This is David Bowie?

Kristi Barnett

Having declared myself 'The last Bowie fan in the world to hear Earthling', I can now finally give my comments on it!! :)

Little Wonder: Very cool track to play on a loud stereo with the bass turned up, especially a car stereo!!

Looking For Satellites: I don't care what anyone else says, this is one of my favourite tracks on the album....the first song that stuck in my mind, the first song that I sung in my dreams.

Battle For Britain (The Letter): Another great track. Always puts me in mind of the Beatles A Day In The Life.

Seven Years In Tibet: Bowie stole the beat from Trent Reznor who stole the beat from Bowie. Good song.

Dead Man Walking: Play this one in that car stereo I was talking about!! The most commercial track on the album and very catchy. Can anyone else hear hints of Lucy Can't Dance in it, especially near the end when David croons those last few notes?

Telling Lies: This is the best version of the song, although it lacks in something. I may be mad but I can hear a guitar lick from the live version of Moonage Daydream in it.

The Last Thing You Should Do: Still getting used to this one. I did manage to find a synthsizer part in it that I find memorable and therefore may end up liking this song.

I'm Afraid Of Americans: An average song. It's ok but I think the original used on the Showgirls soundtrack is superior to this version. What a waste putting it on a soundtrack.

Law (Earthlings On Fire): More ambient than any other track. More of an instrumental than a lyric driven song. I like it. It reminds me of All Saints.

Verdict: A very good album. Will be seen as a classic no doubt but there's one thing the album as a whole lacks. Bowie's vocals. It's not an album for the Bowie fan who likes to sing along to his songs.

Pros: What the album has going for it is the music. A powerhouse of great drum beats, fantastic Bass lines and excellent frenzied guitar, and the piano at the end of Dead Man walking is to die for. It should be played loud for greater effect as in the case of my friend who has decided to buy the album once I played it for her in her car stereo!! Of course I only played the two more commercial tracks, LW and DMW. My friend was blown away saying: THIS IS DAVID BOWIE? I'M GOING TO HAVE TO BUY THIS ALBUM.
Crafty aren't I? :)

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