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The Dark Side Of David Bowie - The Album

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Released in Germany, this Bowie tribute CD (the full title is A Tribute to David Bowie - The Dark Side of David Bowie) includes covers by gothic/dark wave/avant garde bands.

Songs (Time)

  1. Space Oddity (4:54) Crimson Joy
  2. The Motel (7:01) Syria
  3. Outside (4:46) Dreadful Shadows
  4. Blue Jean (3:30) Gallery of Fear
  5. Time Will Crawl (5:19) Burning Gates
  6. Scary Monsters (4:00) Sepulcrum Mentis
  7. Big Brother (4:57) Cream VIII
  8. Be My Wife (3:13) Exedra
  9. Five Years (4:40) Endless
  10. Girls (5:25) Kill The Audience
  11. Holy Holy (5:01) Marquee Moon
  12. Look Back In Anger (4:01) Swans Of Avon
  13. Station To Station (7:28) The Merry Thoughts
  14. Ziggy Stardust (3:32) Nuit d'October
  15. Moonage Daydream (5:34) Timothy Moldrey
Release details
Catalogue number: KHA044 (KHAZAD-DUM)
Distributed in Germany on SPV 084-52932
Compiled by Joerg Kleudgen


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