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August 1998

The Ziggy Stardust Companion has moved to a new site and been expanded with new material and information. Change your bookmarks to http://www.5years.com/start.htm.

The afore-mentioned Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture DVD is set for a release date of November 4 (from Mike).

MTV has several Awards Show Previews leading up to the 1998 Video Music Awards, for which Bowie is nominated for I'm Afraid Of Americans. In particular, shows on August 28 at 10 p.m., September 5 at 4 p.m. and September 10 at 3:30 p.m. are likely to feature at least a short clip (from Bonster)

Advertisements for Il Mio West have been playing on Italian television announcing that the film will be in cinemas by Christmas (from Paola)

The Everybody Loves Sunshine screening is actually just a sneak preview for the cast and crew to be held September 1. The official premiere will occur later in the year at Leicester Square Odeon, London. The movie is also entered in the Toronto Film Festival (from Paul)

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The Loveline show on cable TV has been using I'm Afraid Of Americans as bumper music going into commercials. (from Kathleen)

The winners of the BowieNet trivia contest have been announced (from Celine)

Two rumours from the "a long way from being confirmed" category:

October's Alternative Press has two Bowie mentions (from Gwin)

Two television incidental music mentions: on US Fox's Blade Squad, I'm Afraid Of Americans featured heavily during the opening chase scene, while the BBC used Move On for a piece on a football player who keeps changing clubs. (from Robin and Andy)

Manson Jack Not only has Marilyn Manson recently covered Golden Years, but in his new video for "Dope Show", he obviously (ahem) borrows from The Man Who Fell To Earth and a Ziggy-like apparel. Combine that with a picture in the most recent Raygun, complete with Halloween Jack diamond-studded eyepatch, and we have a Bowie freak on our hands. (from Matt)

Comedy Central's "Win Ben Stein's Money" recently had two Bowie-related categories in the game show: "Birth Control To Major Tom" and "I Am Not An Animal - I Am An Elephant, Man". (from Aki)

New York's Museum of Modern Art will be showing the Inspirations documentary featuring Bowie on October 29th. Tickets can be purchased at the museum. (from Gwin)

Culture Club is regularly covering Starman on their reunion tour around the U.S. Boy George dedicated the song to "the person who introduced me to makeup and women's clothing". (from Rajiv)

The premiere of Everybody Loves Sunshine is expected to take place next month in London, according to an extra in the movie who has a ticket to the event on the way. (from Fairweather)

Philadelphia radio station WYSP 94.1FM rudely told a caller the other day who requested Bowie "We don't play Bowie, try some other station". (from Aaron)

Entertainment Weekly found a way to include a photograph of Bowie in their report on Conan O'Brien's show which has now endured 5 years of late night on NBC. (from Gwin)

Muzic.com reports that Bowie is writing a short comment for Stevie Ray Vaughan's upcoming box set. (from Bonster)

In the August 7 Entertainment Weekly, a sidebar lists shows EW would like to see on VH-1. Amongst the comical selections was "Win David Bowie's Money: On this ch-ch-challenging new game show, the glam- in-the-pan rock monument competes against brainy boomers by answering arcane trivia questions ("Come up with a plausible reason why I formed Tin Machine."). At stake: a portion of the $55 million in bonds he recently sold." (from Gwin)

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