Teenage Wildlife

Ahn-Plugged - Cover


This classical release by the Ahn Trio includes a cover of This Is Not America.

Songs (Time)

  1. Concerto for Piano, Violin, Cello and Percussion - composed by Henji Bunch
  2. Enrico IV: Oblivion - composed by Astor Piazzolla
  3. Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano - composed by Leonard Bernstein
  4. Slow Dance - composed by Henji Bunch
  5. Las estaciones portenos (4): Primavera portena - composed by Astor Piazzolla
  6. The Diamond World - composed by Eric Ewazen
  7. The Piano: The Heart Asks For Pleasure First - composed by Michael Nyman
  8. This Is Not America - composed by The Pat Metheny Group
Release details
Original release by EMD/EMI Classics, August 15, 2000
Angella Ahn: violin
Lucia Ahn: piano
Maria Ahn: cello



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