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Thin White Duke Collage (1975-1976)

From the Thin White Duke days, particularly the Station To Station tour.

Photos from Andrew Kent published with his permission.

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Thomas Jerome Newton
Contributed by Spidey
Bowie and Iggy in Red Square Creem Magazine
Picture by Andrew Kent
British Screen Stars The Duke Rock Magazine
Contributed by David Phipps
Peter Sellers, Ron Wood and Bowie Bowie and Keith Moon Thin White Duke
A 1976 impromptu jam in Peter Sellers' Hollywood home
Contributed by David Phipps
Contributed by Trinia
Thin White Duke Thin White Duke But no Smoking pistol
Photograph by Andrew Kent
In concert
Photograph by Andrew Kent
from Ernst
From The Man Who Fell To Earth
by Chris Charlesworth
Photograph by Andrew Kent Photograph by Andrew Kent More duke
Mhmmmm, as Jean-Marie would say Did Michael Jackson get his glove from David?
The Thin White Duke costume Low quality scan of the Duke in action Photograph by Andrew Kent
On stage from the Station To Station tour
Photograph by Andrew Kent
In the garden just after Station to Station but before Low
During the Station To Station tour, 1976 Photograph by Andrew Kent
Just croonin'
Belt it out The Duke at Work
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