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September 1998

In apparent competition with VH-1's Legends, CNN's Showbiz Encore has a brief retrospective look at Bowie's career to accompany their short piece which has been playing on US television. (from Bonster)

Josh has redesigned his BowieMPEG site with more storage for music and a requests section. (from Josh)

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars made it into #69 in the all-time Top 100 of albums as compiled by Wall Of Sound. (from Andrew)

SonicWire has a news story about the glam-rock revival, including quotes from Tony Visconti. (from Bonster).

Sony UK has released a three CD boxed set of Mott The Hoople, called appropriately enough All The Young Dudes - The Anthology (UK Sony 491400-2), with over 60 tracks, more than half of them unreleased. Sony USA will not be releasing the boxed set. Of particular interest to Bowie fans is that Disc 3 (Blistered Psalms - Demos and Rarities) contains All The Young Dudes (Bowie studio vocal version). (from Tom)

Bowie has been wending his way into the video game world by way of soundtracks. Scary Monsters is on the soundtrack of the Sony Playstation car-racing game Gran Turismo (Ed: I would have thought Always Crashing In The Same Car would have been more appropriate myself), and the upcoming Electronic Arts NHL '99 (not released yet) features a 30 second snippet of "Heroes" during the intro as sweaty players crash their bodies into the boards. (from Micke and Matte)

This week's issue of Spin magazine quotes Bowie on the Ziggy Stardust/Velvet Goldmine controversy: (from Bonster)

"To have allowed my Ziggy period songs to be included in (Stipes') film would, I felt, have given the public the impression that this was the Ziggy Stardust story." But, he adds, "one could probably regard 'Velvet Goldmine' as a trailer for 'Ziggy Stardust."

On the second to last episode of this season of HBO's new comedy series Sex and the City, the main character played by Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing a pink baby-doll T-shirt with the Alaadin Sane lightning bolt logo on the front. (from Vikki)

Depeche Mode opened their European Singles 86-98 tour in Helsinki with a homage to Bowie. During their rendition of Walking In My Shoes, the video screens flashed pictures of band member Martin Gore dressed in Ziggy Stardust garb (with Aladdin Sane lightning bolt makeup). (from Sami)

The acoustic version of I Can't Read and 50th birthday show All The Young Dudes are this week's featured MPEGs at the Bowie MPEG site (from Josh)

Mike has a new Scary Monsters startup logo for Windows users on Page 17 of his animated logo page. (from Mike)

The Recording Industry Association of America web site has a list of gold and platinum records, where you can look up the status of Bowie's album sales in the US. (from Russ)

The Stardust Page has been updated with photos from BBC's Top Of The Pops Starman performance and Labyrinth. (from Marc)

I'm Afraid Of Americans is being used as a lead-in to news updates on the College Television Network. (from Beth)

Repetition, the web-site of Bowie critical analysis has a mirror-site at Tripod for those times when Geocities is not cooperating. (from TAL)

Cartoon Network's Space Ghost's Lokar gives Marilyn Manson's cover of Golden Years a big thumbs down in this review. Having a big bug refer to The Thin White Duke is kind of fun though. (from Pyrimyd)

The long out-of-print Labyrinth has been rereleased in Australia on home video, along with The Man Who Fell To Earth. Note that Australia uses the PAL video system, so purchasers in the US, Canada and Japan will not be able to play an Australian video without a converter. (from Drew)

This week's Entertainment Weekly has a lengthy comparison of the last three Bowie covers (Marilyn Manson, Wallflowers and Puff Daddy), maintaining their tradition of mentioning db in every issue possible (from Gwinny)

Former Spider from Mars bassist Trevor Bolder plays bass, sings and wrote three songs for the new Uriah Heep album scheduled to come out in the middle of September (from Elk)

The latest CD from female rapper MC Lyte titled Seven and Seven (EastWest Records America) contains a sample from Bowie's Fame. The song is called Put It On You and Bowie, Lennon and Carlos Alomar are all credited in the liner notes. (from Brit Rothrock)

The soundtrack of the forthcoming Italian movie Radiofreccia directed by Luciano Ligabue will include Rebel Rebel as well as a lot of other older "classic rock" songs (from Valeria)

Loving The Alien is running a David Bowie auction with rare Bowie CDs and LPs. (from Daniele)

SonicNet SonicNet has a story on the BowieNet launch.

Bowielover pointed out that RollingStone.com has a collection of Mick Rock photographs on their site, with quite a few famous shots of Bowie in his glam years.

Little Wonderworld has an interview with Vincent Davies, who played one of the gang members in Everybody Loves Sunshine.

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