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French cover The Nomad Soul represents Bowie's first foray into the world of computer-based games. The game, set to be released in late 1999, is a product of Quantic Dream and distributed by Eidos Interactive. The game is promoted as the first of its kind genre, based on a 3D fantasy world where players can be reincarnated as any of the numerous characters which inhabit the world. Heavy on story and strategy, the game is a far cry from the traditional first-person shoot-em-up Quake derivatives.


Bowie and Reeves Gabrels have written a number of songs (including New Angels of Promise) for the game soundtrack, intending to give the game a "warmth and heart" not seen in most existing games. Even more intriguing is that Bowie, Iman, Gabrels and Gail-Ann Dorsey are modeled as real 3D characters in the game. Bowie's character is Boz (The Virtual Being) and contributes his facial likeness and voice to the game. Reeves Gabrels and Gail-Ann Dorsey are members of a band which plays in several bars during the game.


Iman takes on a vitally important role in the game. Her character (Iman 1631) is one of the reincarnatable characters that the player can take control of as part of the "Virtual Reincarnation" process. She plays a bodyguard who sells her fighting skills to the highest bidder.

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