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A shameless repackaging of The Linguini Incident
Scans by Tia

Report from Matt H

This shameless knockoff cover for a DVD was released in 1999 by Reel Entertainment in Digital DVD. Billed as a "Totally Outrageous Comedy" with David Bowie and Rosanna Arquette in wacky poses. it's really just The Linguini Incident repackaged to try and fool people into thinking it's an Austin Powers spin-off.

The DVD itself has the original trailer for "The Linguini Incident" on it, with the title "Shag-O-Rama!" tacked on the end in place of the original title. This is also done during the opening credits. The film, as far as I know, hasn't been altered in any way. It also has cast bios. For Bowie, it says that he is the son of a wrestling promoter, and that he began his career in 1972 with Ziggy Stardust. It goes on to pan his performances in The Man Who Fell To Earth and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Are bios supposed to have misinformation and insults aimed at the actors in a film?

Hard to find online, the issuing companies don't even have it listed on their web sites. However, Walmart in the US seems to stock copies if you're looking for a delightfully tacky collectible.


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