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News June 1998

new updated June 30: Net denizens missing their fix of the old www.davidbowie.com site, particularly the pictures, archives and message board should rest assured. After the launch of BowieNet, most of the features of the old official site will reappear in some form on the new site.

Information from RZO

hot updated June 27: The prelaunch site for BowieNet has gone live. In an interesting twist, it completely replaces the existing www.davidbowie.com official site (so there go a lot of pictures, tracks e.g. Telling Lies, etc. No word on whether that content will reappear on BowieNet):

As well as unveiling more details on the venture (see below), there is also a trivia contest (some of the questions contributed by the Teenage Wildlife readers for Teenage Wildlife's trivia quiz) with the following prizes:

The drawing will be performed live on August 15 by David himself.

Ed: No word on whether the upcoming CD release is just Best of David Bowie 1974/1979, or whether it may be as rumoured in some circles the Earthling Live CD. Chief among the newly released details are:

Ed: The designers seem to have a fascination with Koch snowflakes and recurrence generating functions... ah, brings back memories of my youth :)

new June 27: Other news from around the world:

Information from Paul, Daniele, RaMOANa, Zatespin, Richard, Brit

updated June 25: It seems that the confusion surrounding the announcement of BowieNet was caused by EMI, who released the Canadian Best of David Bowie 1974/1979 a week earlier than expected (keen-eyed readers will remember that EMI was also responsible for leaking some of this information a few months ago via a CD flyer sheet.)

The official announcement will come next week, together with a pre-launch website with some fun contests and prizes (and more that will be revealed later). This may appear as early as this weekend, probably at http://www.bowienet.net.

Information from Paula

updated June 25: CD Now's offer of $10 off any order over $20 is set to expire at the end of June (5 days away!). Be sure to take advantage of this great way to save money on your summer CD purchases. A couple of recent and upcoming releases may be of interest to Bowie fans:

CD Now

new June 25: A group of Vancouver Bowie fans is planning to have a "fan gathering" in early August. Click on the following icon for more details!

Fan Gathering

Information from Paula

hot new June 24: BowieNet access will come in two flavours:

Most importantly, coverage will be worldwide, with the initial US and Canadian launch in August, followed by the UK, and then most of the major cities in Europe and Japan by the end of the year.

Also, with a little bit of luck, Teenage Wildlife will soon have the teaser multimedia advertisement for BowieNet from the Canadian enhanced Best of David Bowie 1974/1979 available for download exclusively here...

Information from RZO

updated exclusive June 23: Paula sent in the full and exact wording of the BowieNet notes on the inside cover of the Canadian Best of David Bowie 1974/1979.

Join David Bowie online and become part of the world's first artist supported music community on the Internet! davidbowie.com gives you exclusive access to David and full, uncensored access to the internet.

  • rare and unreleased tracks, alternative videos, concert footage, photos
  • customized email account - your.name@davidbowie.com
  • chat rooms where you can talk to David, his guests, and other music fans
  • and so much more

As an added bonus, with this CD, your first month of access is FREE courtesy of David Bowie. When you sign up, you will receive an exclusive gift - and that's just the beginning...

Information from Paula

hot new June 23: Released today in Canada, the Best of David Bowie 1974/1979 breaks the big news that we've been hinting at for the past couple of weeks!! While the tracks are exactly the same as on the European release, the Canadian release is an enhanced CD which you can put into your computer, whereupon it runs a teaser animated movie explaining the new concept. Paula reports (having picked it up today):

"It basically explains that you can get internet access through davidbowie.com and the "first month is free courtesy of David Bowie". This special internet access also has a few extras for the Bowie fan, such as access to live cameras to where Bowie will be recording, special chat rooms, email with @davidbowie.com, access to never seen before photos and more. The only problem is, I can't get any further than that. It says to either go to www.davidbowie.com or call 1-800-587-STAR to get signed up, but the problems with that are:
  • davidbowie.com doesn't say anything at all about it
  • the 800 number I called says it can't be dialed from my area. I don't know if it's because I'm in Canada or if it's just not working yet.
We had hoped to have a full official press release announcing this new Internet service but it has unfortunately been delayed longer than expected. The current understanding is that this enhanced CD is only a teaser, and the full service won't be in production until later in the year.

We hope to get the official press release ASAP and will print it here as soon as possible!

Information from Paula

new June 22: The recently released hardcover Rolling Stone: The Complete Covers features every Rolling Stone magazine cover since its inception 30 years ago, including a number of Bowie appearances. In addition, it includes recollections by the cover story writers, as well as a Bowie anecdote about the experience.

Information from Bonster

hot new June 19: Jam! Music has a review of the Canadian version of Best of Bowie 1974-1979, which is due in stores on Tuesday the 23rd. While the tracklisting is identical to the European version, the new release is an enhanced CD and contains a special feature relating to the upcoming "big news". Read the review at Jam! Music for more!

Information from Richard John

new June 18: As part of the July 3 reproduction of Ziggy's farewell concert to be held at the ICA Theatre in London, the original creator of many of the Ziggy costumes, Natasha Korniloff, has gone to work again and created new costumes from the original designs, complete with photographs and certificates of authenticity.

These costumes will be available for around £UK450.00. Those interested should contact Dave Priest at musicmaster@lineone.net

Information from Dave

updated June 18: Valeria sent in six more pictures taken by Italian fans on June 5 during the filming of Il Mio West. She also contributed a translation of a short article in an Italian magazine about the movie, which indicated that the movie should be in Italian cinemas before the end of the year.

Information from Valeria

new June 15: The weekend edition of the NY Times includes two pieces on Bowie. The most interesting is an interview with Bowie on his art tastes. The second featured a cover picture of Aladdin Sane and a mention of Bowie in an article titled Rock Kings, Drag Queens. (Ed: links subject to change daily and may not be accessible to non-US readers)

Information from Russ, Steph and Mike

hot updated June 12: A last minute change in plans has pushed back the date of the upcoming "exciting news" until the end of June. Keep your fingers crossed...

new updated June 12: Italian fans report that Bowie has completed his parts for Il Mio West and will not be making the trip to the mountains as reported earlier. Instead, he is reported to be leaving for Milan to rendevous with Iman and (toegether with Lou Reed) attend a Laurie Anderson show this evening at Fondazione Prada. An interesting rumour making its way around the cast is that Bowie was paid $US2 million for his role.

Information from Stefano and Paola

new June 12: An Austrian magazine recently ran an article about a planned biographical film of Falco, the Austrian singer with hits from the 80s who died in a car crash this past February (reportedly, Falco's home stereo had Black Tie White Noise in the CD player at the time of his death, and was known to be a big Bowie fan). The film producers, Dolezal and Rossacher, are quoted as saying that they would love for Bowie to play the part of Falco in the movie. (Ed: They shouldn't get their hopes up too high :))

Information from Doris

updated June 9: The children's feature film for The Family Channel which is being shot in Vancouver next month (see June 4 news item) is apparently titled Exhuming Mr. Rice. (Ed: No word yet on whether Please Mr. Gravedigger will be on the soundtrack :))

Information from Squeekie

hot new June 9: A big announcement from the Bowie world with exciting implications for online fans is expected in the very near future (hopefully late this week). The announcement will underline Bowie's role as an innovator in the music world. We've been asked not to reveal any details yet, but rest assured, we'll have them here as soon as we can.

hot new June 7: CDnow is running a promotion during the month of June where any order over $20 (before taxes and shipping) automatically gets a $10 off discount at the time of checkout (limit one discount per customer). This makes it a great time to stock up on those albums missing from your collection!


updated June 6: Local press in Aosta, Italy has reported that actors and crew for Il Mio West are going to move from Garfagnana (Tuscany) to Piccolo San Bernardo, close to the famous mountain site Courmayeur near the French border. They will be there June 12-15. The original filming of this upcoming part of the movie was to be done in Canada, but the Canadian Rockies were considered too cold, and so it has been decided to continue the movie in the Italian Alps.

Stefano also wanted to note that in the pictures from last week, Bowie is holding a copy of Velvet Goldmine, the Italian Bowie fanzine. Velvet Goldmine is on a schedule of four issues per year. If you wish to know more, you can email Stefano at stnard@tin.it.

Information from Stefano

updated June 6: OVAL reports that HMV in Canada has Best of David Bowie 1974-1979 listed again on their release sheet for June 16. After being falsely listed for March earlier in the year, it looks like this time it will be a go in Canada. No confirmation on whether this will be exactly the same as the European release, but word is it may have a surprise...

Information from OVAL

hot June 4: On the rumour mill: a source sent email to say that Bowie will be in Vancouver for one week between July 14 and August 14 to film a children's feature film for The Family Channel. No word on the film, or what part Bowie will play, but perhaps this is where the Bowie/Rugrats rumour found its genesis.

Information from RB

new June 4: UK dance band Dario G who had a hit last year with their Sunchyme single, will release an album at the end of June titled Sunmachine. The title track uses samples from Bowie's Memory Of A Free Festival, for which Bowie donated the original master recording. Read more in this dotmusic.com report.

Information from Mike (via Bonster)

hot June 2: Yesterday, six Italian Bowie fans conspired to be on the set of Il Mio West, the "spaghetti western" currently being shot in Italy's Tuscany region. After waiting for a few hours, Bowie appeared at lunch time, and despite the Italian security trying to shush the fans away, he was happy to sign a few autographs and pose for these pictures in his cowboy outfit. While talking Bowie mentioned that he wasn't planning any concerts until next year, even though "he'd read on Teenage Wildlife that he was supposed to have already had two this year" :-) (Ed: hey, just reporting the rumours). You can see the rest of Valeria's pictures on the Il Mio West film page.

cowboy cowboy

Information from Valeria

updated June 2: A flurry of news releases (e.g. AllStar) appeared yesterday to promote Michael Apted's documentary Inspirations, which looks at the creative process of seven artists, including Bowie. Apparently, the news was inspired by the appearance of the documentary at Seattle's International Film Festival over the weekend. However, Teenage Wildlife readers with a good memory won't see this as news; in fact, the documentary was reported here almost six months ago.

new June 2:

Information from Rob, Paul

new June 1: Bowie flew in to Pisa airport Saturday afternoon to begin filming for Il Mio West, the spaghetti western in which he'll portray a pistolero. Bowie is staying in a hotel in Castelvecchio Pascoli for the duration of his 15 day work trip.

Information from Stefano

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