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Uncut Watch December 1998

As reported by Dara O'Kearney

PAGE 9: Hats off to Uncut for coming up with the most groan-inducing headline I've read in a while to this not entirely accurate piece:

HE'S previously worked with such big names as John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Queen, Bing Crosby, Pet Shop Boys, Marc Bolan and Iggy Pop, but DAVID BOWIE's next collaboration could very well be with ... you! Bowie is inviting musicians and fans alike to help him finish off a new song, "What's Really Happening", via the Internet. He's posted the chorus on his own website, BowieNet, and now wants a wordsmith out there in cyberspace to contribute three verses.

The singer will pick the grand prize winner, who will receive a co-writing credit when the song is recorded next year, in addition to landing a trip to New York to watch Bowie at work in the studio, plus a 10,000 pound music publishing deal.

Entrants can submit as many sets of lyrics as they wish, and a chart of the best 25, as voted by other visitors to the site, will be published each day. Full details can be found on BowieNet, at http://www.davidbowie.com/. Bowie is also set to appear as a recurring guest host of The Hunger, the TV horror anthology loosely based on the 1983 film the singer starred in with Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve. The series is being produced by Tony Scott, director of the original movie, and will also feature Terence Stamp as a guest host in some episodes."

The piece is accompanied by a quarter-page pic of Bowie onstage during the Earthling tour captioned "Bowie: cyberspace oddity".

PAGE 54: "GLAM! BOWIE, BOLAN AND THE GLITTER ROCK REVOLUTION" by Barney Hoskyns is nominated at #7 in the list of best music books of the year. "Expertly conducted tour of the Glam phenomenon, which produced some inspired music (by Bowie and Roxy, especially), but whose captious vanity and shallowness, exhibitionism and narcissism were arguably its defining characteristics."

PAGE 80: Babylon Zoo (remember Spaceman?) is back with a Glam Rock album that's reminiscent of "T-Rex, Bowie, Mott The Hoople" according to Chris Roberts. Also, the following review of the two latest Glam compilations:

Polygram (4 stars)

Virgin (3 stars)

As The Best Glam Rock Album ... Ever! illustrates, it's impossible to reconcile quality with diversity on a 42-strong compilation album. There's a skipload of flotsam to wade through - Golden Earring, Lulu (her risible version of "The Man Who Sold The World"), David Essex (Glam's own Cliff Richard) and Suzi Quatro - in order to taste the undeniable riches. And even when you do, you're forced to wonder whether "John, I'm Only Dancing" was Bowie's most valued contribution to Glam.

Flares And Velvet Collars features a similarly atypical Bowie single, the original 1969 Decca version of "Space Oddity", and it exhumes the same, familiar corpses - T-Rex, Sparks, Mott The Hoople, Sweet. However, by including Richard Hell, The Ramones and, fabulously, Blondie's "X Offender", it traces the evolution of England's Glam narcissism into America's new wave nihilism, thereby distinguishing itself from Virgin's arbitrarily collated package. Being just a single CD, it mixes the obvious with the esoteric more purposefully, and would doubtlessly be the preferred choice of Brian Slade and Curt Wilde.

As a fascinating footnote, it seems that Gary Glitter's Stalinistic deletion from the accepted history of Glam, unsurprising given recent allegations, continues apace - not that his noticeable exclusion should deter you from buying either album. Daniel Booth."

PAGE 84: A review of Diana Ross' "Diana" says: "Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of Chic were, to put it crassly, the Holland/Dozier/Holland of disco, achieving much of their finest work with other artists (Sister Sledge, Sheila & B Devotion, Bowie, Blondie, Madonna)"

PAGE 86: A review of various Peter Frampton reissues mentions that: "Frampton was born in Beckenham, and went to school with David Bowie."

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