Bonster's Birthday Concert Review

By Bonster

My seat in the front row was pretty good (although getting too old to stand for four hours) and it was exciting with the video shoot going on over our should be exciting for pay per view!

One thing that looked good for most of the fans, but a bit lame for us die hards is the scrim and S & V tour footage they dragged out for parts of the show....Louise and the dancing Bowie entertained us for several songs....but there were some new effects too...It was interesting the way they slowed the dance footage from Fame (or was it Let's Dance?) down for one of the newer numbers...I think there was more dance footage than I remembered from the 1990 tour and served to show that when you give Bowie some organized steps to do he can cut a rug with the best of them....

Little Wonder opened... Heart's Filthy Lesson next, we thought we were at the Outside tour for a minute there... Frank Black came out for Scary Monsters and Fashion...some reviewers thought he was a highlight, I thought he was hardly noticeable.. Telling Lies was about the same as other live versions we have heard Foo Fighters came out for a hard driving Hallo Spaceboy with three sets of need for backing tapes on this one. Bowie picked up a guitar several times during the night and kicked ass with the electric thing! Seven Years in Tibet with just Dave Gruel, Groel, whatever (sp?) of Foo Fighters on guitar was excellent Man who sold the World (Outside tour version) Then Robert Smith came out in full makeup for Last Thing You Should Do (from Earthling) and Quicksand. I thought they were very good together but the Post reviewer didn't feel they clicked..we'll see how the show looks on TV Battle for Britain (Earthling) and Voyeur Sonic Youth kicked out some hot guitar rock butt on Afraid of Americans (two basses, two drums, two get the picture) and Looking for Satellites (Earthling)

back to old stuff with the crowd going "Where's the hits Dave?"

Under Pressure, Heroes, (recent tour versions)

Lou Reed and Dave kicked it into gear with Queen Bitch, Waiting for the Man (I guess its been a few years for that one :), and (the only song he did that night that was not a known Bowie "anthem") Dirty Boulevard followed by White Light, White Heat (recent tour version)

Then Moonage Daydream kept the crowd up

the encore with Billy Corgan was good (except that Corgan insisted on singing ) and they did All The Young Dudes and The Jean Genie

The final encore was David dragging Space Oddity and the S & V effects out of the closet which of course brought the house down....nice touch for TV though.

Side notes: Obviously NOT really a birthday concert but a vehicle for Earthling with seven of nine tracks played live and the other two on tape before the show started...Some from Outside too, but none of Black Tie. Pay Per view to promote Earthling was the goal here...sure hope it works! I love Earthling BTW!

The classics were more or less the ones he has been performing lately except of course the ones he wasnt going to perform ever again (although he always had the caveat that he would do them for charity). Still a lot of people disappointed Iggy didnt show and that Let's Dance wasn't played . My observations of the crowd was pretty quiet but respectful until the classics came out at the end. The they went ballistic. Although a lot of people in the pit really were getting into the new stuff (Earthling).

I hear Prince was running around somewhere and Beck was there too (according to the NY Post), but of course they didn't perform and there was no "special" guest unless you count Billy Corgan who we already knew about before hand...Dave got his cake and we all sang happy birthday of course near the end of the show...someone put relighting candles on the cake and Bowie blew them out three times before he realized the deal and said "OH OK, I see.....REEVES????" My opinion was it was a good performance, but missing the intimacy of the recent ballroom tour where Bowie was there, it seemed, for the love of it and really into the crowd....He seemed a bit far away for this show....He didn't seem to get too chummy with any of the guest stars.....Lou Reed stared intently at him their entire perfomance together and Bowie didn't seem to look at him much til the end...the round robin with the guests was as I expected, but much faster in and out than you might think possible, no time lost between songs at all, truly a "slam bang thank you mammmmm"!!!

About 30 internet fans came over to the Penn Hotel after the show to see what everyone looked like, then ran like hell (just kidding)

We all stood around and talked for a while then started to splinter off. Next time it might be worthwhile getting a banquet room or something so we can chew the fat. Some of us went to a bar in the village for a bit...drag show in progress.. so we took a side room and talked. It was great meeting people you only "know" in print! Evan Torrie and his brother are VERY cute...We were all hoping Neal Beattie would show up, but alas we were disappointed...

Bonster, alias DBfan

P.S If you don't like my take on the's a diverse world! Hope I didn't miss any songs, but I wasn't taking notes! :)

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