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In July, 1999, the echo-conference RU.DAVID.BOWIE was created in FIDONET, the worldwide non-commercial amateur network. This conference can be read in the Usenet as newsgroup fido7.ru.david.bowie. As you can see, the conference has the prefix RU. which means that it is the mostly russian-language conference, although English is also allowed here. All the aspects of David's life and work are allowed to discuss there.
 I am the creator and the moderator of RU.DAVID.BOWIE. My FIDONET
address is 2:5061/112. My E-Mail is ikupriya@uic2.rnd.runnet.ru or Igor_Kupriyanov@f112.n5061.z2.fidonet.org (this is FIDO address seen through the FIDO <-> Internet gate).
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