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Early On (pre-1970)

Some pictures of Bowie from his early days.

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Bowie gets his hair cut (1965)
Contributed by GWTMH
Bowie at The Marquee Club! (1966)
Contributed by GWTMH
With Hermione Farthingale in mime (1969)
Contributed by GWTMH
Luv Icecream ad clips (1968)
Contributed by GWTMH
Bowie plays the stylophone! (1969)
Contributed by GWTMH
Bowie in the media (1969)
Contributed by GWTMH
Royal Festival Hall, November 1969
Contributed by Robert Reinstein
Contributed by Emilio
Read Emilio's story about this picture
Contributed by Ernst
Contributed by Ernst
Contributed by Ernst Feathers - Bowie, Hermione and Hutch
Contributed by PantherPrincess
Sent in by Stefano From a recording session with Davy Jones and the Buzz Photo taken by Ray Stevenson
The early mime acts (thanks to Chris for these scans).
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