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QWatch September 1999

As reported by Dara O'Kearney

PAGE 9: On the Letters page, Paula Dyson from Shrewsbury opines: "Could Sean "Puffy" Combs stop being a wanker? Show some humanity. Just a little. You - the man who covered a Police song - won't alienate your hardcore support any more than sampling David Bowie's Let's Dance did."

PAGE 24: Nominated as one of the best singles of the month:
Placebo Featuring David Bowie - Without You I'm Nothing
Hut FloorCD10
A limited release of 20,000 copies, Bowie shares vocals with Brian Molko for a re-recording of the Placebo album title track. Also includes remixes by UNKLE, Brothers In Rhythm and Americruiser.
Out August 16

PAGE 32: They call him Glasgow's Trent Reznor, and Rico Capuano explains the sample behind:
"The opening track, Shave Your Head, features the sound of an album by Tin Machine, David Bowie's late '80s metal side project, being scratched to pieces. "I was looking for a shit album, so I bunged it on the turntable and gave it a good fucking beating," he shrugs. "I thought that was fair enough".

PAGE 43: A sidebar to a feature on Dean Martin (whose Greatest Hits album is one of the surprise hits of recent UK chart history) on "The Laid Back Top 10": "Bing Crosby Unfairly remembered for golf, cardigans and acts of brutality against his kids, Crosby invented "crooning". He also synthesised gospel, jazz and blues effortlessly into a new homogenous sound. And who could forget that surreal Christmas single with David Bowie?"

PAGE 82: REM played two new songs at a soundcheck for Q: "The first new song they play is an uptempo number, echoing Bowie's Oh! You Pretty Things".

PAGE 123: Various Roxy Music re-releases are reviewed:

"Like David Bowie, Britain's only parallel artist, this is rock'n'roll before and after science.
In a cruel blow, Bowie's reissued Space Oddity kept Love Is The Drug off the British Number 1 spot in November 1975, but its hooky, salacious funk ("Dim the lights/You can guess the rest") made it an instant signature tune."

PAGE 146: Maybe stretching to call this one a Bowie reference, but a feature reviewing different CD systems is called "Little Wonders".

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