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Bowie Briefs

January 2000

Bowie made an appearance on the popular medical drama E.R. last night. Not in person, but via Space Oddity being played over the PA. One of the characters held up ChangesBowie and said "my mom always used to play this album". An orderly came up and said "Patients in the waiting room are requesting more Bowie". Ed: aren't we all? (from James).

Reeves Gabrels has been toiling and troubling in the bubbling cauldron according to this Fritz Jung website, lending his hand to a collection of "witchy pop tunes inspired by and written for the Modern Wiccan/Pagan Global Community and the Great Goddess". (from Alys)

Bowie has been gypped by the Songwriter's Hall of Fame in their selection of inductees for 1998 (as reported last October). Instead, Tim Rice made the grade in the International Category. (Ed: Perhaps the selectors were waiting for the famed David Bowie/Alex Grant songwriting duo to be put on the nominee list?)

A happy birthday to the Shadowman site which turns 1 year old today. Now with over 249 complete songs and 11,000 visitors. (from Shadowman)

Uncut Magazine this month repeats the rumour first reported elsewhere that Ronnie Spector claims to have a song on her upcoming album written for her by David Bowie. (from Dara)

Raygun.com (in their preview release) has a special web section devoted to 50 people of popular culture. Bowie is of course include. (from fLaUnT).

Rolling Stone has a new article up on last week's birthday chat together with a Is Bowie still relevant? question.... the web tribes know what to do! (from fLaUnt)

Entertainment Weekly has a review of the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack. (from Gwin)

"Heroes" has been nominated for this year's Grammy in the category of Best Rock performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal. It's not Bowie's version though, but rather The Wallflower's cover from last year's monster movie flop Godzilla. (from Bonster)

The UK Mirror named Bowie 1998 Businessman of the Year in their pre-xmas issue, while Q Magazine listed three Bowie songs in their 100 greatest singles of all time "Heroes", Life On Mars and Starman). (from BowieNet)

The Loving The Alien cover CD from Athens, Georgia is now available for online purchase with a credit card (click on the Buy This CD link).. Robert Lurie, the producer notes that there is unexpected demand for the CD, with over half the orders being from overseas. (from Robert)

Il Mio West was the second highest grossing movie in Italy during the holiday week. (from Bonster)

Peter Smit has updated his Bowie site with over 70 photographs. (from Peter)

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