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Earthling World Tour Cancelled!!

Bowie hospitalized for vocal cord surgery


AP News, April 1, 1997 - A publicist for rock legend David Bowie announced today that Bowie's upcoming world tour to promote his new album Earthling has been cancelled. Mich Snyder, Bowie's publicist at Virgin Records, reported that the 50 year old star has been scheduled for an upcoming operation to remove growths from his vocal cords.

"This is just a routine procedure. A lot of rock stars develop problems with their voice after years of singing, and following several consultations with specialists, David has decided to undergo an operation to remove polyps from his vocal cords," said Snyder.

Bowie had been feeling soreness in his throat following a heavy schedule in 1996 which involved festival concerts in Europe, followed up by his 50th birthday concert at Madison Square Garden earlier this year.

"David went to his doctor complaining of a stressed throat in March, and after a routine examination, his doctor diagnosed a case of vocal cord polyps. Unfortunately, David's specialists have advised him that for a full recovery, he will need to refrain from overusing his voice for at least 6 months after the operation. Thus the planned world tour to promote his new album Earthling has been cancelled," Snyder told reporters.

According to Snyder, the growths are not dangerous. "The specialists have assured David that these growths are benign, and after removal, he should make a full recovery."

Rumors have surfaced however that the chain-smoking Bowie may have fallen victim to throat cancer. Dr Ron Sirrah, a cancer expert, told AP News that singers who also smoke heavily are particularly susceptible to throat cancer. "It would be my opinion that Bowie's smoking and his frequent stressing of his voice during performances make him very likely to develop throat cancer. Even if these growths are benign, Bowie faces a much greater risk of developing cancer in the future due to his heavy smoking," said Dr. Sirrah.

Bowie himself was unavailable for comment on the story.

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