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February 1999

David Bowie and Iman are listed as the Honorary Exhibition Chairs for the current show, Love: Error and Eros, at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore. (from Patti)

1998's GQ Man of the Year magazine sold 17.5% fewer copies than the 1997 issue. One possible reason? 1997 included Bowie's Earthling in the City CD as a free bonus. (from Bonster)

The UK Mirror newspaper entertainment editor Matthew Wright has launched a campaign to have the Bowie/Placebo duet recorded and released for charity. He urges people to contact him via email at matthew.wright@mirror.co.uk or by phone at 01712933950. (from Rupert)

Bob Dylan has been performing his own version of Space Oddity in his concerts. (from diamonddog)

Here's a short clip (at the end) of Bowie's 1971 acoustic version of All The Madmen.

Shawn Mullins has released a single in the UK called Lullaby, which includes as its B-side his cover version of Changes which was featured last year in the soundtrack to the movie The Faculty. (from Viv and Dara)

Cyberspace Oddity has an MP3 version of the 20th Century Boy Bowie/Placebo duet available for members. (from Hans-Erik)

The remixed version of What's Really Happening by Derek Donovan is available in MP3 and RealAudio at the Bowie Remix/Recreation Project. (from Hans-Erik)

Mark Plati, co-producer, co-writer and musician on the Earthling album has an interview on this Natalie Imbruglia site which indicates he may be working with Bowie again in the near future. (from Dara)

Conversation on the Brits pinpoints the Bowie/Placebo duet as the highlight of the show for even non obsessed fans. For example, on Irish TV this weekend, Dave Fanning commented that Bowie and Placebo stole the show, and his co-presenter agreed that they were "absolutely brilliant". Later on in the same program, when asked if he should retire his greatest hits like "David Bowie" (Ed: although that seems to have gone by the board judging by the Nicky Horne interview :)), Sting replied "You have to play the songs the fans want to hear, even if you're tired of them." (from Dara)

In the tradition of David Buckley, take a look at this academic paper from Ron Raymond of Georgia Tech on the "online community aspects" of BowieNet. [requires Adobe Acrobat reader] (from Aki)

The familiar sounds of Under Pressure are heard during the opening titles of the movie Stepmom. (from Emilio, Bonster et al)

Thought you may be amused by this retro-look animation.

The IconFactory has a new set of Macintosh Labyrinth icons available for download. (from Rob)

Mazda is using Rebel Rebel as backing music throughout the entire 30 seconds for its new "rebellious" car image. It appears to be a session band's rerecording of the song rather than Bowie's original. (from Hallu)

Playboy reports in their March issue that the John Lennon tribute album for which Bowie has already recorded a cover of Mother won't be released until October 2000 to celebrate what would have been Lennon's 60th birthday. (from Stephan, who only reads it for the articles)

A Brazilian pagode (a very popular bastardised version of samba that sells very well in Brazil) group has released a cover of Starman (translated into Portuguese as O Astronauta de marmore - The Marble Astronaut). (from Joao)

The Melbourne Sunday Herald had an interview with Bowie about his Internet obsession titled "DAVID BOWIE. HAS HE TURNED INTO A TOTAL NERD?" (Ed: If so, join the club) from LdyOfDarkness

The Belgian cover mentioned earlier is in fact a mix of an old Jacques Dutronic song with the music and lyrics of The Jean Genie. The French part is sung by Arno, while Beverly Jo Scott sings Bowie's lyrics. The song's video includes a nude Ann Ceurvels, so will likely be censored if it's even shown in the U.S :P The song will be on the upcoming full length album by Beverly. (from Erik)

Fans of the Tony Oursler projected face puppets on the Earthling Tour may want to visit his exhibition currently showing at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. (from Cat)

The Athens, GA salute to David Bowie Loving The Alien sold out in a matter of days (mostly to international customers it seems). Negotiations are taking place with a larger label to re-release the CD with more promotion and distribution. (from Black Rider Records)

This London Evening Standard article on the current "40 Years of Mini" exhibition at the Design Museum has a picture of Bowie's "reflective chrome-covered" mini. (from Mhairi

Mindjack Magazine has just added a new Arts section titled 11th Floor, taken from the line in Queen Bitch. (from Donald)

This month's Alternative Press asks MTV VJ Matt Pinfield "What music was playing the first time you got busy?" (reply: Rebel Rebel), and "Who is the coolest celebrity you've met?" (reply: from DeNiro to Bowie, there have been too many to single out one). (from Gwin)

Bowie will be one of the judges in the 3rd annual Webby Awards for the film and music sections.

Everybody Loves Sunshine, last year's gangster-flick appearance by Bowie, is yet to be released commercially but will be shown at two upcoming European film festivals. The first is Brussels' International Festival of Fantasy, Thriller and Science Fiction Films from 12-27 March, and the second at the Salerno Film Festival in Italy, 21-25 April. (from BowieNet).

Looking for cover versions? In heavy rotation last year on MTV Asia, Indonesian pop-star Anggun has a cover of Life on Mars on her debut album Snow on the Sahara. (from Luis and Bonster)

Archanon Spaceboy will be performing a Bowie tribute concert (+ some of his own songs) in Stuart, Florida this month. For more information, visit Archanon's web page. (from Archanon)

Bowie Imposter on the Loose: A Bowie-lookalike managed to fool a few people at Mick Rock's photo show in New York last week, but couldn't fool Rock himself. "Bloke, David Bowie is my best friend and you're not David Bowie," Rock told the startled poseur who responded with a "Glam Rock lives!" before exiting the after-party hastily. (from Russ)

TV Guide lists Lifetime TV's schedule for Tuesday, February 9 in the US as including a biography on Iman in their Intimate Portraits series. (from David - no, not THAT David)

Paul Kinder's Little Wonderworld is in the running for a Surfer's Choice award. Visit the site and vote!

RaMOANa has a new section on her Width of A Circle devoted to Bowie news and gossip. Check it out! (from RaMOANa)

San Francisco residents should check out Pat Johnson's photography show opening tomorrow at the ArtRock gallery, 1155 Mission St. The Cleveland native has a large collection of rockstar photos including Mick Jagger, No Doubt and David Bowie (from Bonster).

Mike has some new David Bowie startup logos on pages 2 and 3 of the David Bowie section.

Beverly Jo Scott - Alabama born, Belgian based - has a duet out with Arno - a Belgian singer - covering The Jean Genie. If any Belgians out there have more details on the name of the release, company etc, let us know. (from Peter)

The Zero Heroes album announced here last year (and supposedly available at that time according to web sites and music stores) will actually not be released for another 6 weeks according to Paul Sutin of Dinemec Records. However, it will have the Bowie cover art and Bowie playing sax on one of the tracks. (from David Jordan).

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