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UncutWatch July 1999

As reported by Dara O'Kearney

A shortish UncutWatch this month:

PAGE 8: A quarter pager on what different stars are doing for the millenium entitled "Millenium gnome" kicks off with:

THE very first note of the new millenium will be sung by that old Sixties survivor DAVID BOWIE. The Thin White Duke is due on stage at midnight on New Year's Day, 2000 at the Gisborne Festival in New Zealand. The venue sits on the international date line where the new century will arrive 12 hours before it hits Greenwich. A reformed SPLIT ENZ are also on the bill at the festival which will be staged over 24 hours in a 50-acre site looking eastwards towards the dawn horizon.

The piece is accompanied by an Earthling-era pic of Bowie dressed in black with short red hair brush up (caption: "Bowie: Kiwi's big adventure").

PAGE 76: Arista have reissued 1. Outside in the UK and Uncut sees this as noteworthy enough to review it all over again in their new albums section:


Arista (3 stars = "Good")
Reissue for the Dame's "art" scam; not for those squeamish about mutilation or pretension

TO record the most rebarbative album of one's career at the sedate age of 48 must be counted an achievement in itself, 1. Outside (to give its rarely awarded full title) was made in 1995 and launched in a flurry of press conferences at which a wittily confident Bowie spoke of how excited he'd been by this return to collaboration with Eno. He also announced a materplan for the remainder of the Nineties whereby four more albums in the same mould would follow in rapid succession unfolding further instalments of the "story". Since no one who bought 1. Outside seems to have had the slightest idea what story Bowie was referring to, and because what could be discerned of this concerned a sub-American Psycho "art murder" done as a frazzled cross between the soundtracks of Blade Runner and Seven, insufficient commercial returns resulted from the venture to warrant further investment. Accordingly, no more has been heard of it. Here, it creeps again at mid-price. "I Have Not Been To Oxford Town" and "The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction" are worth a go.

Ian MacDonald.

PAGE 113: "This Month's TV" has this to say of Everybody Loves Sunshine:
"Straight-to-Sky for the reportedly risible gangster yarn with Goldie and David Bowie".

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