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The second Outside annual meeting was a success. How could it be any different? A small group of great friends (who got to know one another by means of this Brazilian Bowie mailing list, but found out they had so much more in common than the fact they're Bowie fans), gathered together in such a lovely place as Sao Joao da Boa Vista to make their carnival dream come true.

No, no samba, no carnival costumes, no naked "mulatas" dancing in the streets. This is exactly one of the things we have in common: we don't like Brazilian carnival! But on carnival holidays we are bound to hear carnival music and be surrounded by carnival news and facts and events everywhere.

So now we broke free! For these four days we didn't even know what was going on in the rest of Brazil, as we drowned in rock'n'roll, including a great British-rock party and two jam sessions - always featuring A LOT of Bowie songs, of course. There were also a delicious barbecue at Andherson's house, including a breathtaking session of Bowie books, videos, and hundreds of boot... err... records, and a couple of delicious and very funny 'expositions' through the surroundings of Sao Joao, including typical foods, waterfalls, and forests - in one of which Discovery Channel explorer Andherson Miliatti and his Nubian escorts found a mammoth fossil! You can check out all of these facts in the following pictures.

By the way: we are scheduling our next annual meeting for carnival 2001 in Sao Paulo!

Bowie Carnival Bowie Carnival Bowie Carnival Bowie Carnival
Outside members checking out some items of Andherson's Bowie collection The set for the cool British party A visit to a waterfall in the surroundings of Sao Joao Explorer Andherson and his Nubian escorts examining the mammoth fossil
Bowie Carnival Bowie Carnival Bowie Carnival Bowie Carnival
Outsiders relaxing at the swimming pool Lead singer Laszlo and backing vocals Angie and Mariana, The Spiderettes Players of the Outside Jam Band Andherson, founder of the Outside mailing list and organizer of BowieCarnival 2000, kicking ass at the drums

Information from Andherson Miliatti and Carolina Alfaro

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