Teenage Wildlife

Uncut Watch May 1999

As reported by Dara O'Kearney

PAGE 29: A full page photo of pop culture junkies Adam and Joe's bedroom (where they shoot their hilarious TV show, easily the funniest thing on British TV at the moment despite having a budget smaller than most teenager's pocket money) features a large Serious Moonlight-era Bowie poster on the walls.

PAGE 50: A piece on Suede: "When his older sister Blandina left home at 16, Brett inherited her record collection: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kate Bush, and, significantly, David Bowie."


"Along with a Bowie fixation, (Brett and Mat) shared a love of The Smiths".

PAGE 59: Morrissey's infamous snide remark about Brett Anderson: "He'll never forgive God for not making him Angie Bowie".

PAGE 80: A 4-star review for Twisted Tenderness, the new Electronic album, contains possibly the first non-scathing reference to Tin Machine in the UK music press in years: "Twisted Tenderness isn't exactly the career volt(ag)e-face of David Bowie's "heavy metal" period Tin Machine, but certainly rocks as hard as anything Sumner has been involved with since "Warsaw"".

PAGE 88: A 4-star review of Ultrasound's new album starts with: "What would you do if you loved the glitter-glut of glam rock, swallowed whole its sequinned flash, but looked like a man so obese you could empty the Atlantic with a single belly flop? Glam was for the stylishly skinny, but Ultrasound's singer, Andy Wood, loved it. Only he weighed more than your average family hatchback. So into progressive rock he journeyed, the retirement home for nerds, an envious eye cast back at the Ziggy clones."

PAGE 94: A 3-star review for The Faculty soundtrack: "Shawn Mullins' take on Bowie's "Changes" is disarmingly good".

PAGE 109: A 1-star review of Velvet Goldmine (on video to rent): "A disastrous attempt to chronicle the heady days of glam rock. Laughable acting, atrocious plot, unlistenable music and an insult to the spangled era of Bowie, Roxy, etc. And the less said about Eddie Izzard's performance the better. If you only ever rent one video about a fictional music biz, make sure it's Stardust."

PAGE 111: A 4-star review of Lou Reed's "Rock And Roll Heart" video mentions Bowie's appearance therein.

Finally, EMI are still puhing the two Best Of compilations via the CD clubs, with a drop-out ad for Britannia CD Club featuring both as part of their introductory offer.

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