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Absolute Beginners - The Album

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This appeared in both a US and UK release. The US release only has 10 songs, while the UK release has 18. The track listing here is from the UK release (CDV2386). The extra songs are the last eight.

Songs (Time)

  1. Absolute Beginners (8:03 David Bowie. Performed by David Bowie).
  2. Killer Blow (4:37 Adu/Booth/Stabbins. Performed by Sade)
  3. Have You Ever Had It Blue? (5:38 Paul Weller. Performed by Style Council)
  4. Quiet Life (2:56 Ray Davies. Performed by Ray Davies)
  5. Va Va Voom (3:27 Composed and conducted by Gil Evans)
  6. That's Motivation (4:15 David Bowie. Performed by David Bowie)
  7. Having It All (3:08 P. Kensit/Godson/Beauchamp. Performed by Eighth Wonder featuring Patsy Kensit)
  8. Rodrigo Bay (3:33 Booth/Stabbins/Roberts. Performed by Working Week)
  9. Selling Out (3:36 Tot Taylor/Julien Temple/Slim Gaillard. Performed by Slim Gaillard)
  10. Riot City (8:29 Jerry Dammers. Performed by Jerry Dammers)
  11. Boogie Stop Shuffle Rough and the Smooth (3:01 Mingus, performed by Gil Evans)
  12. Ted Ain't Dead (2:36 Tudorpole/Temple, performed by Tenpole Tudor)
  13. Volare (3:14 Modugno/Migliacci. performed by David Bowie)
  14. Napoli (4:09 Langer/Temple, performed by Clive Langer)
  15. Little Cat - You Never Had It So Good (2:18 Nick Lowe, performed by Jonas)
  16. Better Git It In Your Soul (1:50 Mingus, performed by Gil Evans)
  17. So What? (4:19 Miles Davis/Smiley Culture, performed by Smiley Culture)
  18. Absolute Beginners (1:41 David Bowie, performed by Gil Evans)
Release details
Original release by Virgin 1986


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