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Ashes To Ashes - The Album

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A double CD collection of Bowie covers put out in the United Kingdom in 1998. Some of the band names are "rather" suspicious :-) Thanks to Eric Castaing for the album scan.

Songs (Time)

    CD 1

  1. Space Oddity by Space Girls
  2. Be My Wife by Blame
  3. Drive In Saturday by The Turn
  4. Suffragette City by Killer Nannies in America
  5. Starman by Birth Marc
  6. Sorrow by Tribal Underground
  7. The Jean Genie by Die Lady Di
  8. Rock 'N Roll Suicide by Info Riot
  9. John I'm Only Dancing by Creem
  10. Rebel Rebel by Twilight Clone
  11. The Laughing Gnome by Living Room
  12. Life On Mars by Manix
  13. God Only Knows by AFX
  14. This Is Not America by Yellow Prophet

    CD 2

  15. Absolute Beginners by Info Riot
  16. Sound And Vision by Bad Soup
  17. Blue Jean by Example 2
  18. Never Let Me Down by Birth Marc
  19. Boys Keep Swinging by AFX
  20. Modern Love by Butthole Cruisers
  21. Let's Dance by Overdose
  22. China Girl by Piggy Stardust
  23. Day In Day Out by The Dropouts
  24. Fashion by Die Lady Di
  25. Jump They Say by Death To The Legion
  26. "Heroes" by Enola Gay
  27. Golden Years by Walk DMC
  28. Ashes To Ashes by Twilight Zone
Release details
Released by doppelganger
Catalogue number: DOP53
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