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November 1998

Allstar News reports that Ronnie Spector is working on a track "sent to her by David Bowie" for possible inclusion on an album next year. (from Bonster)

The satirical BBC2 production Stella Street which is based on a premise that various celebrities and non-celebrities are all living on the same street in London will be based around the Bowie character. To quote from TV Guide "The stars assemble at David Bowie's house to see the pop legend turn his hand to comedy prior to his 'Laughing Man' world tour". All on BBC2 next Friday December 4 at 11:15 PM. (from Dara)

Beck lists the Let's Dance album as an inspiration in this MTV interview. (from Marc)

Josh has updated his BowieMPEG site with four new MP3s of rare tracks. (from Josh)

The UK VH1 David Bowie day will include a collection of his "greatest hits", but will also feature his 50th Birthday Celebration (from Adam).

Chris Parker has added a full review of the bootleg Neoexpressionism - Cleveland 1976 at his Tigers On Vaseline web site.

National TV in Iceland uses the opening bars of the song No Control with their trailer advertising the German football match of the week. (from Halldor)

Irish children's TV is using The Jean Genie in trailers for a kid's programme about a genie (Ed: if they only knew the original subject matter...) (from Dara)

The latest issue of Spin has an article on Velvet Goldmine, which discusses glam rock and of course, a lot about Bowie. (from Kyle)

A new British TV series The Young Person's Guide to Becoming A Rock Star had a scene where one would-be-star phoned up pretending to be David Bowie to get them to play his band's demo tape. (from Dara)

Bowie is mentioned briefly in this CNET article on Cindy Crawford, who is also setting up a web site - ostensibly to try and stop the dissemination of nude pictures (real and faked) through non-official sites (Ed: why, I never...). (from Alligator)

Seems like the xmas game stocking stuffers are coming. The new release NHL 99 for the Sony Playstation features Bowie's "Heroes" playing as background music for the opening highlight sequence as sweaty ice hockey players bash each other into the boards. (from Lori, Brian and Frippertronic)

Rolling Stone has an I Can't Read video for the version from the Ice Storm movie.

The CD Paradise listing for Bowie At The Beeb mentioned in last month's news is apparently being withdrawn - there will not be any 3 CD set release by New Millenium, so don't send off any money. (from Dave)

The Bowie Covers and Collaborations site has a new section titled Art Decade, showcasing graphics or artwork which are knockoffs of Bowie artwork. (from David)

Rob Hall has a MacOS 8.5 soundset based on Earthling at his Fast Forward Youth Bowie fan page. (from Rob)

Just a reminder that those of you selling or buying Bowie material can use the Classifieds Section to list your items for sale. That being said, a major UK collector is liquidating his Bowie memorabilia collection, including unpublished photographs from 1972, Ziggy stickers, scrapbooks, magazines etc. For more information, email musicmaster@lineone.net. (from Dave)

Those of you who have seen the film PleasantVille will probably have recognised the closing song Across The Universe, a Beatles composition which Bowie covered on Young Americans. Unfortunately, they chose not to use Bowie's cover, but instead one by Fiona Apple. (from Jeremy)

People Magazine selected Bowie as one of their Sexiest Men Undead for 1998, a listing of sexy vampires (includes video from The Hunger). ( from Bonster)

WXRT 93FM Radio in Chicago is having a concert special this Saturday night featuring Bowie's 1990 Milton Keynes Bowl Sound+Vision tour.

A book called The Top 10 Of Everything is out for xmas in the UK, and has two lists for Bowie album and singles sales in the UK:
Top 10 Bowie Singles, 1. Space Oddity, 2. Let's Dance, 3. Dancing In The Street, 4. Ashes To Ashes, 5. Under Pressure, 6. The Jean Genie, 7. Life Oo Mars?, 8. Sorrow, 9. China Girl, 10. The Laughing Gnome
Top 10 Bowie Albums, 1. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars, 2. Hunky Dory, 3. Aladdin Sane, 4. Let's Dance, 5. Pin Ups, 6. Scary Monsters, 7. ChangesBowie, 8. ChangesOneBowie, 9. Diamond Dogs, 10. The Very Best of David Bowie (1981 compilation). (from Dara)

The Entertainment Weekly story has turned up online. (from Bonster).

Q online is running weekly polls. This week's asks for the inventor of glam rock and finds Bowie trailing Marc Bolan considerably, but Bowie was considered the most influential in rock last week compared to his three competitors. Update: Bowie votes took Bowie to the top of the inventor of glam rock poll :) (from Dara)

The IconFactory has an upcoming set of Labyrinth icons for the Macintosh (preview only). (from Mikey)

The Bowie Covers and Collaborations page has been updated with a new section called And Now A Word From Our Sponsors which contains some info about television shows and ads that have used Bowie's songs. (from David).

Reel.com is showing a release date of November 10th for the slimmed-down price version of Basquiat, which weighs in at only $15 compared to its previous $85-$90 price tag. (from Tim)

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