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WBCN, a radio station in Boston, MA, released a CD featuring songs from live appearances on their station. Included was Bowie's rendition of Dead Man Walking from his April 8, 1997 appearance at Fort Apache studios.

Songs (Time)

  1. My Own Prison Creed Naked at WBCN 11/20/98
  2. Dead Man Walking David Bowie live April 8, 1997 at Fort Apache
  3. The Old Apartment Barenaked Ladies Naked at WBCN 7/30/98
  4. Mockingbird Girl Scott Weiland Live at the WBCN River Rave 5/31/98
  5. Closing Time Semisonic Naked at WBCN 8/9/98
  6. Who Will Save Your Soul Jewel Naked at WBCN 8/3/95
  7. Sex and Candy Marcy Playground Naked at WBCN 1/21/98
  8. Airport Song Guster Naked at WBCN 7/8/98
  9. Inside Out Eve 6 Naked at WBCN 5/7/98
  10. The Way Fastball Naked at WBCN 4/1/98
  11. Save Tonight Eagle Eye Cherry Live at the Paradise 8/31/98
  12. Natural One Folk Implosion Naked at WBCN 4/3/97

    Bonus Track

  13. The Passenger Iggy Pop Live at the Channel 7/19/98
Release Details
Released November 17, 1998 by Wicked Disc


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