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Loving The Alien: Athens Georgia Salutes David Bowie - The Album

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This tribute album hails (obviously) from the Athens, Georgia USA area. From the liner notes:

"The only thing these bands and individuals have in common is an Athens mailing address and a reverence for the Thin White Duke. Hopefully their collective efforts are a suitably eclectic testimony to his brillance".

Originally released on an independent label (Blackrider Records) in 1998, it was rereleased with wider distribution by Fire Ant Records in October 1999.

Songs (Time)

  1. It's No Game (Part 3) by Born To Worry
  2. Big Brother by The Quiet Men
  3. John I'm Only Dancing by M I M E
  4. Hang Onto Yourself by Ceiling Fan
  5. I Can't Read by Robert Lurie Collective
  6. Abdulmajid by Ryan McWhorter
  7. Andy Warhol by E L I
  8. A New Career In A New Town by Don't Analyze
  9. Modern Love by Simultaneous Discs
  10. Starman by Slackdaddy
Release details
Released by Blackrider Records, November 1998
Catalogue number: BR 221110
Rereleased by Fire Ant Records, October 26, 1999


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