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November 4, 1999

Fans Choose Reeves Gabrels on the Net;
CDDB Empowers Users to Opt-In for MP3 Only Album

Internet music info-database enables artists and promoters to establish digital pipeline to active listeners online

BERKELEY (CA), November 4, 1999 - Leveraging the 10 million online fans that use their Disc Recognition Service monthly, CDDB, Inc. has inked an exclusive, one-year agreement with Grammy-nominated Reeves Gabrels to enable the artists to release his new solo album on the Internet. The album, Ulysses (della notte), goes online at www.ReevesGabrels.com at midnight tonight and will not be available in stores.

Unprecedented in the emerging Internet music business, the deal gives CDDB the exclusive right to make the album available to over 250 CDDB-enabled applications (which include RealJukebox, WinAmp, and MusicMatch) to put Gabrels' current listeners a link away from purchasing his new album online. The move incites software developers to upgrade their music player applications to incorporate CDDB, an enhanced version of the Disc Recognition Service with extended data, dynamic linking and international language translation capability.

"Because CDDB identifies over 450,000 albums daily, we have an opportunity, on an opt-in basis, to help Reeves and his fans hook-up online," said Ty Roberts, CTO, at CDDB. "Whenever a registered fan listens to Bowie, The Cure, Public Enemy or any of Reeves music on a CDDB-enabled application, they'll be a mouse click away from buying his new solo album on the Net," continued Roberts. Gabrels' discography will trigger links to www.ReevesGabrels.com when played on CDDB-enabled applications.

"The Internet lets me make my music available to listeners within a week of completion. And these songs are coming out unaltered or remixed by a record label's A&R department. What you hear is what I wanted you to get. No compromises," said Reeves Gabrels who will release the single today to rock and alternative affiliates exclusively through MTV Radio Networks.

"The deal is a marked shift for the global distribution of music for artists and labels," said Andy Spray, Director of Music Business Development at CDDB. "CDDB's distribution agreement with Reeves Gabrels levies a flat fee and targets the exploding wired fan-base."

To support the release, CDDB will employ a viral marketing strategy to promote sales of Gabrels' new album. "User-created content may be the buzz word of the day, but user-distributed content is where CDDB comes in. We're using a branded software player and Internet postcards to let fans introduce fans to Reeves' new release on the Net," said Ann E. Greenberg, SVP, Marketing and Business Development at CDDB.

When fans download "Ulysses (della notte)" they will receive a bonus player that is the equivalent of a virtual album cover with audio playback capability. The result is the integration of the music and album art online. The player is self-reliant with the aid of the AMP MP3 digital playback engine from PlayMedia Labs at www.playmedia.hr. AMP is the same technology used to power AOL's popular WinAmp MP3 player.

About CDDB
CDDB adds value to the online listening experience by automatically displaying the name of the artist, album and song title during playback, eliminating the need to type in the information manually. CDDB houses the world's largest music database on the Internet with 445,762 album titles as of Sunday, October 24, 1999.

CDDB's Disc Recognition Service (DRS) has become the industry standard and enjoys the widest acceptance rate of any of service of it's kind. CDDB's DRS provides audio CD information to CDDB-enabled applications via a network of high availability, mirrored servers with premium bandwidth connections to the Internet. Capable of distinguishing between multiple releases of the same album, CDDB's DRS provides consumers with the highest level of accuracy available online. CDDB licenses its DRS to third party software developers and is built-in to over 250 applications.

Users can tap directly into CDDB's database at www.CDDB.com, with searchable information of its archives of musical artists, albums and song titles. The company sells banner ad space on their Web site and offers consumers the opportunity to purchase audio CDs and music memorabilia from retail partners CDNow, Amazon, CityAuction and EveryCD based on their listening tastes.

Fans can also monitor the CDDB Top Ten, which charts the most popular albums played on computers worldwide. Much as the RIAA certifies albums gold or platinum based on the number of units sold, CDDB certifies albums as Silicon based on the number of playbacks they achieve on computers. CDDB has presented their Silicon CD Award, made from an actual laser-etched silicon wafer, to superstars Alanis Morisette, Britney Spears and alternative rock band Korn for the top charting albums online.

CDDB, Inc., is an Internet enterprise of Escient, Inc., on the web at www.escient.com. Using compelling Internet-based technologies, Escient simplifies the use of complex home entertainment appliances while providing new and innovative sources of entertainment to consumers. Escient's convergence products and services include its critically acclaimed TuneBase family of CD-content management solutions, its OEM video-management products, and its CDDB World Wide Web site (www.CDDB.com), which features the largest and most comprehensive music CD database on the Internet. Through a vision keenly attuned to the end-user, Escient makes technology behave.

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