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China Girl - The Single

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Songs (Time)

UK Release

  1. China Girl (Bowie/Pop)
  2. Shake It (Bowie)
Release Details
Released by EMI America in the UK and US, May 1983
Catalogue numbers: EA 157 (UK), 12EA 157 (UK), EAP 157 (UK), 8177 (US)
Released in picture sleeve (EA 157 and 8177)
12" single released in picture sleeve (12EA 157)
Picture disc (EAP 157)
David Bowie, Nile Rodgers (1983)
David Bowie: vocals
Carmine Rojas: bass
Nile Rodgers: guitar
Omar Hakim: drums
Tony Thompson: drums
Stevie Ray Vaughan: guitar
Rob Sabino: keyboards
Mac Gollehon: trumpet
Robert Aaron: saxophone
Stan Harrison: saxophone
Steve Elson: saxophone
Sam Figueroa: percussion


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