David Bowie FAQ:Personal Life:
David Bowie's father was John Jones (full name Haywood Stenton Jones), who died in 1969. His mother is Peggy Burns (full name Margaret), of Irish Catholic ancestry. Now over 80 years old, she reportedly lives in an exclusive 600-pound-a-week retirement home in England.

He had an older step brother, Terry via his mother's previous marriage, who suffered for many years from schizophrenia, and was in and out of mental institutions over the years. Terry committed suicide in 1985. Bowie did not attend the funeral, fearing his presence there would turn it into a media event.

He also has a step sister named Annette on his father's side. The family lost contact with Annette.

Bowie has been married two times. His first marriage was to Mary Angela ("Angie") Barnett in 1970. The couple separated and later divorced. He has one child, Duncan Zowie Heywood Bowie (who sometimes goes by the name of "Joe") born in 1971 by Angie.

He remarried supermodel Iman Abdulmajid (usually known just as "Iman") in 1992. The couple currently have no children.

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