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American Psycho - The Soundtrack

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Bowie contributes a Mark Plati remix of Something In The Air to the soundtrack for this controversial film.

Songs (Time)

  1. You Spin Me Round (2:43) Dope
  2. Introductory monologue with Score (0:38) Bateman and John Cale
  3. Something in the Air (American Psycho Remix) (6:01) David Bowie
  4. Watching Me Fall (7:42) The Cure (remixed by Underdog of Massive Attack)
  5. True Faith (5:53) New Order
  6. Monologue 2 with score (0:30) Bateman and John Cale
  7. Trouble (4:15) Daniel Ash with Adrian Utley of Portishead
  8. Paid in Full (Coldcut Remix) (7:08) Eric B and Rakim
  9. Who Feelin' It (Philip's Psycho Mix) (4:52) Tom Tom Club
  10. Monologue 3 with score (1:19) Bateman and M.K Mynarski
  11. What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy Mix) (4:35) Information Society
  12. Pump Up the Volume (4:06) M/A/R/R/S
  13. Paid In Full (Remix) (3:06) The Racket
  14. Monologue 4 (1:17) Bateman
Release details
Released April 4, 2000 by Koch Records
Catalogue number: KOC-CD 8077
American Psycho remix by Mark Plati


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