Seven Years In Tibet Single Review

by Dara O'Kearney

I picked up my copies of the "Seven Years In Tibet" single on Friday. I think they release in Ireland on Fridays now because our chart period is different from the UK.

The ironic thing is the single is being proclaimed as "limited edition" only, yet I've never seen a Bowie single so well stocked by the shops here.

The CD single comes in a gatefold sleeve. I think the edit is very good, as good as could be expected, in the sense that the song isn't obviously butchered to get 3 minutes off for the whore that is commercial radio. Mandarin SYIT is quite beautiful and funny at the same time. Live Pallas Athena - well, we know what that's like. For the record, it was recorded in Amsterdam, and mixed by Mark Plati.

I also found myself buying a copy of the clear seven inch vinyl single, even though it includes just the edit and Mandarin SYIT. You know how it is for us old-timers - we're suckers for a good old-fashioned 'proper' single in a picture sleeve.

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