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Art Exhibit at Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery
453 W. 17th Street
New York, NY

Review by Gwin

I finally visited the artshow at the Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery. The owner, Rupert himself, has been a Bowie fan since hearing "Starman." I had a nice chat with him; it turns out DB visited the show and bought several pieces -- and also sent Rupert a lovely Christmas card. Rupert is thinking about having a "Bowie Party" at the gallery before the show closes, and will call me if this happens (so I can pass the message along to other NYC-based TW'ers).

According to the press release, the show was "conceived with the idea of bringing together work made about David Bowie, ranging from fan homages to 'work inspired by' to work that focuses specifically on Bowie's differing 'looks' and themes over his career. The exhibition concentrates on the inspiration and reference artists of this era draw from Bowie's work."

The majority of the pieces seemed inspired by Bowie's work from the 1970's. One striking image was Ned Ambler' "Bowie Copy," which was a naked body assembled out of photocopies (lifesize) with Ziggy's head attached at the top. Another was Robert Hawkins' "The First Beautiful Woman," a drawing of what seemed to be a Neanderthal Ziggy. Nearby was Mr Leonard's "Bad Fairy," a photo manipulation of three images from "Labyrinth." These three artworks were purchased by DB himself.

Other artworks which caught my eye: "Portrait of David Bowie in 1973," a spare Japanese ink drawing by Elizabeth Kley; and several cartoons by Guy Richards Smit showing 1950's esque people saying things like "He's very sexually threatening to me," "He contradicts himself," and "I like his music but I have trouble integrating his ideas into my life" (from a series called "Problems with Bowie"). DB and Tony Ousler's clip for "Little Wonder" was also on exhibition (although not playing when I was there), courtesy of Isolar and RZO.

The nuttiest piece I saw was probably by "Leroy, King of Art": a paper mache vase painted green, yellow and purple with little cut-out disembodied DB heads from different eras. Oh, did I mention the fake jewels on the vase? It reminded me of a fourth-grade art project - - in a good way. I also liked Meredyth Sparks' "Pop #6, #14, #4, #9, #5, & #1" which was six pen and ink drawings of the hairdos - - just the hairdos - - DB has had over the years!

New York-based Bowie fans would do well to check this show out; it will be up until the 23rd. Rupert also showed me a gallery publication that said that the Sean Kelly Gallery has apparently booked Laurie Anderson and DB to do a joint show! I am not sure about how confirmable this is - - it could just be in the initial stages, but who knows? Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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