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QWatch June 1999

As reported by Dara O'Kearney

To prove that the only thing that could be possibly of more marginal interest than a QWatch is an old QWatch, here at last is June's QWatch, the shortest on record:

PAGE 108: Q's Tom Doyle proves that a Suede album just cannot be reviewed without mentioning Bowie. "With She's In Fashion, they flip as far as Young Americans in their shared Bowie collection, resulting in a fantastically stylish, Euro-flavoured pop track."

In the Like This? Try These sidebar, Bowie's Young Americans is recommended as worth checking out if you like the new Suede.

PAGE 142: A three star review of the video release of "Lou Reed Rock & Roll Heart" mentions that it includes a eulogy by Bowie.

PAGE 170: A "Famous Last Words" feature on Ian McCulloch (of Echo And The Bunnymen fame):
"What was the first gig you went to?
David Bowie at the Liverpool Empire, June 10, 1973. He'd played the Top Rank the year before but I couldn't get my brother to take me. I was in Row 23 at the Empire. I had to go on my own 'cos some lad who wanted to go with me got chicken pox. I loved Bowie but all my mates thought he looked weird."

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