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Jump: The David Bowie Interactive CD-ROM

Produced by ION. Copyright 1994, ISBN 1-885245-00-9.
The CD lets you edit your own "Jump They Say" video, mix your own version of the music, or "explore a virtual world of hidden animations, sounds, pictures and other surprises." Actually, none of it was very surprising or interesting, but it was cute. It contains four videos from the album and some interview clips. Review by Sonja Ingeroi.

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Macintosh version

Trivia: On European releases made in Germany, you can access a secret area of the CD-ROM by typing 1994*ION*EURO* while the mouse pointer is over the TV set. Also, on Macintosh versions, the studio area has an 8 track mixing desk, and by leaving the studio area and reentering 3 tims you will find that you are offered the choice of mixing four songs rather than just one. Information courtesy of Dave Priest.

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