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QWatch October 1999

As reported by Mireille O'Kearney

Front cover page: David Bowie (capital white letters) "My work is done" (in black)

Inside cover page: Photo of Bowie's new look (big sad grimace on his face with longish straight hair) Contents 88 - David Bowie: Hyena of rock "I took Stone's drugs," cackles 52-years old South London man.

Page 11: Iggy Pop's Cash For Questions interview:
"To prepare, Pop speed-reads the Bernard Sumner interview from Q155. "Oh I get it," he tells his manager. "It'll be, We wanna know about David Bowie's pee-pee." His prediction proves frighteningly accurate."

Page 13: Same interview:
"In 1976 David Bowie went to Berlin to give up drugs - and took you with him. Was that a good idea? (Len Drayton, Totnes)

Oh, that was a great idea (laughs). It was great entertainment for the Germans and good for everybody else too. And terrific for a lot of bands that followed. Good for New Order, Bad Seeds, Gary Numan...

Did you fuck Bowie? (Andrew Van Trigt, Ontario)

Iggy: I knew we were going to get that question. But I didn't think it was going to be put with so little wit. (Firmly) No; nor he I."

Page 14: Photo (black and white) of Bowie with Iggy sitting on bench of what looks like German underground. He is wearing a horrible cap, lumberjack shirt, long scarf, jeans and anorak (very difficult to recognise). (caption of the photo: "I thought you said this was the groovy train?" Iggy Pop and David Bowie, Berlin 1977.")

Page 29: Short news item:
"David Bowie has pulled out of his planned New Year show in Gisborne, New Zealand after only 2,000 tickets were sold for the 35,000 capacity venue".

Page 33: We are Ten, The Q Awards
Photo of Bowie (with a smaller Brian Eno and a much taller Jarvis Ccker) in 1995 getting award, just name on the page.

Page 62: Rock Star Dignity Wallchart ("All human beings are born fee and equal in dignity" ... then Top Of The Pops get on the phone and didnity is forgotten) featuring Peter Gabriel, Bowie, Damon Albarn, Shaun Ryder, Dave Gilmour, Mark Morrison, Ian Brown, Lou Reed and Bernard Sumber. Dignity measure 0 to 10, Bowie starts at minus 1 (above Peter Gabriel who gets a minus 5 for "joins Genesis" and below all the others): David Bowie records Laughing Gnome (Photo of Bowie) next stop at 7, records Space Oddity, goes down to 2 (Photo of him with Ronson) Fellates Mick Ronson's gitar on Ziggy Stardust, up to 8 Introduces world to Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Mott the Hoople. Down to 1, records single with Bing Crosby. Up to 10 Records "Heroes?" with photo. Down to 9 releases Ashes to Ashes. Down to 1, Stars in Absolute Beginners. Up to 8, marries Iman. Down to 3, photo of him in Labyrinth, wears special wig in Labyrinth. Up to 7, Let's son Zowie call himself Joe. Up to 8, Becomes the first person to denounce Velvet Goldmine. At 7, he is below only Peter Gabriel (8 for "Is still not Phil Collins"), and ahead of Bernard Sumner (up to 6 for "re-forms New Order"), Dave Gilmour (whose graph is a flat line 5), Damon Albarn (down to 0 for "Career goes into own-fault-related sulky decline"), Shaun Ryder (down to minus 3 for "Re-forms Happy Mondays for heroin-in-a-basket circuit), Lou Reed (down to minus 4 for "Records charity single with Boyzone, Lightning Seeds"), Ian Brown (down to minus 5 for "Receives well-deserved prison sentence") and Mark Morrison (down to minus 8 for "Acquires martyr complex").

Page 88: Start of interview with David Quantick - Photo of him in light blue sweater new look. Other photos:

Page 90: Same photo as on contents page plus small photo with ex-wife Angie and son 1974.

Page 92: Photo of David in blue with blue background, barefeet and cigarette in his right hand, small photo of him in The Man Who Fell To Earth (caption "The Proclaimer-in-pyjamas look, The Man Who Fell To Earth, 1976").

Page 94: Photo of him and Iman kissing on the street (With Wife Iman, London, April 1998. "Wife and library, those are the two things I would probably never give up." Small photo of him receiving his honorary degree at Berklee College Of Music, Boston, May 1999.

The interview in full is on the Q October 1999 page.

Page 115 Full page ad. for EMI rereleases wuth a big photo of him...
Repackaged & Remastered DAVID BOWIE He was the Man Who Sold The World, Ziggy Stardust, The Thin White Duke. He is one of the leading cultural figures of the 20th centuray. He is a superstar, he is an icon...

He is David Bowie (Photos of Albums) On September 6 and 20, EMI Records release David Bowie's 17 studio albums, digitally remastered to 24 bits, recorded between 1969 and 1989, chronologically in two batches available from all Virgin Megastores"

Page 126: 4 stars review of Supergrass new album:
"Jesus Came From Outer Space" camps it up like Ziggy-era Bowie."

Page 136: 4-star review for Blur's new box set:
"Peter Panic (about an alien with "little pissy eyes") is David Bowie meets Tracy Jacks".

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