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News July 1997

hot new July 31: Posted today on Virgin Records tour page, are the following:

Sept 6 - Plaza of Nations, Vancouver
Sept 7 - Paramount, Seattle, WA
Sept 10 - Mammoth, Denver, CO
Sept 13 - Universal Ampitheater, Los Angeles, CA
Sept 15 - Warfield, San Francisco, CA
Sept 16 - Warfield, San Francisco, CA
Sept 21 - State Theatre, Detroit, MI
Sept 24 - Metropolis, Montreal
Sept 27 - Warehouse Docks, Toronto
Sept 30 - Orpheum, Boston, MA
Oct 1 - Orpheum, Boston, MA
Oct 3 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 4 - Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 7 - Edge, Miami, FL
Oct 8 - Edge, Miami, FL
Oct 10 - International Ballroom, Atlanta, GA
Oct 12 - Capitol Ballroom, Washington DC
Oct 13 - Webster/Irving, New York, NY
Oct 15 - GQ Awards, New York, NY
Oct 17 - Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
Oct 18 - Roy Wilkins, Minneapolis, MN

No word yet on when tickets go on sale, but it would no doubt be soon. If you plan on going to a concert, be sure to visit the Earthling Tour page, and register yourself as a concertgoer!

new July 30: Chas from Canada sent me the following rumour:

I've just heard that Bowie will be playing 2 shows in Toronto in September at the Warehouse (capacity approx. 2500-3000). Will let you know the dates later in the week.
This would seem to fit the dates below (where there's a gap in the schedule at the end of September). Remember, all these dates are rumours, and subject to change/cancellation etc etc. Don't spend your grandmother's inheritance money on plane tickets until the dates are confirmed!

hot new July 29: From the inimitable Bonster comes a first schedule of rumoured US Earthling tour dates!

Sept 7 - Seattle
Sept 10 - Denver
Sept 13 - LA @ UA Amphitheater
Sept 15/16 - San Francisco
Sept 21/22 - Detroit

Canada ??? perhaps

Sept 30 - Boston
Oct 3/4 - Philadelphia
Oct 7/8 - Miami
Oct 10 - Atlanta
Oct 12 - Washington DC
Oct 14/15 - New York
Oct 17 - Chicago
Oct 18 - Minneapolis
Oct 23 - Mexico City

I have a call in to Bowie's publicist in the US (the Mitch Schneider Organization), and they have confirmed that Bowie will be touring the US, but said they are unable to confirm any dates yet. When they are able to, I'll be in contact with them again.

updated July 28: Keith sent me email telling me that Earl's Court is now saying the Roswell UK concert (which David had been rumoured to be appearing at) has been postponed from August 21-23. So it appears that Bowie won't be performing at that.

new July 28: I finally got time to implement something which I'd been planning for a while: a Bowie trivia quiz! At the moment, this is still in the development stages, so the pool of questions (which come in three categories; Easy, Medium and Hard) is still small. However, the nice thing is that if you are a registered user, you can add your own question to the pool. Each person's question will be edited for correctness, before being added to the pool.

updated July 27: Just a reminder about the Mick Ronson memorial concert to be held in Hull, August 9th. Tickets are £20, and such luminaries as The Spiders (Mick Woodmansey and Trevor Bolder), Ian Hunter, Joe Elliot, Michael Chapman will be playing. The phone number to call in England is 01482-325252, 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week. Rumour has it that The Spiders will be playing in Dublin on the 7th, with Bowie due to play on the 8th and 9th, so there are lots of stories about a Bowie/Spiders reunion on stage on either the 7th or 8th.

hot updated July 24: Further to the rumour from yesterday, subscribers to the Monkees (see, I knew there was a cosmic connection between the two Davy Jones!) email mailing list received this message on the 22nd:

"The Monkees show at the Universal Amphitheater on September 13 has definitely been canceled. This is not because of The Monkees - the UA has decided to use that date for a larger act - David Bowie - instead."

RUMOUR:An anonymous tipster sent me this email:
Bowie is scheduled to play the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles on Sept. 13th. Tickets on sale Saturday next. So expect tour announcement any day.
If this is true, it could mean a west to east tour of the US, but don't book your plane tickets just yet.

new updated July 23: Bowie confirmed at Glasgow last night that the next single will be Seven Years In Tibet and will be released next month.

update NME is reporting in this week's issue that the single will be released on August 18th, and will be backed by the Mandarin version which is still making waves on the charts in Hong Kong.
In addition, he also confirmed that a 7" of the live version of V-2 Schneider that he has been playing on tour will also be released (see below).

new July 22: For all you Reeves groupies out there, two Teenage Wildlife readers have informed me that Gabrels plays guitar on the new release Metropolis by industrial band Sister Machine Gun.

new July 22: In an interview on the UK's Channel 5 last night, Bowie confirmed that he would be touring until the end of the year (does that include down-under David?), and then would take a rest while he and Iman try to have a baby. Some reports seem to have turned this into a "Bowie won't tour again after 1997" story, but this seems to be just a misinterpretation of what Bowie said.

hot new July 21:

update An additional night in London (August 12) has been added due to the sellout in 3 hours of the original August 11 date.
Missing Link has an exclusive announcement about six new UK concert dates. All appear to be small club dates, with tickets going on sale via a credit card hotline (0990-321321) from today, Sunday 20th July at 8 p.m. (rumour says they may be available from 6 p.m.). Tickets are £15 each + booking fee, and are limited to 6 per caller.
For more information, visit Dave Priest's

Missing Link News Desk

new July 21: Mick from the UK sent me the news that he'd picked up a copy of a 12" vinyl Earthling. The catalogue number is 74321449441, and it has Made in the EU printed on it. It is just the same as the original release, but Mick says the gatefold sleeve and print quality are great.

updated July 21: Ivo Peeters sent me more details on the interview in the Belgian magazine Humo, Nr 2967/30 on the 15th July. Bowie is reported as saying:

"I like the new versions of V2 Schneider and Pallas Athena very much. We couldn't play them at T/W (= Torhout/Werchter) but they will be released next month on vinyl."
Johan sent me audio confirmation of this via the following 180K (WAV) sound clip. Listen!.

new July 18: As Dara has pointed out, Tony Visconti (he of many Bowie album productions) has a new web site. The most interesting section for Teenage Wildlife readers is the Bowie section, particularly the photos section, with some early candid shots of David (check out the experience gained for the painting role in the Blue Jean video).

updated July 17: The Planet of Dreams track on Long Live Tibet is listed as a joint Bowie/Dorsey composition. It runs for 4:37, is produced by Bowie and mixed by Mark Plati. Musically it is reminiscent of Seven Years in Tibet, although more laid back. (Information from Grant Wallace).

new July 17: For those of you with fat wallets, the Image Makers art gallery is currently selling lithographs of a piece of Bowie's artwork called Child in Berlin. You can see the work and the price at the ImageMaker's web site.

new July 16: I'd like to thank all of you who helped make Teenage Wildlife one of the Top 20 of all CD Universe partners (in terms of dollar volume) for the month of May. If you haven't been yet, then go visit the Music Store. By buying albums online through our partnership with CD Universe, you help in the upkeep of the Teenage Wildlife site.

updated July 16: Polydor will be releasing The Deram Anthology in the US October 14. This album was previously released in the UK last month. (Info from Bonster)

updated July 12: More information filtering through the grapevine indicates that the US Earthling tour will likely start mid to late September, and like most of the European tour, will probably be in small club venues. In addition, Virgin Records apparently has a list of the US dates and locations, but is waiting before making them public.

new July 10: A Hong Kong music site has a link to a RealAudio 3.0 version of the Mandarin Seven Years in Tibet. For those of you who can't decipher the Chinese characters, I've made links directly to the RealAudio files:

new July 5: More fame (or is it infamy?) for Teenage Wildlife, making it into an online article by Webnoize about fan site success stories. Teenage Wildlife gets lumped in with some fan sites which have become "official" fan sites... ummm, anyone from Isolar listening? Most of the article is pretty accurate (apart from the thousands of photographs for the birthday card - let me tell you, a few hundred were bad enough!). You can read the article here:

Webnoize article on Fan Site Success Stories

new July 3: Keith Brown tells me that NME is reporting that Bowie is expected to play the Roswell 97 Music event at London's Earl's Court (August 21-23). It's unknown whether Bowie would (if he appears) play on the Classic Rock day (22nd) or Electronic Dance day (23rd).

new July 1: Bowie's long awaited art exhibition is apparently going to occur in Milano, Italy from November through January, according to an article published in Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. Bowie's painting and art will occupy four floors of the Marconi Galleria in Milano. If you can read Italian, you can read the rest of the interview where Bowie talks about when he paints (in the morning while on tour), the Outside opera, his and Iman's desire for more children, and comments on why he is the source for so much gossip. (Info from Valeria).

new July 1: This weekend's Torhout and Werchter festivals in Belgium will be covered live on the Web (including photos of the bands), and possibly a live chat with Bowie (unconfirmed at the moment) at the following web site:

Torhout/Werchter Live

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