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Crash Course For The Ravers - The Album

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This is a tribute album, with tracks by lesser known bands, mostly out of the Portland, Oregon area. (Thanks to Matt Westacott for the scan and info!)

Songs (Time)

All songs written by David Bowie, except "Heroes" by Bowie/Eno, and It Ain't Easy by Ron Davies.

  1. Golden Years by Swell
  2. Andy Warhol by Tree People
  3. Queen Bitch by Capsize 7
  4. The Jean Genie by Fernando
  5. Suffragette City by Golden Delicious
  6. Sound And Vision by Quasi
  7. "Heroes" by Magnetic Fields
  8. Moonage Daydream by J. Hell
  9. Boys Keep Swinging by The Dambuilders
  10. Always Crashing In The Same Car by King Black Acid
  11. The Width Of A Circle by Spurge
  12. It Ain't Easy by Hazel
  13. After All by Ventilator
  14. The Sun Machine (Memory Of A Free Festival) by Mercury Rev
Release details
Released by Undercover Records, 1996
Email: mnkyshine@aol.com
Undercover Records
P.O. Box 14561
Portland, OR 97293


Hans sent in this review of the album which he wrote for Goldmine Magazine.


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