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Dot Music, January 31, 1999

28 SURVIVE (David Bowie)

Here's the thing. I always liken David Bowie singles to Japanese wrestling matches. I know that there are a great many of them. Some are rather average and some are quite superb, amongst the best in the world. The problem is that the critical ability to distinguish between the two appears to be quite beyond me. As far as this person is concerned they all seem to be as good or as bad as each other. Hence the as the followup to Thursday's Child lands on the chart (incidentally meaning that Bowie has now had hit singles in four decades from the 1960s onwards) all I can do is tell you that it comes from his most cricically acclaimed album for years and to the hardcore Bowie fan is a very good single indeed. Everyone else will probably prefer to stay neutral (although admittedly the production on the song is magical - combining both electric and acoustic guitars). Me? I'm off to watch an old IWA tape and get confused again.

Q Magazine, January 31, 2000

Survive (Virgin)

On dit that the Thin Grey Duke is back on form with his most recent album hours... and this does sound like its been in splendid isolation from some of the more notable career cul de sacs over the last 25 years or so. Jangly acoustic guitars, world-weary lyrics that defy any rational analysis ("I'll survive your naked eyes" - at least I think he said "eyes...") and a suitably spacey climax all push the desired buttons, even if he's not pushing himself any more.

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