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Billboard August, 2000

Ahn-Plugged - EMI Classics
EMI has split its bets with photogenic female piano trios, offering the well-bred Caucasians of the Eroica Trio for those fond of uptown girls and the trendy Asian sisters of the Ahn Trio for those with more downtown tastes. Both musically and sartorially, the Ahns have it over the Eroicas with their second EMI set, ``Ahn-Plugged.'' The group's more contemporary spirit even makes up for the excess cuteness of the album package and occasionally wan playing. The disc's key asset is its inspired repertoire mix. It includes three works written for the trio (two by young Henji Bunch and a very melodious one by Eric Ewazen); two arrangements of classic, if overplayed, Astor Piazzolla tunes; Leonard Bernstein's songful, early Piano Trio; a Michael Nyman transcription from ``The Piano'' (done especially for the Ahns by the composer); and a game take on ``This Is Not America,'' the haunting theme to the movie ``The Falcon And The Snowman'' by David Bowie and Pat Metheny.

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