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Pop Artificielle - Cover

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This collection of pop hits is given the electro-experimentalist treatment by techno-pop band LB (formerly KK Records band Lassigue Bendthaus). Included among the nine tracks is Bowie's Ashes To Ashes.

  1. Superbad (3:18) Brown
  2. Be Near Me (3:50) Fry/White
  3. Sunshine Superman (3:45) Donovan
  4. The Future (4:14) Prince
  5. Jealous Guy (4:19) Lennon
  6. You Are In My System (4:31) Frank/Murphy
  7. Ashes To Ashes (4:34) Bowie
  8. Angie (3:17) Jagger/Richards
  9. Silence Is Golden (4:18) Sakamoto
Release details
Original release August 7, 2000 by Output Records
Catalogue Number: OPRCD38
LB: instruments, vocals and backing vocals
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