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Alone - Cover

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Black Box Music

This release by saxophonist Simon Haram includes covers from a number of avant-garde artists, including Bowie's own Warszawa from the Low album.

Songs (Time)

  1. Consuelo's Dream (7:02) John Adams
  2. Bob (1:52) Graham Fitkin
  3. This Is Prophetic (7:45) John Adams
  4. Spiegel Im Spiegel (7:44) Arvo Part
  5. Watching (9:00) Graham Fitkin
  6. If (4:20) Michael Nyman
  7. Why (5:21) Michael Nyman
  8. Pam & Jim & Jim & Pam (2:17) Graham Fitkin
  9. Warszawa (7:45) David Bowie/Brian Eno
  10. Alone...again or at last (4:17) John Adams
Release details
Original release by Blackbox Records, September 1999
Simon Haram saxophones, EWI, synths
Liz Burley piano, Fender Rhodes
Michael Nyman Band
Executive Producer
Chris Craker
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