire (961734363@96.humber.ac.uk)
'Ull, Blighty - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 14:47:37 (EST)
Joe D. and Stanley K. that's a hard pill to swallow monday Morning. Saw the Brit Awards. Reminded me of Tin machine crosses Pretty Pink Rose. I don't know why--it just does.
NY, NY USA - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 10:38:58 (EST)
I miss Stanley Kubrick....
Alys (alpalmer@ucalgary.ca)
Calgary, Canada - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 10:19:07 (EST)
KelMar, as you saw in that newspaper article I sent you, I am an expert in German history (yeah, right). How I got this title is beyond me. But I just wanted to say that yes, you are correct about who Lord Haw Haw was. Whether or not he was an actual "murderer" is up to your interpretation of his actions.
Supposid Expert in German History According to the Press, USA - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 08:52:15 (EST)
Ummmm, wasn't Lord Haw Haw the pro-Nazi British radio broadcaster who, during WWII, would announce the buzzbombs on London to scare the people? He'd sing song the way kids do, "There's going to be a BOMB-ing, there's going to be a BOMB-ing." Surely I'm not the only one to pick up on that. Haw Haw was not a murderer to the best of my knowledge. My vote goes for this is bullshit.
USA - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 08:26:33 (EST)
Listen guys I work for BMG.I can tell you the new DB album is due to be released in May . The working title is "Seeping into Sleep" .Contamination of course is an issue here and the tracks deal with theme of being poisoned so slowly that nobody notices it .till it is to late.1 Animal Harm. is about the fact that animals will disappear as the vegatarian cause is taken up.2 Lord Haw Haw, is about nasty character who kills his wives,but no one suspects because of his creditibilty, and is an allorgory of the present day 3 Nectar and Pollen is on the theme how contamination benefits each other 4 World past the window. A truely disturbing instrumental 5.Easylife,an uptempo banjo musical with the theme of people not thinking because everything is too easy for them now 6 The Laughing Genome ,a up dated rework of a previous song with sinister overtones. 8 Everything Is under control ,this is still in production at the moment,Bowie is not happy with a schoolgirl choir in the middle eight. I dont know anymore.
Frank Rizzo (jackplug@hotmail.com)
USA - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 07:32:36 (EST)
TYLURE: Life is tough and I've been busy, but I'll write you soon, never worry. Don't give up on me. Love
Denmark - Monday, March 08, 1999 at 05:03:43 (EST)
Stanley Kubick's dead...... :(...... What a bummer..
USA - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 19:49:10 (EST)
SPIDEY - you're NOT a TAFFY - you're a SASSENACH !!!!
Land of The Kilts, SCOTLAND THE BRAVE - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 17:13:25 (EST)
oh dear..oh dear... oh dear..... DAMN DAMN DAMN !! AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH !!
SCOTLAND - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 17:12:15 (EST)
I am still not convinced that the track listing is a hoax. The song list is on Bassman's Page still. And that web site has been very reliable for a long time in regard to DB. Looking at the song titles...there is definitely a logic to the themes...The long beard/blue beard theme does indirectly insinuate the "contamination" theme. The lie Blue Beard told his present wife was that his former wives had all died of known and mysterious "sicknesses." Either someone has gone to alot of trouble to confuse us or there is something to it... Perhaps just wishful thinking on my part. Solid new on this albums release better come out soon. The suspense is killing me!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 16:40:56 (EST)
Well, my local ABC station chose to show Deep Space Nine instead of the Brit awards. If something similar happened to you, CALL THE STATION AND COMPLAIN. I have done this in the past with suprising results. A similar thing happened to me a couple of years ago, and enough people called an complained that the station had the network FedEx them a tape of the show and they aired it the following weekend. Be polite, but let them know how much you were looking forward to the show and how disapointed you are. They won't know they let us down unless we tell them.
Briton (tallvenusian@earthlink.net)
VA USA - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 13:57:59 (EST)
Hey Kelmar...did you see the Lyric Contest today? It's the Gnome Tossing Song!!!! =;->
USA - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 13:52:54 (EST)
Coldfyr, they may clean your house,but its little pieces of you in your vacuum cleaner dustbag .Grab your dustbags and bash your sisters with them. Its no good emptying deadman's ashes on his favourite spot, the ashes to ashes sure are ashes.Spread your being from LIVING dust .You know where your small friends are ? in your vacuum cleaner.I always empty my bag over a sinister one and say "you may try to catch me,but try catching my dust, sucker".Thats where all the real work is done,microscope level.Tiny weeny bugs killed millions, plague of London 1665, tiny weeny bugs 1995- Windows95. WHOOSH plague killed by cookies 1666 wosh woosh cookies 1999. 2001 poor Stanley never saw it
Devlin Rose
US - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 13:49:54 (EST)
Why should we be cleaning house and baking cookies?... I am perfectly capable of hiring someone to do that...... But the visualization of a cloud of dust bunnies over Gisborne is quite delicious
USA - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 07:31:50 (EST)
Kelmarboro.Save your anger from Prince.You have much to do,and channel your energies .You and the other women of the world must unite and bring your full vacuum cleaner bags to Gisbourne and shout "heres' a piece of me,for a piece of you sister" then you must all slap each other with the bags and bring about a cloud of contamination for the next change. Prince is a man who has met his year 1999 in the safety zone of 1982.You can always depend on ones and eights, nines are a bit dodgy can be mistaken for six, a 45 of the Laughing Gnome is more valuable with an upside down serial number . 1666 great fire of London, caused by burning cookies MMMn scrmmy chomp chomp mcmcix 1999 great ??? caused by crazy cookies. 19?? to 19?? (hopefully 20??) somebody else always fills in the blanks .No time to loose Kelmar,turn your anger in to home baked cookies mmmnnn slurpmunch chop BURP
Devlin Rose
US - Sunday, March 07, 1999 at 06:29:14 (EST)
THIS IS ALL THAT EXISTS NOW OF ONE ONCE-PROMINENT PRINCE FAN SITE: Temporarily Down This page will be going in a new direction soon. I will still be doing Plus themes, but I will not be uploading them to this site. Instead I will post a notification to this site that they have been uploaded, and where to i.e. http://www.win95.com I really don't know when or if I will do another though. I have lost all respect for the person whose career I have followed since 1980 when I was given my first Prince album 'Dirty Mind'. I still love the music, but I can no longer support or promote a man that has no respect for his most loyal followers, fans, friends, whatever the heck we are. Check out the email being sent out from his lawyers. A copy of it is at Prince Family News This is why I have taken down my site. No, not out of fear, more out of a knot in my stomach that was caused by this email. It's not bad enough that he screws us with his 1-800-NEW-JUNK business, but now this?!! Hey Prince?! Does this mean I need to get my tattoo removed too?!! Have you truly become so petty and thin skinned?! Thank you all for the kind emails. I may change my mind in the future, but right now I want NOTHING to do with this man. I hope he goes broke after the class action suit that is going to be brought against him.
- Saturday, March 06, 1999 at 19:04:21 (EST)
Wraith .. go ahead!!!!!!! emasculate me!!!!!!! .. welcome to TW.....on behalf of all of us here in Munchkinland I really am sorry you have to live in Indiana.. what's the state ice cream there?.. oh yea, vanilla..... hehe
San Diego, CA USA - Saturday, March 06, 1999 at 17:55:11 (EST)
Someday all sites will be made this way. Perusing here is enough to make any alien want to come inside. This is my regular Bowie surf-fix. Cool..
London, England - Saturday, March 06, 1999 at 17:51:59 (EST)
Has anyone seen the resemblance between David Bowie and Mary Dresselhuis?
Marijke (marijke_van_rees@hotmail.com)
haarlem, holland - Saturday, March 06, 1999 at 10:47:43 (EST)
Number one: don't think I'm an idiot just because I live in a hick state. I live in a campus town. Number two: this is an awesome site and worthy of David Bowie's name. Number three: if anyone who's reading this dislikes David Bowie, then I'll emasculate you with a chainsaw. Thank you.
Wraith (Mr_Fjord@yahoo.com)
Bloomington, IN USA - Saturday, March 06, 1999 at 10:31:58 (EST)
Nevada (can i call you Nev?) thank you for your praise,sob sob, i had such wishful beginnings and now i have contaminated the world with my tears sob sob bah hah.The sea of tranquility is just that, there has been no one crying on the moon.No salty dogs there.Perhaps Major Tom Stafford (forgotten pilot of Apollo 10) ejected tears when he found out how dead the moon was,when he wizzed round it, and those tiny weenyeeny droplets are introducing the deadrocks to a whole new way? Bah hah sob sob,all the world seperated by oceans of tears.The world a teardrop in space,one teardrop ,sob, sob,billions of miles from anything else,bah, hah, sob ,sob,new beginnings for Mr Gravedigger (and his like) as tears wash away the contamination of yesterday.
Devlin Rose
US - Saturday, March 06, 1999 at 08:13:19 (EST)
WTF????? What did I do this time????? Time for Reality... Dave didn't send us any track lisdtings.. it's a HOAX.. Jeez....You guys wanna buy some property I got for sale on Mars too? Kelmar...... I will be the West Coast Contact for A.R.M.P.I.T. In my list of included duties, I will not only mock the SYMBOL of pretention in a public way...I have had extensive experiance in this . I also publicly mocked the so-called King of Pop when it was the fashionable thing to do.. Look out Mr.Taffy.....if you bring your sad, scrawny paisley ass to SoCal There's a raspberry Meringue pie awaiting your arrival
Coldfyr (mildlyinterested@amused.com)
San Deey-aggo, Ca USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 23:58:17 (EST)
The latest antics by Prince show us once again how lucky we are to have Bowie, who is the most gracious and innovative artist on the net. Prince would never allow a site like Teenage Wildlife, and his fans suffer for it. It seems that Prince should be doing whatever he can to stem the tide of his shrinking fan base... instead, he alienates many. A brief visit to various Prince sites was enough for me to sample how furious Prince fans are. It is an incredible, audacious act that he has done to his most loyal supporters, who put their time and effort into building sites to support him. How can someone so musically talented by so amazingly vicious to his fans?? We are so lucky as Bowie fans........
chris (cruelsun@adelphia.net)
Winchester, VA USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 23:54:23 (EST)
Kelmar, As your Minneapolis agent in A.R.M.P.I.T., I promise to throw pubic hairs in Prince's cocktail at First Avenue, and throw rotten vegetables at his smoked-glass purple limousine (I kid you not) each and every time I see him pull up in front of Rudolph's Barbeque, where he arrives every Sunday afternoon like clockwork, even though he's got enough money to get to Mars and back. Let's face it, kiddies, the Symbol is super whacked, and he's finally letting people see that he's got a whole load of mush in his gourd.
Valerius (brilliant@jupiter.com)
Minneapolis, MN USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 17:54:10 (EST)
Kelmar, As your Minneapolis agent in A.R.M.P.I.T., I promise to throw public hairs in Prince's cocktail at First Avenue, and throw rotten vegetables at his smoked-glass purple limousine (I kid you not) each and every time I see him pull up in front of Rudolph's Barbeque, where he arrives every Sunday afternoon like clockwork, even though he's got enough money to get to Mars and back. Let's face it, kiddies, the Symbol is super whacked, and he's finally letting people see that he's got a whole load of mush in his gourd.
Valerius (brilliant@jupiter.com)
Minneapolis, MN USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 17:53:42 (EST)
ROFLMAO......Way to go Kelmar :-))) you kick ass gal :-))) only.......not so sure 'bout the Taffy nic.....been as I'm Welsh an'al l;-) I AM so Jeaj ;-)
Spidey (datkins@netcomuk.co.uk)
UK - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 17:17:04 (EST)
KELMAR you are so hot when you are pissed off! have a good weekend everybody
NY, NY amerika - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 16:55:49 (EST)
Well hello again! I cant seem to find Evan Torrie's E-mail, so I'm writing this. Now all of you must listen 2.Contamination will be having its name changed to 2.Fluidz. Me and Gary (my agent) was talking about it and we made up our minds! Contamination doesn't suit it. David
David Bowie (davidbowie@davidbowie.com)
New York, NY USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 15:32:17 (EST)
If anyone's interested the new CD by Chris Korda and the Church of Euthanasia is out. It's called Six Billion Humans Can't Be Wrong. It's Techno music for the suicidal. Check out the web page at www.churchofeuthanasia.com ...Rock N' Roll Suicide with a Techno beat...
Nevada Kerr (http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org)
Somerville, Ma USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 11:05:33 (EST)
I am here on vacation and loving it....Anyway I turn on the radio to KRWO, a popular station here and WOW! on comes the new David Bowie single that just another BowieFan mentioned on his track listing. The song 2 Cool 2-B A Knight has a great jungle beat with classical overtones and a country rock back beat. It's unlike anything I've ever heard before from DB. I can't wait for the album to come out... Well I've got it on tape for anyone who's interested... I can be contacted within the contaminants now spreading...and boy are they spreading fast and wide.
H. W. Fowler
San Francisco, CA USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 10:52:52 (EST)
Prison can't hold all this greedy intention. The prison priests are decent. I fear my days are numbered and now I sing a tale of woe through the bars of the county jail. To the cage, to the cage...
Just Another Bowie Fan
New York, NY USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 10:41:22 (EST)
The account of David and Goliath has been a fave of mine for a long time. Here a young man (very unlike Prince) in the face of danger, armed with only a sling, and five smooth stones, (Prince thinks he's David but he's so wrong) defeats a monument of resistance (this is Prince, a Monument of resistance). David, a picture of the Al-Mighty, defeats Goliath, a Princely Counterpart whose spoiled brat antics get him nowhere.
Grace Church, :) USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 10:30:27 (EST)
KWIK--There is a pattern here...there always is. I am not so quick to dismiss the song titles...Analyze/Explore you will see the connection--Make Contact with the Contagion. KelMar--Forget about Prince...He's bored and boring--has nothing better to do but fight the beast--The Net is Goliath. And Prince is No David! NiteFlite--Any ideas on this rumor that the Title has changed? Coldfyr--Where are you--Make Contact, get contagious....
Reason-less, OO USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 10:19:27 (EST)
A mere Symbol I may be, (getting older by the second/not as sexy as I once was) I still have feelings... I want all to know that I inspired DB Not...Fed him a pencil carving, you will never get. Anyway, I am the Symbol of all symbols and you make me act real gone, you make me troll along. You're my taste, my trip. I'll be your MasterZip. Hi David Bowie here...(sorry for the interruption) I'm here sipping tea with the Symbol... Hey David give me back my keyboard...I'll chop your hair off for kicks...So give me your hand, give me your sound...I'm a lot less sexier than you and a lot less creative too... I'm just poor little prince in the valley of the dead man walks...
Priceless, BS USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 10:10:41 (EST)
Xlogik Xlogik Xlogik...Rumor Mills are healthy ways to generate ideas and get the conversations going...No apologies are necessary...Fict or Faction TW enjoys the creative challenge... Some things are so big they make no sense... The Sons of Sound love Velvet Goldmine and Bleed Like A Craze, Dad because essentially "Sense" has nothing to do with it....
Nevada Kerr
Xlogik, XX USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 09:53:08 (EST)
Okay, this is IT! The Midget Formerly Known As Prince, as you may know already, is shutting down NINE FANSITES. SOME BUT NOT ALL of the fansites have MP3's of his music available on them. The rest of those sites are being sued for simply bearing his dipshit symbol (that he has patented for his own use), and/or CONTAINING HIS PICTURES. I understand that TAFKAP ( Taffy for short) is a musical genius, but that does NOT give him the right to step on the fans THAT PAY HIS FUCKING RETIREMENT FUND. If he gets away with this, how many other numbnut, egocentric, asswart so-called musicians out there are going to do the same thing??? We have to nip it in the bud. In order to help to put a stop to Taffy's actions, I am going to create a foundation, Attention Rational Minds: Prince Is a Twat... Acronym: A.R.M.P.I.T. I plan to go to every fansite I know and post this same message. I plan on then spending the rest of the weekend writing hideous emails to Taffy on behalf of ARMPIT. I am going to steal his symbol and spray paint every major city I visit all summer long with ARMPIT underneath. And if by chance he decides to sue me, then go for it Taffy, all you're going to get out of me is a carton of Camels and some nice hawaiian shirts, you bastard. So if you support the actions of ARMPIT, feel free to rip off ARMPIT's name, likeness, whatever. The main objective is to STOP THE TYRANT FOMERLY KNOWN AS PRINCE. Thank you for your time, and BTW, in order to stay on topic, BOWIE RULES!
USA - Friday, March 05, 1999 at 09:13:26 (EST)
Everyone will be happy to know, I have the real track listing for 2.Contamination sitting before me: 1)Contamination; 2)Utter Pretention Masking As Rock; 3)The Artiste; 4) The Incredible Tale of Wimple Bumperbiskit; 5)Segue - Don't Listen To My 80's Pop Albums (just buy them); 6)Bowienet Members Only (likely first single....); 7)2 Cool 2-B a Knight; 8)2 Cool 4 Velvet Goldmine; 9)I'm Afraid of Americans (yet another remix); 10) Segue - DO Listen to My 70's Pop Albums (after you buy them); 11)I'm Online, and Feeling Fine; 12)Space Oddity III, The Final Stardust. Good thing I'm such a huge fan! I'm allowed to poke a little fun.......
just another Bowiefan
USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 23:41:39 (EST)
Ooooookay. But were any of your great great grandmamas famous dance hall singers? Speaking of which.... ONE SHINY NEW GISBORNE TICKET IN MY SWEATY LITTLE HAND!
- Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 22:28:19 (EST)
I FUGURED YOU OUT THERE MR. BOWIE. THIS WHOLE RUMOR IS THE 2.COTAMINATION. iT SHOWS HOW RUMORS COTAMINATE ALL OVER LEADING TO BIG TROUBLE AND SO FORTH. FROM THIS INCARCIRATION NATION OF AMERIKA--BLECH! got the Underworld today it is: -------8----*****------@@@@------????-- ....ahhhh..hmmmm.....pinnnngggg....grahhhhhh....magnificent beauty...ahhhh
NY, NY USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 21:32:52 (EST)
Me again I had to write back asap! I have found out that 2.Contamination might have its title changed! David
USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 21:14:12 (EST)
Well hello, Well you see, today me and Iman were looking through the e-mail on our PC and we noticed a letter from my agent saying that 2.Contamination will be out at the end of the sun days (summer). But that is not the complete listing of the song titles. As in fact, I know most of thoes were completley made up! Well good day. David
david (davidbowie@davidbowie.com)
USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 21:08:45 (EST)
Come on, this is just another Bowie spun hoax to stall for time! He has not been in the studio so he spins a tale for us all to slop up! Come on Nevada and Rose, don't buy into Bowie's bull! Now by some slim chance this is true then Contamination is only going to left over half songs and crap that's been slapped together and not a "real" album of any kind. Fancy sounding titles though.
- Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 12:55:39 (EST)
Devlin Rose--I must say this--You are quite brilliant! Tale takes place in Europe--North America--Africa... Sites of Contact/Take Over/Contamination. The Church Fanatics burnt the heretics. The White Man released plagues on the Indian nations, and plundered Africa... An Analysis of the Tale of Blue Beard would definitely lend us some clues--Don't you think? Your Turn My Friend....We've been under the tyranny of the mis-informed for too long!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 10:47:43 (EST)
Hello KelMarSupervixen. The highly shrouded news, the not so much a rumor anymore...Can't say where i got this info Bassman insists that it is all very tentative. The Real Thing for Earthlings always is. What a morning! Hey we're not in moarning... Cheer UP!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 10:39:30 (EST)
Hello Niteflite and Coldfyr--We've got to believe somebody. I've got believers despite the Ill Refute...Yearning for The Real Thing...Always in vain. It's just a Millennium Fetish. I really like the idea of the CD coming in a Neon-Green Jewel Case... The Only Part Of Our Days here in the HotZone...Bleeding like the Crazed for some Ebola Jazz. Do Not Still the Fever! Night/Day. Cold/Hot. Fire/Ice. Flight. Not.
Nevada Kerr (http://www.churchofeuthanasia.org)
Boston, Ma USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 10:34:14 (EST)
Skeptism aside. There have been no mention of Eno. did you think he's off the project? Nor any mention of Robert Wilson
NY, NY USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 10:09:56 (EST)
A Spelling. A Hex. A Spell. A Hoax. A Load of Compost. We don't want knowledge. We want certainty. Only in the Hive of No Desire. The Mad Ramblings... We are all deranged. A Fragmented Line/A Wired Life. So we draw a blank. Dream Child dream. We are already in our graves. To Inform is to make Infirm. This Inspection of the truth is an infection. Why the Inquisition?--because we can't believe we've got no control! Enjoy the mystery--the not-knowing. That's the hearts filthy lesson--there's something in the skies. But there's nothing in our eyes. Doesn't matter I've seen everything any way!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 10:07:39 (EST)
Track Listing Or Not--Here Goes: Monday: Refutation and DisGrace. Reputation and Grace. Something In Our Blood. Tuesday: Contact. Contingency. Contagion. It's Happening Now. Wednesday: Track List Appears on Bassman's Page. Night Fear. Anxiety Descending. Then the Fever is Still. Thursday: Ebolla Jazz. The Hot Zone. Are these really the days? I've Got Friday on my mind!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 09:58:59 (EST)
Hmmm... I guess this is not the right time to confess to being a Prince fan then !!! I had to take my Prince stuff down too !!! :((
Jeaj - one very disgruntled Prince fan (jeej@globabalnet.co.uk)
Falkirk, SCOTLAND THE BRAVE - Thursday, March 04, 1999 at 05:03:24 (EST)
This is the biggest load of compost I've seen around here for awhile... Cont 2 is a hoax......
truth, USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 22:53:02 (EST)
Sounds like the making of a HOAX to me. Don't be fooled by the name.
- Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 14:21:46 (EST)
True Kelmar, but Bowie has never been one for spelling or grammar. Take a look at The Hearts Filthy Lesson (sic).
H.W. Fowler
USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 13:35:30 (EST)
Ummm, if this Contamination thang is real, shouldn't "Serengeti" be spelled correctly? Dammit I wanted so much for this to be for real. :(
USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 13:18:05 (EST)
Virus in the Serengetti--Transmission between species...? Among the worst examples of systematic brutality are the Papal, Roman, and Spanish Inquisitions. These institutions were established and perpetuated by the Roman Catholic Church to eliminate the "Contaminators:" Dissenters, Apostates, Heretics, Jews, Witches.... The church conspired with secular monarchs to stamp out dissent among citizens throughout Europe. The most hideous torture methods and devices were employed toward this purpose. The vast amount of personal property confiscated during the Inquisition has made the Catholic Church one of the wealthiest businesses in the world. (Loving the Alien: Terror in a best laid plan.)
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 12:27:35 (EST)
GGGGRRRRRRR i cant read...anything on the GB or MB. something really, really bad happened to the background and i cant read anyhting *whine*. well just thought you'd might like to know. if there are mistakes in this, im sorry, but i CANT SEE WHAT IM WRITING :(
- Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 12:18:35 (EST)
Wiredlife: The emergence of randomness in the visual arts at the beginning of the century was mirrored in the language arts by Dada, sound poems, and concrete poetry. The possibility that machines might take over the reins of planetary management has a more abstract but no less disturbing psychological counterpart in the possibility that our communication/contact with machines might already have "contaminated" our conceptions of ourselves. Nanotech, artificial life, cryogenic re-animation... Is the idea of what it is to be human disappearing? Quote from Star Trek/First Contact: The Borg Queen says, "Human--We used to be exactly like them--flawed, weak, organic. But we evolved to include the synthetic. Now we use both to attain perfection.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 11:36:02 (EST)
Long Beard was a very powerful lord, the owner of estates, farms and a great splendid castle. He often "went away to war," and when he did, he left his wife in charge of the castle...He had lots of wives, all young, pretty and noble. As bad luck would have it, one after the other, they had all died. One died of smallpox, one of a hidden sickness, another of a high fever, another of a terrible infection... No really Long Beard strangled them all with his own hands!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 11:24:29 (EST)
Ghost Dance religion revived the hopes of many of the tribes. Wovoka taught that the people could bring about the renewal of the world by working hard, living peacefully and doing the Ghost Dance. The buffalo and other game would be plentiful, dead relatives and friends would return, and white men would disappear. The Ebola Virus is one of the most pathogenic viruses known to science, causing death in 50-90% of all clinically ill cases. The Ebola virus is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, secretions, organs or semen of infected persons.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 10:58:12 (EST)
Reach right out and touch someone then wash their crusty hands: Just got back from the Bassman Page. 3/3/99--highly shrouded news--track listings for the "not so much a rumor anymore" sequel to Bowie's avant garde masterpiece "1. Outside" entitled "2. Contamination". Bassman can't say where he got this info, but the cd will come in a neon-green jewel case and should most likely be out by the end of the 2nd quarter. Again he says this is all very tentative. The track listings so far are: 1. segue-A Brief Inquisition. 2. Contamination. 3. Ebolla Jazz. 4. A Fragmented Line. 5. The Hive Of No Desire. 6. segue-The Mad Ramblings Of Long Beard. 7. Ill Refute. 8. A Tribe From The Ghost Plains. 9. Drawing A Blank. 10. Mausoleum. 11. Serengetti Song. 12. segue-The Fever Is Still. 13. Dream Child. 14. Crazed In The Hot Zone. 15. Wiredlife. 16. Verona No More. 17. The Only Part Of My Days. More News On The Release of "2. Contamination" as it comes in....
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 10:45:43 (EST)
Who said Mr. Hewson is Bowie bonster?
NY, NY USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 10:41:10 (EST)
The very nature of Contamination insinuates Circulation. In "You've been Around" Bowie confesses: Too Ex-Changing. But you've changed me. Contamination implies an inter-mutation/mutual exchange leading to a metamorphosis/metempsychosis. A change of mind and body as in alchemy or a corporate merger. The flesh meets the spirit. Can't tell good from bad. The Change is complete. Two become one--interchangeable. All throughout Black Tie/White Noise Bowie wrestles with his desire for connection. He finally ties the knot.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 10:00:27 (EST)
In the late 80's/early 90's Bowie drafted new contingents/contagions--Tin Machine, a new contingency (Chance/Mis-Chance) to transmute the corporate mind-body of LD/Tonite/NLMD. Mutuality as Mutation--Just what Bowie Needed. A new Amalgamation. Consanguinity as Contingency/Contagion. Bowie became a Casualty of the Mainstream Appeal. Terror in a best laid plan. Time to go back to the border-land.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 09:48:53 (EST)
I am looking so long for the guitar tabs of the song 'My death'. Can somebody help me? Thanks!
desmond (desmondhome@hotmail.com)
zwolle, Holland - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 08:02:42 (EST)
atchooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tissue land, ISRAEL - Wednesday, March 03, 1999 at 07:46:18 (EST)
This just in from Gisborne: A Small Plot of Land upon which to hitch your tent (unpowered site) will be NZ$100 per night for 1-4 people during Gisborne 2000 at a recommended camp site, Rugby Park.
Margot, Roving Reporter
- Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 23:56:15 (EST)
Someone just asked me if Dave was singing just the one new song at Gisborne. I laughed, but now I'm thinking WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS??? He *is* doing a whole set, isn't he? Is that in writing anywhere?
Margot Worry Wart
- Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 20:15:38 (EST)
Bono is NOT Bowie says a fan?.....+ TV reminders ...+ Where to find Bowie Interviews this month...+ Boy George chat highlights...+ and the BowieNet Speedo Contest???? News, clippings, comments and more in #152 of the Lazy and Web-IMpaired ....http://members.aol.com/dbfan/fan/index.htm
Bonster (dbfan@aol.com)
Montgomery, AL USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 18:37:09 (EST)
Whoops!cum to the wrong place.Tuesday must be "Loony Tunes"day
innocent bystander (jackplug@hotmail.com)
USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 12:23:09 (EST)
Are they friendly contaminators or exterminators?, if wood could think,would wood welcome woodworm as a new and better idea? Would the wood know if a drill hole was by the woodworm or a mackita? Does the table creak because it knows somebody is going to put an axe thru it one day just because it hasnt changed.If Bowie was sent to Mars on his own with a guitar and a notepad with the radio busted,what songs would he come back with? something uncontaminated from human contact.When he returned as the boy from freecloud, nobody would listen they would say "hey he is not like us anymore,whats he singing about,i cannot realate to that" but he would say "listen i hear the earth from a new prospective"they might say "well ok we havent got a lead from anyone else,lets try it" Soon females will not be contaminated by male contact, what of their children's thoughts?
Devlin Rose
US - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 12:03:19 (EST)
Touched to the quick: Ramona's a stone. Leon's a blank. All the no body-some body people. All I've got is someone's face. The Dis-placed mutation/ a space oddity is turned to stone by the family--the ever circling skeletal family--It's how the dead speak to the living. Susceptible and exposed: They would get scared and search frantically for mother--but she would have long gone having known that (baby grace and baby universal) would survive somehow on their own. Teenage Wildlife: I feel like a group of one. Contact/Disconnection By 1995 he was ready to "contaminate" and be "contaminated by" a whole new generation seeking contact and ready to communicate their ideas. Telling Lies: Me I'm fast like bad infection, gasping for my resurrection.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 10:32:31 (EST)
To communicate is to contaminate--to risk being tainted/touched. I like the smell of your flesh. I like the dirt that you dish. We prick you. Tell the truth. Tell the others. Because of all we've seen and said--we are the dead. Perhaps Bowie was really saying "Never let me die!" "I've touched down with vermin. I could be your great misfortune but you'll never find a better man. By 1989, Bowie got back in touch with his muse again. Back to the unseen/untouched/uncontaminated state--deep in your room/you never leave your room. "I was carved from a hand nurtured on grime, good-will and screams. Now your breath fills my step. Now there is you till life is gone. Contact/Contagion/Contamination. "You still leave a stain on me."
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 10:19:59 (EST)
Contact/Contagion/Contamination: In the 70's Bowie "communicates' musical ideas between himself and Eno/Pop/Reed. It kept him in contact with an audience on the periphery. Touch Me. I'll never touch you. In the early eighties Lets Dance proved to be "contagious" (to a mainstream audience) in a way that his earlier work never did. Was it a "planned accident?" In ashes to ashes Bowie wrote: I want an axe to break the ice, I want to come down right now. In Ricochet: Who could bear to be forgotten? His desire for contact risked contamination--the corruptive influence of a mass audience. His bounty became his affliction--hence assimilation into the corporate mind-body. We saw what "Contact" did to Ziggy. The kids had killed the man.
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 10:10:44 (EST)
Nevada, the gothic connection comes from the memory of wood and iron,Gothic's building blocks.The memory in the wood has the spores to change our perception,the iron is human spirit that can be twisted to anyshape, but declines if neglected.Bowie clung to the established irons as a small speck, but oxygen from the anger and the free spirit soon began to crumble these irons until they changed shape,they are not crumbling now because they are maintained,people like the shape,or perhaps no other shape is entering their minds right now,the wood has to remain in the trees ,and lifeless safe products keep everyone on the same operating system, so that the sinster ones can divert them into their catagories."population too high, oh sinister one" "ok i'll pull this leaver so that cat. a can have a war with cat.b, that should give us some more room, and boost exports"
Devlin Rose
US - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 08:59:50 (EST)
I know theres an obvious computer virus joke here, but I'll spare you all... Treatment for this ailment? Listen to two of your favorite singles and the don't call me in the morning ....
a lil bit of hell, USA - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 08:11:19 (EST)
possible shai - i'm getting it :(
- Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 05:36:55 (EST)
or the guest book ?
ISRAEL - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 05:28:35 (EST)
can someone get the flu from the message board ?
ISRAEL - Tuesday, March 02, 1999 at 05:28:20 (EST)
Poo bum wee. Ticketek didn't actually have any ticket's from the front row to sell. The phone operator didn't know this. There's one row of "Platinum Plus" blocks immediately in front of the stage. I scored a seat in the front row of a block immediately behind these $2000 seats that you can apparently only get thru Gisborne 2000. So much for my plans of picking up an obscenely rich Bowie fan whilst waiting for the show! I'll have to settle for a comfortably off Bowie maniac such as myself. Speaking of which, where'd Bowie/Ziggy Maniac ever get to? She must be 16 by now - if she isn't Dave - which I've always strongly suspected - something about that obsession with Kevin Bacon...
- Monday, March 01, 1999 at 21:16:08 (EST)
Bonster--thankyou very much for the scoop. That is very encouraging news. What is your opinion of the number of tribute albums coming out on DB? I own goth oddity and the dark side of David Bowie as well as Song book. I read the reviews on Crash Course and Loving the alien. After listening to Goth and Dark Side, I definitely agree with Dara that Dark side has the more complex, subtle, unique re-workings of David's music. Especially Time will Crawl and Blue Jean. I also agree with Dara on the idea that re-working songs from Tonight and Lets Dance and NLMD proves that bands are willing to take on a challenge and reveal the hidden genius in Bowie's scrap heap. I would still love to see re-workings of Ricochet, Shining Star, and Too Dizzy. There is a great darkness lurking in the music and lyrics of these songs. Also what are your thoughts on the theme of contamination (Bowie's alleged new album title) It is so right NOW!
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Monday, March 01, 1999 at 10:15:24 (EST)
Thanks Dara for the info. I think I'll purchase the CD when it comes out on a major label. Here's something that's been on my mind for a while especially in "light" of the gothic/darker re-workings of Bowie's songs that have been spreading like a virus, what do you think the theme of contamination has in common with Bowie's contagious relationship to other bands and his own infiltration and restructuring of the musical mind-body of the late twentieth century. Also I think contamination fits in well with the man who sold the world's superman theme--especially in light of genetic engineering experiments. Outside and Diamond Dogs certainly had their share of the "mutated" other? Well just brain-storming....
Nevada Kerr
Boston, Ma USA - Monday, March 01, 1999 at 10:02:10 (EST)
Also, I'm probably the only Irish fan who has managed to miss the oft-repeated Planet Rock Profile of Bowie or screw up with the VCR every time, but in case there's another one out there, TnaG (the Irish language TV channel) is giving us another chance tomorrow at 6.30 PM.
Ireland - Monday, March 01, 1999 at 04:56:41 (EST)
Dylan covering Space Oddity? That's one cover I want to hear. rancell: The Bowie bios give varying reasons for SRV's last minute withdrawal from Serious Moonlight, going from last minute increased pay demands, demands that DT open (on Serious Moonlight, Bowie shrewdly shuffled the support acts to take account of local conditions, with the result that he was often supported by bands who had more success than Bowie in the local market) to SRV objecting to Bowie's "no drink/no drugs" policy on the tour. Hi Nevada: Like Bonnie said, it looks like "Loving The Alien" sold out but they're hoping for a major label re-release. However, if you go to http://www.angelfire.com/biz/lodger7/bowie.html, there's a link there to a CD place where you can apparently buy it, so it may still be available. I just emailed Black Rider to ask them if you can still buy it by sending them cash, and I'll let you know what they say.
Ireland - Monday, March 01, 1999 at 04:55:46 (EST)
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