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Weren't Born A Man - The Album

This album features a cover of "Andy Warhol" and the song "Backed A Loser" (which in some circles is credited to Bowie as well), and also some production by Bowie and Mick Ronson.

Songs (Time)

  1. Stardom Road Parts I & II - Stamp/Avery
  2. What Memories We Make - Gillespie
  3. Dizzy Heights - Gillespie
  4. Andy Warhol - Bowie
  5. Backed A Loser - Gillespie
  6. Weren't Born A Man - Gillespie/Liber
  7. Mother, Don't Be Frightened - Gillespie
  8. All Cut Up On You - Gillespie
  9. Eternal Showman - Gillespie
  10. All Gone - Gillespie
Release details
Original release by RCA
Dana Gillespie and Robin Cable for Mainman, except for "Andy Warhol" and "Mother, Don't Be Frightened", produced by David Bowie and Mick Ronson
Dave Winter, Pat Donaldson, Mike Miran, Ronny Leahy, Rick Wakeman: piano
Paul Keogh, Chris Ray, Ray Glin, Jim Ryan: guitar
Barry DeSouza, Terry Cox: drums
Bobby Keyes: saxophone
Ray Cooper, Frank Riccoti: percussion
Roseta Hightower, Joanne Williams, Lisa Strike: backing singers
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