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Roseland Ballroom New York City Concert Tickets!

Here are the people whose requests for tickets were selected (number in parentheses is the number of tickets each person requested)!

Friday, June 16 Saturday, June 17
schaefes@cattell.psych.upenn.edu (2)
rachelelewis@hotmail.com (2)
kellya@night-sky.net (2)
mbegin@prodigy.net (2)
FaeRogue@teenagewildlife.com (2)
phinestone@aol.com (2)
mikegypt@compuserve.com (2)
danielfranco@mediaone.net (2)
mhursh@verio.net (2)
dlaw@roanoke.infi.net (2)
mtoth@neo.lrun.com (2)
gdschreiber@hotmail.com (1)
brobewlay@teenagewildlife.com (2)
k8efrog@aol.com (2)
Bowieistheonetruegod@teenagewildlife.com (1)
siw@stones.com (2)
ydnam@aol.com (2)
hsheing@delanet.com (2)
niteflite@teenagewildlife.com (2)
richard_newlove@mrn.co.uk (2)
flyingv@idt.net (2)
twentcentboy@hotmail.com (1)
lynne.barberian@fmr.com (2)
manco69@hotmail.com (2)
dan.gallo@gs.com (2)
probertson@mediaone.net (1)
loraparas@yahoo.com (2)

In total, there were requests for 179 tickets on Friday and 203 on Saturday. With only 25 tickets to give out on each night, you should consider yourself very fortunate if you were selected!

Friday, June 16 and Saturday, June 17 will mark Bowie's first concerts of the year 2000. Tickets sold out in a few hours when they went on sale on Friday, May 19th. However, through the assistance of Ultrastar.com and BowieNet, Teenage Wildlife has been allocated 25 extra tickets to each night for sale at our cost (USD$40 + $4.50 booking fee per ticket).

Due to the high demand which far exceeds our supply, we've decided the only fair way to allocate tickets is via a drawing for registered Teenage Wildlife members who put in a request for a maximum of two tickets per night using the form below.

  1. This is a binding request! If you are selected in the drawing, you will be responsible for the full cost of the tickets you select below. Please do not submit a request unless you are certain to be in New York and able to go to the concert for the given date.
  2. The preferred method of payment is via PayPal for U.S. residents (you will need to set up an account and confirm it with PayPal first). However, we will also accept money orders and/or cash via mail (at your own risk).
  3. Winners will have their tickets sent via US Priority 3-day mail ($3.20) or UPS delivery 2nd day air ($9.00) at the recipient's request.
  4. If you live outside the US, we will hold a gathering for Teenage Wildlifers to collect payment (via cash only) and deliver tickets in person before each night's show. Any other arrangements for non-US residents will have to be negotiated by request.
  5. Important Dates: Requests will be accepted until midnight, Thursday May 25. All winners will be notified by Friday morning, May 26. Acknowledgement must be received by Monday, May 29 and full payment received by Saturday, June 3 (or negotiated for in person at the concert) or your tickets will be forfeited.
  6. The drawing will pick winners first for the Friday night, and when all tickets are exhausted for Friday, then all tickets for Saturday. There is no guarantee that you will get tickets for both nights.
  7. Please contact us via email if you have any questions.

Note: You must be a registered Teenage Wildlifer to enter! Requests will be received until May 25, 2000 at midnight Eastern Time. All selected ticket winners will be notified by email. You can read the full rules here.

The drawing will be held online at

12:01 a.m., EDT (0501 GMT)
Friday, May 26, 2000
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