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Ziggy Era (1972-73)

Some pictures of Bowie taken from his first "character", Ziggy Stardust (who later mutated into Aladdin Sane). This includes the albums The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars through Aladdin Sane and Pin Ups.

Thanks to Halloween Jack, aka Jason M. Fortun hjack@netcom.com for doing the immense work involved in getting all of these together and scanned!

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Ziggy in 1973
Contributed by Ernst
Ziggy in 1973
Contributed by Ernst
Ziggy played guitar
Contributed by Joe
Rockstars in their underpants
Contributed by KelMar
Contributed by Aki Contributed by Magienoire Torrent

A bad hair day?
Contributed by mookid Pictures contributed by Albert Steen
Pictures contributed by Albert Steen Pictures contributed by Aki
Scans contributed by Stefano
Pictures contributed by Magienoire Torrent
The rabbit outfit
On a street in London
Contributed by Marz
The rabbit outfit
Contributed by PattiBowie
Doing his hair
Beautiful Ziggy pic Ziggy showing some leg Falling wanking to the floor
All pictures taken from the David Bowie BBC Sessions Sampler liner notes. Ziggy in full garb!
"Give me your hands!" from Rock 'N Roll Suicide at Glasgow, 1973 Nice pants David It's those boots again!
The original glam-rocker
circa 1972 circa 1972 A costume picked up in Japan
Low quality scan from 1973 David and Mick Ronson, 1973
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