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October 1998

Martin is selling off 18 years worth of Bowie picture single collecting at his web site.

The Serious Moonlight tour video has been rereleased in Australia as well as in the UK - PAL format only for AUD$16.95. (from Simon)

Earl Slick, he of Young Americans and Station To Station fame, now has his own web site, complete with unreleased music and photos. (from Steve)

People in Houston on Mischief Night, October 30 may want to check out a David Bowie Tribute event at Rudz! Upstairs benefitting Montrose Pirate Radio. (from Mark)

Rebel Rebel is being used as the background music in a new Mazda car advertisement (joining Lust For Life and "Heroes" as recent high profile uses of Bowie compositions in the commercial world. (from BowieNet)

ConcertPosters.com has three new Bowie collectibles added to their catalogue. (from Dave Cutter)

The 1983 Vancouver Serious Moonlight video has been rereleased on the Warner Budget label in the UK (PAL only) for £5.49, an excellent deal for this long out-of-print video. (from Martyn)

There's a small sample of the Reeves Gabrels Cogasm song at the Orgazmo website. (from Mikey)

The new James Ivory/Ismail Merchant film A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries includes Fame in the soundtrack. (from BowieNet)

The single Perfect Day featuring a bevy of artists (including Bowie) singing lines from Lou Reed's composition ended up raising over £2 million for the Children In Need charity. (from Paul Kinder)

Velvet Goldmine looks set to have a big launch in the US (in 3 weeks time). Spin has published a user's guide to the movie, which points out the exact parallels between the characters in the film and Bowie, Iggy and Lou Reed's days from the 70s. An interview with Todd Haynes, the director, indicates that Bowie originally did mention a live stage version of the Ziggy era when denying the use of his songs for the film. This transmogrified into a Ziggy Stardust movie recently promoted by Bowie as his reason for denying the use of his songs. (from Bonster)

In spite of the fact that Bowie specifically denied use of his music for the glam-rock retrospective film Velvet Goldmine, a BBC2 documentary about filmmaking focussing on the recently released film made use of Velvet Goldmine and Rebel Rebel as background music. (from Dave)

I'm Afraid Of Americans made MTV's top 3 crime-infested videos this weekend on their special Breaking The Law. Citations included leaning up against a building, frightening a baby, being a man wearing earrings and assault. Reznor was guilty of kidnapping, discharging a firearm in an urban area, stalking and assorted other crimes such as grand theft auto, threatening a police officer. Ex New York mayor Ed Koch sentenced Reznor to 30 years to keep him from stalking British celebrities, while Bowie was sentenced to 10 years in solitary confinement to assuage his desire for personal space. (from Bonster).

Ziggy Stardust certainly crossed cultural boundaries. Consider this Ziggy Stardust resort in Thailand, a 24 bungalow vacation spot complete with air conditioning and hot water. (from Bonster via Mike)

Target department stores in the US are selling a $5.99 7 song CD called Halloween Rock. The last song on the CD is Please Mr. Gravedigger. Bowie appears alongside such illustrious bands as Deep Purple and Kiss. (from Elk).

Not directly related, but a rare live television appearance by Iggy Pop is expected at this year's VH1 Fashion Awards show on October 21. Long time readers will remember that Bowie was the headline act at the awards show two years ago. (from Russ)

While newspaper reports had previously suggested that Bowie might appear at this year's Falls Festival in Melbourne, it now appears very unlikely. Blondie will headline the annual concert event. (from Adam).

An amusing Marilyn Manson satire (from Jonathan):

Marilyn Manson satire

Another start-up logo from Mike (based on the Tonight album) at Mike's Start-Up Logos, Page 20. (from Mike)

For those of you interested in Reeves Gabrels' contribution to The Farmer's Wife, try visiting the PBS website. (from Linda).

We know Bowie claims to like American football, but this headline is going a little too far! Redskins Place Bowie on IR, Sign Kitts.

Neither Virgin Megastore nor Tower Records in the UK seems to be able to supply Sandro Sursock's Zero Heroes (the album with the cover art done by Bowie), but Alan tracked down a copy at Abella Mailorder (Tel/Fax 0179 379 0150) for those of you in the UK. (from Alan).

The David Bowie Covers and Collaborations page has been updated with two new sections, Collaborator Links and Pin Ups (covers by Bowie). (from David)

Photographer Richard Aaron has a photo and story on his gallery of the first time he photographed Bowie in 1978. (from Mark)

Janet Maslin of the NY Times went ga-ga over Velvet Goldmine in this review summary (full review is at NY Times which requires registration). [Note that this is in stark contrast to many reviewers who are familiar with Bowie history and seem to be distracted by the film's pointed parallels to the real glam-era] (from Doug, Dara and Gwinny)

SonicNet's Music Guide has Bowie as the featured artist of the week.

Anchor Bay, the "leading" supplier of collector's editions of smaller non-studio films now lists Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence on their schedule for upcoming releases as late 1999. Anchor Bay generally releases films on both videotape and DVD, so this will be something to look forward to in what many regard as Bowie's best acting performance (note that Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is already available as a reissue in the UK). (from Doug)

Last week's DotMusic news had a piece on songwriting in which Nile Rodgers disses Bowie's song-writing for the Let's Dance album - "He spent the entire record sitting out on the sofa while I made his record," recalled the Chic star. "Then he walked in the studio and he sang. It was the perfect marriage." (from Valeria)

Squeakie has put up a transcript of the September 30 BowieNet chat with David. (from Squeak)

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