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Low/Station To Station Songbook


Published in 1978 by Warner Bros. Publications, 75 Rockerfeller Plaza, NY, NY 10019. Cover is the same as the Low cover, back is the same as Station To Station cover. Has photos from 76 concert, 2 from Rhona Barret show.
Songs and page numbers

Station To Station p44, Golden Years p64, Word On A Wing p72, TVC-15 p54, Stay p51, Wild Is The Wind p58, Always Crashing In The Same Car p24, Art Decade p37, Be My Wife p27, Breaking Glass p18, A New Career In A New Town p32, Sound And Vision p13, Speed Of Life p16, Subterraneans p42, Warszawa p34, Weeping Wall p38, What In The World p21

All scans from the songbook contributed by Calvin Hedgecoke

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